TechDaily: Siri finally gets smarter

Siri finally gets smarter

language assistants
Ok Google, who is the second smartest language assistant? Now there is a new answer (Photo: Loup Ventures)

As an intelligence beast, Apple’s language assistant Siri has so far rather not noticed. But: Within the last year, Siri seems to have made enormous progress – and is now in the correctly answered questions even before Amazon colleague Alexa. Independent Apple analyst Gene Munster and his company Loup Ventures have again asked four language assistants a series of 800 questions this year. While Siri failed at the end of 2017 with only 52.3 percent correct answers quasi at primary school, she improved this year on a HomePod according to Gruber “dramatic” to 74.6 percent. That almost sounds like secondary school and came second before Alexa (72.5 percent) and Microsoft’s defeated Cortana with 63.4 percent. To inject Siri with as much intelligence as the far superior Google Assistant (87.9 percent), but Apple still has a lot of work to be done.

The Fortnite Merch Store is open

Fortnite Merch
Too late for Christmas, but just in time for Carnival – the Fortnite clothes (Photo: Epic Games)

For Christmas 2018, the official Fortnite Merch Store, the game manufacturer Epic now opened, unfortunately comes too late. Fans are likely to buy shirts and hoodies with action-scene motifs in harsh quantities. Highlight for $ 70 is the legendary “Durrr Burger Onesie” from season seven of the game, which previously only existed virtually. The one-piece with eyes on the hood will be delivered from the end of January – in time for the carnival 2019!

Back from the future: The self-binding Nikes are coming

Nike Mag
New to People with Attachment Anxiety – Nike’s Back to the Future Shoes (Photo: Nike)

Anyone who has been hindered in the great basketball career because he can not tie shoelaces will get his big chance in 2019. Then, Nike releases the first self-tying basketball boots that recall the Nike Mags by Marty McFly in Back of the Future. And the technique of the $ 350 nickname “HyperAdapt” still sounds like science fiction. The locking system called E.A.R.L. (Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing) activates automatically as soon as the sole of the foot is in the shoe. Two buttons at the top make the shoe tighter or wider. Usually, however, should already satisfy the “car” level. And the closing sound reminds, according to Engadget, of Marty McFly in “Back from the Future II”: “Power laces, all right!”

Amazon Echo: The best times are over

Echo low
Hey Alexa, order a HomePod! Amazon’s echo gets more pressure from the competition (Photo: Amazon)

So far, the sales figures of Amazon’s curiosity assistant Alexa, who just sent intimate conversation data “accidentally” to surprised recipients, knew only one direction – upwards. But that could change for the first time in 2019. According to a survey by eMarketer analysts, Amazon’s echo of smartphones in the US in 2018, with a market share of 66.6 percent, was well ahead of Google (29.5 percent) and the rest of the industry (8.3 percent). But Amazon’s market share will fall for the first time next year. The forecast for 2019: echo 63.3 percent, Google Assistant 31.0 percent, all others 12.0 percent (because some devices support multiple wizards, values ​​are over 100 percent). For the UK eMarketer expects a similar development. After years of echo dominance, Google Home, HomePod and many small vendors are starting to catch up.

That was your year, Mark Zuckerberg

The Queen would speak of an “Annus horribilis” for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. One data scandal after another, shattered the trust of users. And the boss made a bad impression in various political hearings. Accordingly, the Guardian’s annual certificate for Zuckerberg fails: “Your Year in Review.”

The end of the LEAD: Merry Christmas!

We do not want to hit the big guy – that goes wrong, as this wonderful Twitter clip shows. We wish all readers of LEAD and TechDaily just a happy, healthy and relaxed Christmas. TechTäglich reports between the years on December 27th again.

Made my day.
I will not stop laughing today.

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