Everyday: iPhone and iPad – the first non-Apple app store

iPhone and iPad: The first app store that is not from Apple

Alt Store
After alternative facts, there is now also an alternative App Store (Photo: AltStore)

Since Apple opened its App Store in 2008, it is – apart from questionable jailbreaking – the only way to get apps on iPhone and iPad. This increases security compared to Android enormously, but also limits the choice. Where: With about two million iOS apps can scarcely speak of a scarce supply. Nevertheless, the California app developer Riley Testut has been tinkering for years – and now the first unofficial App Store started, which works without jailbreak, and which is not from Apple. The programmer wants to “move the boundaries of iOS”.

In the new “AltStore”, ie in the alternative App Store, apps should be available whose installation Apple officially not allowed – for example, the launch of the Nintendo emulator Delta, which brings Mario games without the consent of the Japanese manufacturer on iOS. In terms of copyright that is questionable, the interest should still be great. Testuts idea pretends to an iOS device that it is an app from the AltStore is a self-developed program – for which Apple’s restrictions do not apply. To use the unofficial store, users need to load a so-called “AltServer” onto a Mac or Windows PC. From this calculator, the apps can then be installed via iTunes on iPhone or iPad. According to experts, the project has the potential to change the entire iOS ecosystem – for better or for worse.

Echo Frames: The first look at the Alexa glasses

Last week, Amazon introduced the “Echo Frames”, the first glasses with Alexa voice control. Now, in a hands-on, The Verge had the opportunity to take a first look at the smart glasses, with which Amazon takes a completely different approach than Google with its failed “Glass” project. The Echo Frames completely dispense with camera or futuristic augmented reality features, and focuses entirely on classic Alexa voice commands. That’s why it weighs just 31 grams, and looks very subtle to the environment. Of the bad thick temples only the user knows.

With microphones and two speakers in each bracket frames allows the usual Alexa services, from phone calls to playing music to reading the calendar – just by glasses, and without a smartphone in hand. An Android phone must be connected via Bluetooth, iPhones remain for the time being outside. The battery lasts about three hours of music or 14 hours of standby. Tinted or starch glasses can be used by the optician himself. If you do not want to be eavesdropped by Alexa all day, you can switch off the microphones with a hardware button. The Echo glasses is initially only in the US and only by invitation for $ 180 to have.

Today Update: Write program Ulysses turns 18

Ulysses 18
Wise: The clever authoring program Ulysses is released today in version 18 (Photo: Ulysses)

Adult is the writing program Ulysses from Leipzig, with which each issue of TechTäglich arises, of course, long ago. Finally, developer BlueTec (now Ulysses GmbH) has already released the first version in 2003. Now, however, the Saxons are celebrating the age of majority. Because today appears first for iPhone and iPad version 18 of the program. Ulysses allows distraction-free writing for authors, manages even the largest collections of text clearly arranged, and virtually synchronizes all documents between Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Ulysses 18 is optimized with many features for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Thus, the dark mode now accesses the system-wide setting. On the iPad, two instances of Ulysses can be used side by side. And the synchronization of texts works for the first time not only via iCloud, but also, for example, via Dropbox. Also for the Mac Ulysses 18 is about to start. But here the developers have to wait for the anticipated premiere of macOS Catalina next Friday (4 October). The Ulysses subscription, with which Schreiber will never have to worry about Word costs 4.99 euros a month or 39.99 euros a year. Students test half a year for a total of 11.99 euros.

Creepy: Photos of people who do not exist

Children, young women, older men – the 100,000 new portrait photos, which the US company Generated Media now provides for free download, show the entire garden of God. So you know that from stock catalogs. But these pictures are special. Because the people who show them do not exist. All photos were calculated by artificial intelligence. Therefore, they usually look credible – but also smooth and strange profileless. Some pictures are not quite perfect yet. Where the AI ​​slays, they have bullet holes in their foreheads or strangely crumpled noses.

For example, people who do not exist could be interesting for advertising political parties that real models usually do not give up. In the long term Generated Media wants to offer completely artificial intelligence generated stock photos with appropriate environment, which can be calculated, for example, advertisers according to their own ideas. The company promises “infinite diversity”. However, all 100,000 portraits are based on images of 69 real people who have photographed Generated Media. From their facial components can then be an almost infinite number of photos puzzle together.

Brilliant: Elon Musk showed his Mars rocket

This time so no electric drive. Elon Musk’s reusable Mars rocket “Starship”, whose first generation of the Tesla guru presented on Saturday at SpaceX’s space facility in Boca Chica, Texas, flies with a mix of oxygen and methane. “That’s the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen,” musk mused at the sight of the 120-foot-tall Starship Mk1 with its silvery shiny stainless steel case. “I think we should become a species that lives on multiple planets and we should start now,” musk said.

His schedule, see Tesla, sounds familiar bold. First, the Musk rocket with three Raptor engines in manned test flights to reach a height of 20 kilometers. The successor models up to Mk5 are already in planning and will then penetrate into space within the next six months. Even though Musk knows, “That sounds crazy.” Next destinations are the International Space Station ISS, the Moon – and finally Mars. In its final version, Musk’s Starship achieves twice the thrust of NASA’s Saturn 5 moon rocket, with 37 Raptor engines, according to CBS. Prediction by Elon Musk: “Starting this thing and then coming back will be epic, it’s wild!”

The end of LEAD: anime girl, very animated

Twitter laughs at this lively clip. British comedy author Jim Felton has made over 13 million views since yesterday with the video of a blue-haired anime girl who has greatly underestimated the explosive power of Coke and Mentos. “Looks like Brexiters who have accidentally won the referendum” (and can not get the ghost back into the bottle), Felton talks about the most spectacular social media clip of a blue-haired person since, say, Rezo.

Brexiters accidentally won the referendum pic.twitter.com/kaHxFNnv20

– James Felton (@JimMFelton) September 29, 2019

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