The Best Apps of the Week, Part 33

Do not Feed the Monkeys

This is going to be an animal issue today. And so first walk into the App Zoo. Do not Feed the Monkeys you probably know from the desktop. In autumn 2018, the entertaining game for PC and Mac was released. Alawar Entertainment, originally known for point-and-click adventure games, has just released the “Digital Voyeur Simulator” for mobile devices.

The game, which can have different ends, is reminiscent of the classic Papers, Please, because in addition to the fun game here morale and empathy are in demand.

As a member of the “Primate Observation Club”, you’ll be watching the monkeys via a camera, by the way, on a smartphone or tablet via a virtual PC. The primates believe they are unobserved. And actually you can only watch and not intervene in the interaction. But that’s difficult and a central theme in Do Not Feed the Monkeys. If you want to know what’s going on, if you resist the rules and break into privacy, you’ll be surprised.

Price: 6,99 Euro for iOS / Lite version for free; 4.29 euros for Android

Download Lite version for iOS / Download for iOS / Download for Android


Back To School
With “Back to School” you can secure a discount of 50 percent when you buy the annual subscription in Year 1 (Photo: Soulmen)

Zoo stories, round 2. Ulysses is despite subscription model something of the elephant among the tools for frequent and long writers. A colossal and powerful software for authors and journalists. Here you write distraction-free large and small texts. The sync between iPhone, iPad and macOS works smoothly.

But the program never lazily stays in its current state, but it is constantly being improved. For example, for the coming Monday, the developers of Soulmen from Leipzig have announced a renewed update. Version 17 will be free for all existing customers.

It allows for the first time to use the macOS well-known keywords on iOS. On the Mac, you can mark frequently used tags as favorites for faster access. In addition to new export styles, there is also a full-screen mode for the iPad, which now also allows the distraction-free working on the tablet.

Quick-fixes can access today’s August 15 until 23:59 clock: In a short-term “back to school” action is Annual subscription reduced by 50 percent, It costs on this Thursday only 19.99 instead of 39.99 euros. Those who would rather like to test Ulysses first, can also try the app for 14 days for free and then opt for the annual subscription, but then again for 39.99 euros.

Price: Regular subscription € 39.99 / year cross-platform; no separate paid download for iOS and macOS needed

Download for iOS / Download for macOS


Telegram update E1565480320732
Please rest at the table. Telegram introduces silent messages (Photo: Telegram)

To be honest, people who stare at their smartphone while eating have, in my opinion, a bird. I could be upset about that. So also the makers of the messenger Telegram. Immediately they came up with a solution: the new update brings silent news.

Messages can now be sent silently. At the receiver’s device, no sound will be heard when receiving. However, he receives a notification anyway. For example, no conference is blown up. A silent message is sent by simply holding the send button.

Another interesting feature: The Slow Mode. Admins can now set how long group members have to wait between sending two messages. This prevents confusing group chats. Group Admins can now also assign any titles. These are displayed next to the name.

There is also more choice in Night Mode. Its color can be adjusted individually. In addition, there are animated emojis and enhanced video views.

Yes, I know: most people use WhatsApp. Telegram is too often underestimated. Why? Telegram is about ten times more modern than the top dog.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Tyme 2

Tyme 2 allows (work) time tracking on iPhone, iPad, macOS and Watch (Photo: Tyme)

Manege free for today’s fourth app. If the billing is pending for the client, but freelancers have once again forgotten to record their own working time – annoying! Tyme 2 trains you with push notifications, setting the timer, learns from your work habits, manages the times and logs them in graphical form – and all values ​​are gesynct on iPhone, iPad, macOS and Apple Watch away.

Here, the German developer has come up with a fair price model: Tyme 2 can be used either by a single license (8.99 euros after the free 14-day trial period) or the same in the team (per user from 3.99 euros per month). The macOS version costs 29.99 euros as a single license.

The app is constantly evolving and receives regular updates, but it’s already so powerful that I’m always curious what the next update will bring. Hopefully soon also an Android version, because this is still missing incomprehensible.

Price: free to the Antesten / afterwards from 8.99 euros.

Download for iOS / Download for macOS

LEAD shortlist

Other interesting apps.

Google Maps: Google has started rolling out AR View Live View this week on Google Maps (iOS, available for Android). So navigation information is placed on the camera image and you see exactly where you should run: Ideal for business trips or holidays in a foreign city.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Jelbi: Berlin tourists (and locals), watch out. The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe bundle in the app Jelbi (probably for jelbe buses) public transport, car, bike and scooter sharing and even eight ferry services. Not yet janz dat Jelbe vom Ei, but Jelbi is also a beta project, which is tested two years. Regular new providers are added.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Sniks: If you like Snake (still), you should definitely watch Snik’s new release. Classic reloaded, in a fresh way. Also with greedy snakes, but also with a lot of healthy fruit.

Price: 3.49 euros

Download for iOS / Download for Android

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