TechDaily: Cool! 15-year-old tweets by refrigerator

Cool! 15-year-old tweets by refrigerator

Breathlessly, the Internet pursues a technology duel between the 15-year-old Dorothy from Kentucky and her guardians. For disciplinary reasons, the mother has deprived the teen girl of one Internet device after another – because she burned a rice cooker from surfing. From the smartphone to the Nintendo DS, all gone. But Dorothy is clever. After a first SOS tweet (“I’m gone forever, my mom took my cell phone away from me, I miss you all so much, I’m crying, Goodbye.”) She tweeted the last time she spoke to her family’s LG smart fridge.

Original sound of the fridge tweet: “I do not know if this tweet is coming in. I’m talking to my fridge, my mother has taken away all the electronics again.” Previously, the avowed Ariana Grande fan tweeted already from the Nintendo DS and the antique Wii console, which offers a rudimentary browser. Meanwhile spills a # FreeDorothy wave through the network, which has also joined refrigerator maker LG. Instead of 500 followers, Dorothy now has over 30,000. Only Ariana Grande is silent – still.


– LG Electronics (@LGUS) August 13, 2019

Apple: Battery warning only for security

Apple assures that the controversial new battery warning on iPhone XR, XS and XS Max only the “safety of users” serve. The repair specialists at iFixit discovered that after an unauthorized battery change on the current iPhones, a screen appears on the screen, warning users that apparently no Apple original battery was installed. Only Apple official dealers and affiliates will be able to disable the hint, which will also appear on a genuine Apple battery properly installed by the user or in a workshop.

“We take the safety of our customers very seriously and we want to make sure that every battery change is done properly,” said an Apple spokesman for The Verge. He continues: “This information is intended to protect our customers from damaged, inferior or used batteries and does not affect the use of the iPhone after an unauthorized repair.” However, because the warning may lead many customers to install more expensive batteries with the Apple dealer, experts still suspect that it is indeed about security – but above all the assurance that the Apple profits are not shrinking.

Apple claims scary iPhone battery warning is for customer safety by @ bst3r @cultofmac

– Cult of Mac (@cultofmac) August 14, 2019

Urgent update! Microsoft warns Windows users

W10 update
Please update urgently! In Windows gapes again a hole (Photo: Microsoft)

New security warning for Windows users. After the emergency update because of the malicious software “BlueKeep” last May, which also affected Windows 7 and XP, the next critical pest is called “DejaBlue”. This time, too, there is a dangerous gap in Remote Desktop Services for the remote control of PCs. Microsoft and the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) advise users of Windows 10 and again older versions of Windows now urgently again to a software update, which should eliminate the problem.

The BSI sees a significant threat from “DejaBlue”, which wormably proliferates without any user intervention: “In our estimation, such an accumulation of vulnerabilities of this nature is only a matter of time before it can become comparable to WannaCry’s cybercrime.” Attacks come. ” Computers with automatic software update enabled should already be protected. All other users should start the “Windows Update”. Recently at “BlueKeep” had apparently not worked as desired. Even a month after the first warning by the BSI were still unprotected in Germany, according to WDR in thousands of computers, so that the authority again had to warn of the vulnerability.

She has never been to New York! The Greta tracker

Environmental icon Greta Thunberg is on her way to the UN climate summit in New York – with the climate-neutral ocean-going yacht “Malizia”, ​​which left yesterday in the English port of Plymouth. It’s likely to be an arduous two-week journey for the 16-year-old and her crew. Because, as is now known, Greta was already seasick during the test sail, and the weather outlook is modest.

If you want to keep your fingers crossed for the young Swede and follow her journey, you will find two Greta trackers online. The official website of their captain Boris Herrmann shows the current position of the Malizia, as well as all tweets and Instagram posts that were sold on the way. Alternatively, there is another card on On Thursday morning, the ship had made it to the coast of Brittany at Brest. “We are on the way”, it is called in the last tweet of the Nobel Peace Prize candidate.

We are on our way!
Leaving Plymouth and heading for New York. Follow our journey here

– Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) August 14, 2019

Spotify: More help for podcasters

The podcast offensive of Spotify is on. And the Swedish streaming service now wants to give its podcasters tools to organize, analyze and market their contributions even better. The service “Spotify for Podcasters” has now left the beta phase and is available to all users. For example, it shows how many times and how long podcasts have been listened to, how many listeners it is, and how the streams are distributed across individual episodes.

In addition, there are detailed information such as gender, age, background or musical preferences of the listener. “With so many podcasts, it’s more important than ever that you have the data you need to understand and expand your audience,” Spotify writes in a blog post. “And that’s exactly what your dashboard was designed for.” The new service is available at

The end of the LEAD: applause for Angela

Twitter applauds Angela Merkel. During a public discussion in Stralsund, yesterday a participant from the right-wing political spectrum raved about “freedom of expression”, which was not given in Germany for AFD members and for “patriots”. How admirably calm and with her typical mother joke the Chancellor contravened the patriotic “concerned citizen” impressed many Twittererners. Original sound, Merkel: “It is a fact that you are sitting here in row 1 and are not endangered with your question.” There are now over 14,000 likes.

#Merkel was yesterday in #Stralsund at the public conversation. And of course an #AFD Nazi was there, but #Merkel countered the #AFD types factually bravura. You do not have to like your politics, but as a human being it is unique.

– Michael Mayr (@Nightmare_Keks) August 14, 2019

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