$ 700 million in sales through influencer marketing: Revolve wins Instagram

Hardly any other company on Instagram is likely to notice such numbers: Within 14 days, the US online store Revolve Clothing generated a media value of around eight million US dollars in the period around the Coachella Festival in April – with its own small one Side-festival with 500 influencers and music acts like Snoop Dogg, A $ AP Rocky and Chance the Rapper. A billion US dollars allegedly Revolve Clothing allegedly have implemented in the past year, 65 to 70 percent of which are due to influencer marketing. OMR explains the mechanisms behind the success.

“It was an eye-opener for me when I was at Revolve’s Coachella Party myself,” says Christoph Kastenholz of the Influencer Marketing Agency Pulse (here in the OMR podcast). Because Pulse also manages influencers and an agency-led influencer was booked for the Revolve Festival, boxwood had the opportunity to experience the party, which is reserved for invited guests, up close and personal. The Revolve Festival takes place far from the regular festival on a horse ranch – “and yet everyone wants to go there. It was so crowded that even people who were invited could not come in part. For Revolve to be ‘just’ an online store, that’s crazy. ”


The “perfectly instagrammable” scenery as reach lever

At the Revolve Festival, nearly everyone in the influencer scene and beyond has their feet on each other’s feet: from Kendall Jenner to Chiara Ferragni to Emily Ratajkowski. Anyone browsing through the photos on the Revolve Festival on Instagram will see the perfect surface: beautiful, stylish women against a blue sky, swimming pool or any other backdrop that should provide the target group with FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”). The party organizers give their advertising partners a variety of ways to get their act done: classic car cars fringed by a sea of ​​flowers, or brightly colored, tiled walls bearing the company logo – all “perfectly instagrammable”.

Which influencer wears what clothes, is exactly tuned. Because what the social media stars wear on Instagram, can be found in the online store of Revolve partly rousing sales. In some cases weeks are determined in advance which part the respective influencer carries on which day. “Coachella and more generally festivals have replaced Millennials Fashion Week,” says Revolve-Clothing co-founder Michael Mente to Forbes. Little wonder that German companies are already trying to copy the “Coachella effect” at local festivals.

“FOMO” is the bar

Revolve recognized the potential of events early. The company was first represented at the festival in 2010 as a brand, Michael Mente told the business podcaster Lewis Howes – “then just with two friends of ours, who are also influencers”. As a result, they would have recognized the “Business Marketing Opportunity” – and in the following years, their Coachella activities continued to expand. “Our yardstick is: Would we like to go to this party? If we were not here, would we have FOMO?”

This year he had exceeded the budget a bit – but the investment has paid off, so Mente winking at Fashionista. According to Forbes, Revolve has collected 4.4 billion social impressions from the 2017 Coachella, ironically more than the official Coachella main sponsor H & M. The influencer marketing tool shows how the Earned Media Value has skyrocketed over the past two years during the period around the Coachella Festival. And the massive attention also turns the company into sales. The weekend before the Coachella is even more revenue than the Cyber ​​Monday.

Omr 1 Xrevolve Instagram Audience Influencerdb
In 2017, the Earned Media Value of Revolve’s Instagram account for Coachella was 4.4 million euros, compared to 8 million euros over 14 days (Image: InfluencerDB)

With travel snapshots increase the desirability of fashion

Although the party may be Revolve’s “Lighthouse Event” during the Coachella Festival, it is by far not the only event in the year that the online store organizes for influencers. The marketing team is expected to have 70 events in 2017 according to The Fashion Law. In the summer, for example, the shopkeepers rent a house in the Hamptons for a month, where many wealthy New Yorkers have their vacation home. Every week, Revolve invites twelve to fifteen different influencers, says founder Mente to Lewis Howes.

In many people’s Instagram feed, the company is also likely to appear because of the influencer trips that Revolve organizes around the world. Under the hashtag #revolvearoundtheworld (28,500 posts) the fruits of these cooperations can be seen: photos of young attractive women, in front of a picturesque, exotic backdrop, many of them with several thousand likes.

Hipster club instead of showroom

Instead of a showroom, Revolve in West Hollywood operates the “Revolve Social Club”: an over 1000 square meter event and party space with roof garden, accessible by invitation only. Again, the goal is to generate experiences in order to provide the influencers with a backdrop against which they can stage themselves. “We do not have to tell the influencers who come here,” says brand boss Raissa Gerona to Who What Wear. “She’ll post on social media because everyone here is giving her the canvas to do her job.” The “Revolve Social Club” on Instagram lists almost 3000 photos, many of them with five- and six-digit like numbers.

Is the secret of the revolution of the Influencer marketing measures simply in the amount of the budget – or can smaller companies learn something from them? “I believe that Revolve’s strategy can be replicated without a massive budget effort,” says Christoph Kastenholz of Pulse. “We organize events for our clients ourselves, so you can build a personal relationship with the influencers, generate massive reach, and still have the cost in proportion.” Especially as in influencer marketing and cost points from the traditional fashion marketing omitted: “Previously, you have booked a model, made a photo shoot with a large team and then tried to place a photo series on PR in a magazine Today, you get that from influencers everything one hand, “says Kastenholz.

This article first appeared on the Online Marketing Rockstars.

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