TechDaily: Big frustration with Fortnite players

Big frustration with Fortnite players

LEAD has already reported Fortnite’s latest major update that players have been waiting for so long. Now that the fog in the battles is clearing for the first time, it shows: The new chapter 2 is currently annoying many users. Among other things, the developers have revised the progress system with the update. Now it takes much longer to ascend to the highest level. Many users have set themselves the goal of reaching level 100. Level upgrades unlock badges and cosmetic extras. Playful advantages do not bring. However, the new system not only costs more time, but also more money. The Battle Pass is chargeable. On reddit frustrated users say they have calculated that in order to reach the 100, 1100 battles are needed. Not the first time that the cult game is sometimes heavily criticized because of its mechanics. Conclusion: This Battle Pass is no fun, although for the new chapter was drummed with the slogan “More fun, more grind”.

Amazon enters the video news business

Fire TV
Will Amazon become a news portal in the future? Fire TV is being upgraded (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon has launched its own video news app. The application just carries the name “News”. It groups contributions from various channels, including CBS, Reuters, the Huffington Post and Yahoo. The content is a mix of live shows and recorded programs. Over the next few weeks, the application will be rolled out to more and more Fire devices, reports Full Story, The start is Fire TV. With an update in early November, the app will then land on the Tablet Fire HD 10. Amazon wants to finance the content through advertising. It is quite possible that the news channel will also be available to German users or that Amazon is looking for long-term German news portals as a partner for German-language (instead of English) content.

Apple shares rush from record to record

Boerse share
The Apple share currently has only one way: up (photo:

Apple’s stock has broken a record again. With a value of nearly $ 243.98 the stock market reached a new high again. This results in a total market capitalization of $ 1.09 trillion for Apple. Reason for the high flight are the currently very good iPhone sales. In China, sales in September increased by 230 percent compared to the previous year. In the same month, Apple ordered 40 percent more OLED displays than planned. The bank Raymond James now assumes that the stock continues to rise. According to the RB analysts, the paper currently has up to 20 percent upside potential – despite the current record levels. New price target: $ 280. Most analysts had recently seen “only” potential up to $ 250.

Study: 75 percent of customers remain loyal to Netflix despite Apple TV + and Disney +

Netflix remote control
For most streaming fans, reinzapping at Netflix remains a must, according to a new study (photo:

A recent poll asked streaming users about their interest in Apple TV + and Disney +. As a result, three out of four Netflix customers are not interested in using one of the two new streaming services. The last quarter would complete most of the new subscription at best. In general, customer interest in the new Disney + platform is a few percent greater than Apple TV +. 28 percent of respondents said they were interested in Disney +. 23 percent said they could imagine subscribing to Apple TV +.

Telekom buys EM rights and presents TV stick

Magenta Tv
Telekom launches its own stick for easier access to MagentaTV content (Photo: Telekom)

The Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast has been around for a while now. Now Telekom, which is currently also attracted by the auctioning of the TV rights for the European Football Championship 2024 with aggressive marketing, wants to be involved in the stick business. From December, the new MagentaTV-Stick will be sold. With this Telekom wants to simplify access to linear TV programs, streaming offers and apps. Like the Fire TV stick, the stick is plugged into the HDMI port of your TV. No matter which internet provider you have a contract with, you can then use the MagentaTV app via your home WLAN. 4K Ultra HD and HDR are supported by the small accessory. Time-shifted television with up to 50 HD channels, depending on the tariff, is also possible. For the stick, Telekom calculates a one-time payment of 64.99 euros. Included in this price are the first three months of MagentaTV.

The end of LEAD: First dealer takes charge for counseling theft

A common method: In stationary retail, the customer gets the most important information about which electronic device is the most optimal. Then he goes home to the calculator and buys exactly the device that was recommended in the store, (cheaper) online. “Advisory theft” calls the Brunswick dealer Jürgen Weferling this process and defends itself. For any advice that does not lead to the purchase of a device, he demands 10 euros – as a hedge for his efforts. And to make his customers aware that they do not buy everything online and let retail in the cities die in parallel. His first conclusion, according to portal Heise: “99 percent of the feedback is positive.” According to the consumer center, such a fee is even permissible, provided that the customer has previously been informed and showed understanding. In any case, Weferling says: In the meantime, customers would first come to the counter to pay the 10 euros and then seek advice first!

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