Gamesweek: The 24/7 Festival

“8 days to the end of the world, and what would you do?” This was what the creators of the end-time series “8 Tage” asked in the advertising slogan for the TV event. For Gamesweek, which starts this Monday in Berlin, the motto can easily be changed: “Play 7 days non-stop and what would you play?”

The selection is huge. The Gamesweek is almost a 24/7 spectacle. 7 days, 12 events, around 15,000 participants are expected in the Game Center, the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg (and the other locations), until Sunday.

There is no end-time mood, but high-time mood prevails in the games industry: According to a DAK study, 92 percent of boys in Germany play digital games, compared to 62 percent of girls. The boys claimed to gamble at least five days a week. Even though the developers urgently need to keep their sights on the DAK 465,000 risk gamblers in Germany, who are prone to addictive behavior: the industry is booming!


66 percent of German game developers currently produce their titles for the PC, in second place: Nintendo Switch (45 percent). 38 percent are focusing on mobile games for smartphones and tablets when developing new titles.

Gamefest gambling
Also Multiplayer will gamble on Gamesweek in Berlin (Photo: Organizer)

From Friday “Public Game Festival”

However, German game developers are having a hard time at their home turf. In 2018, German publishers generated only 5.4 percent of their sales in Germany game, the association of the German games industry. All the more important is the Gamesweek for the domestic producers and for the attention of the German users.

Curiously enough, in the digital world, they are even more analogue: two-thirds of Germans still regularly use board games and board games. Only 43 percent daddeln digitally.

Reason enough for the Gamesweek in Berlin to raise even more interest. There is plenty of opportunity for that. Thus, starting on Friday (until the last Gamesweek day on Sunday) invites the “Public Game Festival” to interact and try:

Almost every genre is represented: indie games, VR games, previously unreleased products, international blockbusters from the charts, but also retro classics. In addition to real-life quests, influencers give tips in exciting workshops, numerous Let’s plays with couch co-ops are just as important as live gaming in multiplayer.

Anyone who wants to become famous as a gamer, not only gets tips from professionals, but ventures into tournaments on the stage to dust off prizes.

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Keynotes and Events

Keynote Gamefest 2018
Numerous keynotes and workshops, also for occasional gamers, accompany Gamesweek (Photo: Organizer)

Of course, at Gamesweek, it’s not all about the round-the-clock gambling of visitors. The fair will cover all aspects of the industry – from technology to culture to business.

Right at the beginning (Monday and Tuesday) the B2B event “Quo vadis 2019” is rising. The target group here are the business professionals – with keynote speeches, roundtables, talk shows and workshops in which developers exchange ideas with other industries.

WOMENIZE! runs on Wednesday and discusses the role of women in the game and tech industry.

A. MAZE (Wednesday to Saturday) wants to be no less than an interactive technology exhibition of the 21st century with a focus on art and culture, framed by four days of music.

Also worthy of mention: The eSports conference GERMAN ESPORTS SUMMIT. And two events that are committed to diversity: On the one hand the GAYmers LGBT Gaming Night at wooga, on the other hand the Rainbow Arcade Meetup in the Gay Museum, Lützowstraße. Rainbow Arcade shows since the end of 2018, the queer history of video games based on a large exhibition.

Rainbow Arcade Gamesweek
Rainbow Arcade Meetup: The Gay Museum shows the history of queer video games (Photo: Organizer)

German computer game prize

One of the highlights of Gamesweek will take place on Tuesday in Berlin’s Admiralspalast. There, the German Computer Game Prize is awarded, one of the most prestigious awards in the German gaming industry. The organizers are the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the industry association game. In 14 categories, a whopping 590,000 euros in prize money will be awarded in Berlin-Mitte. And who wins there, not only gambling 24/7 in Berlin, but also celebrates 24/7 …

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INFO: Tickets and prices Gamefest

Tickets and prices: A weekend ticket costs 13.99 euros (reduced 9 euros). Families can visit the Gamesweek for 32 euros. Day tickets are available on Friday for 6 or 4 Euro, on Saturday and Sunday for 8 or 6 Euro.

Opening hours: The Gamefest is open Friday 15 to 21 o’clock, Saturday 11 to 21 o’clock and Sunday 11 to 19 o’clock.

Main-Location:Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin (Website Gamefest)

Gameweek atmosphere
Snakes are programmed, so big will be the rush at Gameweek (Photo: organizer)

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