TechDaily: Nintendo Switch makes you the Lord of the Rings

Nintendo Switch makes you the Lord of the Rings

Nintendo ring
The Fitness Ring: the next big thing for the successful Nintendo Switch (Photo: Niintendo)

Today’s column is – thematically – a gem, promised. Let’s start with the Ring Adventure for Nintendo Switch. Today, the new game for the successful console is only officially launched, but retailers have been listed as “bestsellers” for weeks due to hundreds of thousands of pre-orders.

Straight into the ring, what’s behind it? In the game, you only defeat your opponents when you move and complete a selection of 60 fitness exercises. Movements are thus transformed into actions. For example, in main mode, bodybuilder dragon Drako has to be cleared out of the way. If you are not in the mood for the whole story, choose the mini-games mode with shorter fitness exercises. In addition, individual fitness sets for your individual training. Nintendo explains, “Slip the left Joy-Con into the leg strap and then attach it to your left thigh, and the right Joy-Con will be inserted into the Ring-Con, which players hold with both hands.” The elastic Ring-Con provides resistance during exercises, the Joy-Con registers your intensity of movement.

To make you the Lord of the Rings, Nintendo delivers in the ring adventure package for 69.95 euros a ring con and a leg strap. Both accessories are compatible with the Joy-Cons.

The Apple Ring: The next big thing?

Patent Apple Ring
Apple demonstrates a smart ring on this patent drawing (Photo:

From Nintendo’s ring over to the business premises of Apple’s non-jeweler. But what started with smart watches could find its continuation. Ring-ring, will soon ring even more in the cash register and will an Apple ring the “next big thing” of the group from Cupertino? Apple has patented the concept of a smart ring. The special feature: The Apple Ring should shine not only on the finger, but have a user interface, which should serve as a central hub for input on other devices.

The specs, from the US portal Apple insider published, indicate a processor, a wireless connection, power and a micro down, including other sensors that could be used for gesture control of devices. A drawing added to the patent application even shows a touch screen.

Big Vulnerability: Samsung is struggling for composure

7 Samsung Galaxy S10
An update has to fix the screen bug on the Samsung Galaxy S10 as soon as possible (Photo: Samsung)

It’s not all gold that you decorate with: again trouble for Samsung! When the South Koreans introduced their flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 in March, Samsung talked about a “revolutionary” device. Under the display sensors are installed. With a fingerprint tip on the screen thus the authentication of the user is possible.

Theoretically. And practical? Is the “safe” “login to the device with every fingerprint possible. How, a woman from the UK now found out by chance, reports the BBC, She had bought a cheap slide to protect the display. With the pressure on the film-coated display, she managed to unlock her device, even though she had not activated this authentication in the settings. The woman puzzled and made the countercheck. She stuck the same foil to a friend and was able to unlock his Galaxy S10 just like that.

Samsung is struggling for composure, claiming that they will tackle the less glamorous issue and “shortly” provide a software update that would close the major security hole.

The smart rosary from the Vatican

Erosary Smarter Rosary
The smart rosary plays with a prayer app (Photo: eRosary)

Holy shit, this is a special gem for your girlfriend or wife! New from the trusted Catholic jeweler: The smart rosary – straight from the Vatican. No joke: the Jesuit initiative “Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network” has now introduced the rosary eRosary under the motto “Click to Pray eRosary”. An app complements the toy and helps to learn the Rosary. The application also displays the prayer progress. Pretty jewelry: For 99 euros, there are ten black beads made of quartz. The data is transmitted to the smartphone via Bluetooth via a smart cross. Target group: “Technologically aloof people moving in border areas”.

The Instagram Jewel of the Hour: Rihanna’s JOINT-Venture

Her new coffee table book with more than 1000 rare photos can now be pre-ordered on Instagram. And to stir the drum, Rihanna, a singer, a designer, a book author, puts her fan-base in ecstasy with a new video. The clip in slow motion shows a lightly dressed, smoking Rihanna, with – claims Mashable – a joint on the terrace of an unknown estate by the sea. An optical gem, already over 10 million times clicked in a short time.

The end of LEAD: Who puts Trump on the chain?

US President Donald Trump has written an official letter to Turkish President Erdogan. No one who has read it may believe that it really comes from Trump. “The vocabulary of a five-year-old” attests to the US portal Mashable the president. And the Internet wonders: who finally puts Trump on the chain? And what letters did he possibly write? A meme selection:

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This letter from Trump to Erdogan is insane:

– Nick Jack Pappas (@Pappiness) October 16, 2019

Man … # Trump’s letter to #Erdogan is just nuts !!

– Jack Lee Roberts (@ JackLeeRoberts) October 16, 2019

BREAKING: Trump’s letter to Erdogan has been released.

– Yaucolion-FL09 (@ Yaucolion71) October 16, 2019

I present to you all, Trump’s crazy letter as the Star Wars crawl

– Eric Koch (@EricDKoch) 16 October 2019

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