What does one do … Team Leader Geomarketing?

Name: Dominic Schäfer

Position: Team Leader Geomarketing

Company: Planus Media

Age: 34

Education: Diploma program Geography, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn

What do you do?

The digital age has triggered an unprecedented increase in information or exchange. Marketers face the challenge of intelligently using the data at their disposal and using it for a successful and individual target group approach. Geospatial data play an important role, as they identify and localize hidden potentials down to the very ground. My task is to use geodata to conduct market, customer and potential analyzes that serve as the basis for future media planning. The optimization of the use of media also includes the optimization of distribution, collection and supplement distribution areas. In addition, I develop interactive dashboard solutions with my team, which present our geo-analyzes even more clearly and simplify the control of the advertising measures.

How did you come to this task?

After studying geography, I started in 2013 in a Düsseldorf media agency as a Junior Consultant Geomarketing. The industry understood early on how important the interaction of human behavior and spaces is. Making these factors visible, using data meaningfully and translating it into effective advertising measures is an exciting task. And thanks to digital developments, we are still in the early stages of many processes. As a geographer, I am able to bring in my interdisciplinary experiences from study and practice very well and help shape many things.


Describe as clearly as possible a project that has particularly impressed you.

Of course, there are many prime examples. One thing, in my view, is particularly good at the approach to geomarketing: Planus Media has been commissioned by a bank to promote home loan savings contracts. As part of this order, we first answered two key questions from the customer:

  1. (Geoanalysis) Who are the potential buyers and customers of tomorrow – and where do you actually meet this target group?
  2. (Geomedia) How to reach people who were previously defined as relevant and localized efficiently with suitable media?

The first question was answered, inter alia, with target group scoring: The analysis showed up to the level of the home, where people with a high affinity for home savings live and where not. The product-affine target group as well as the less product-affine houses were also made visible on a map for the customer. Then we derived a mediafocus area and used large areas and whole columns there. A second, derived from the analysis, measure was a post-throw campaign. Affine houses were directly addressed via mail order via Deutsche Post. Thus, one has generated a direct personal contact with the target group while minimizing wastage.

Which feature helps you the most in your everyday life? Why?

Already during my studies I realized that I am particularly interested in data. At school, I was far from being a math genius. The concrete references of data and spatial developments I found simply exciting. In everyday life, it helps me today to order the ever-increasing flood of data from an ever-growing number of data sources, to question it and to check its meaningfulness in its use. The abundance of data can quickly obscure one’s senses.

What is most important to you about your job? What is the most fun?

The most fun for me is to use different data sources and geographic methods to develop analyzes for the various issues of our customers. Then derive the results in our team into concrete recommendations for action, which really offer the customer added value. It is important to always be open to new data sources and to always question them and not blindly use them.

My job is indispensable because

… many people would otherwise receive irrelevant advertising and just be annoyed.

If you were not Team Leader Geomarketing, what would you be?

… I would like to be a ranger in a national park. To be in the fresh air and to convey knowledge about the connections in the nature, I would like that. But everything is fine the way it is.

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