20 years Google: Sometimes useful, sometimes just at an angle

At the IFA, Google presented a few days ago offspring: Max is the newest baby, a mix of smart language assistant and sound machine. Who says Google, but mostly means the search engine. The second part of the Google Specials – Part I to read here – is mainly about search commands: sometimes useful, sometimes just biased.

1. Find an actor

Who played in “La La Land” again, and what was the name of the actors in their roles? This can be looked up at Wikipedia. But Google’s actor search works much faster and delivers stunningly good results to the smallest supporting role. The command in this case is “Cast: La La Land”. Incidentally, this also works for German and other international films.

Google from earlier

The Google search from the early years is still found on the net. It shows the logo and input mask of the late ’90s, and the note: “This site is an old friend of Google’s past, preserved in its original form. Have fun! “Prerequisite for the use is a browser with Java. And unfortunately the results are back in the current Google design.


3. The oldest Google logo

  • 10 Google 1997
    The grisly first Google logo from 1997 (Photo: Google)
  • 9 Google 1998
    The Beginnings: Google 1998 (Photo: Google)

Even before the start of the search engine in September 1997, there was a first preliminary logo with lying letters, which was apparently created with Word Art, and from today’s perspective, looks pretty gruesome. But: It was the start of a legend. The entire history of the Google logo is here in the video.

4. Search a specific website

Not every page has its own search engine – but Google also helps here. If you only want to search for texts or pictures on a certain website, use the command “site:”. Everything that lead-digital.de wrote so far over the iPhone, Google shows with this input: “iPhone site: lead-digital.de”

5. Search for PDF or Powerpoint

Sometimes Google is not supposed to deliver any written results – but to spit out a PDF or Powerpoint file for schoolwork or business presentations, which can then be processed further. The search for certain file formats works with a shortcut, so for example with “Superfood filetype: ppt” or “Ferrari filetype: pdf”.

6. Google search without traces

This works with the “Tor Browser”, which can be found for free at https://www.torproject.org. When calling a page like google.de sends this anonymous Firefox browser request across multiple servers worldwide – so that in the end can no longer understand where the page was coming from. Bad luck for Google!

7. Google is wrong

Most of the time Google is right with its results. But even the most clicked website in the world can go wrong – if you type in the English word “askew” (in German: crooked, oblique). Already the screen is fluctuating. Other such amusing tricks include the underwater Google or a head-over-Google.

11 Google crooked
Google in trouble – the Google programmers have come up with many such games (Photo: Google)

8. Translate quickly with Google

In the meantime, the Google translator has mastered 103 languages. But if you have to go fast, translations also work directly in Google Search, with a command like “translate voiture to german”. Then the correct solution automatically appears. Tip aside: DeepL from Cologne translates only seven languages, but delivers drastically better results than Google.

9. Search flight numbers

Delays and cancellations in air traffic were the persistent annoyance in the summer of 2018. If you want to know what your flight is about, you do not even have to visit the website of the airport or the airline. With a flight number input like LH 2250 Google search provides all current information. LEAD wishes you a good trip!

10. Use the advanced search

Type in the search term and then press “Google Search” or the Return key – and the result will appear. This foolhardy principle has already made Google the most widely used search engine in the world since 1999. But it is also more complicated and diverse: The extended Google search know much fewer users. But here the search can be extended with many parameters and without any knowledge of shortcuts.

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