Big Apple: These are the novelties from New York

MacBook Air

Since Apple’s founder Steve Jobs conjured the first MacBook Air out of a thin brew envelope in 2008, this model has become synonymous with ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight computers. Recently, the Air was the only remaining Mac with rather blurred standard display but clearly outdated, retreading was overdue.

Mac Book Air 2018
Finally with a modern retina screen. The new MacBook Air Gold is worth your while (Photo: Apple)

The Apple has done now and celebrates thanks to only 1,250 grams of weight (another 125 grams less than before) “the return of ease.” For the first time, the new Air offers a sharp Retina screen, which has long been standard in the competition. With 13.3 inches, the display is slightly larger than before. But because the screen now almost reaches to the edge, the Apple laptop has become a whole bit smaller. There are still only two USB-C ports on board, so buyers of the new Air must still juggle with adapters. The keyboard is illuminated for the first time. Here, Apple waives the already rather superfluous Touch Bar Pro models, but at least the fingerprint sensor touch ID, for fast and comfortable login.

The case is the first time a Mac made of 100 percent recycled aluminum. Apple therefore speaks of the “greenest Mac ever”. The carbon footprint should have reduced compared to its predecessor by 50 percent. The German prices start at 1349 euros for the very meager entry-level model with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD. A more meaningful equipment with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage costs 1,839 euros. The new MacBook Air is available in silver, spacegray and gold. It can – like all Apple news of the day – order now, and will be delivered from 7 November. The because of the outdated screen no longer recommendable predecessor remains from 1,099 euros in the offer.


Mac mini

Apple’s only screen-less calculator with the slogan “Just bring your own monitor, keyboard, and mouse” was even more overdue for renewal than the MacBook Air. The latest update was from 2014, based on the standards of computing. Industry so eternities ago.

Mac mini
The new Mac mini – for those who already have a screen, keyboard and mouse at home (Photo: Apple)

The new generation, which comes for the first time in Spacegray, thanks to a maximum of eight processor cores expected to be around five times faster than before, and thus achieve the performance of full-grown desktop computers. Original sound at the presentation: “In terms of performance, a real beast!” The “Beast” is made of 100 percent recycled aluminum. The prices start with narrow 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD memory from 899 euros. A decent configuration with 16/256 GB costs 1,379 euros. The mini can also be upgraded to a real high-end computer with 64 GB of RAM and 2 TB of space, for extremely beastly 4,969 euros.

iPad Pro

I Pad Pro 2018 1
Served on the tablet: The new iPad Pro is available in 11 and 12.9 inches (Photo: Apple)

The big opera took place in New York but around the star of the show (in addition to Lana del Rey, who performed live at the end) – the new iPad Pro. Even with his top tablet, Apple has now retired the home button. The operation now works exactly like the iPhones from model X via face recognition and gesture control. Because the LCD displays now reach the edge, the previous 10.5-inch model has grown to 11 inches – without the housing was larger. The big brother stays at 12.9 inches, with a shrunken by 25 percent housing.

Built on Apple’s new A12X processor, over which manager John Turner announced wonders, “These iPad Pro are faster than 92 percent of portable PCs sold worldwide in the last 12 months.” The graphics performance should correspond to an Xbox One S (which also seems believable after the demonstration of a new NBA game) – and are almost exactly 1,000 times higher than the first iPad from the year 2010.

I Pad Pro 2018 2
Not only the iPads are new. Apple has also revamped the pencil and keyboard as the most important accessory (Photo: Apple)

The familiar Lightning port is now as much a thing of the past for the iPad Pro as the Home button. Apple begins here with the conversion of its mobile devices to the industry standard USB-C. This makes it easier to connect accessories such as cameras, and the iPad Pro can now easily display its image on 4K or 5K monitors. More than ever, Apple wants to compete with the new iPads fully grown PCs. This also fits the first “real” Photoshop, the Adobe presented at the keynote. New are also the Pencil 2, Apple’s revised operating / painting pen (135 euros), which controls by gestures, for example, Photoshop, and a new keyboard (from 199 euros). Both are charged only by contact with the iPad case, in which 102 magnets are installed.

Of course, the Pro models are also available at pro prices. While Apple’s standard iPads from 349 euros are surprisingly cheap, it goes with the Pro only from 879 euros for the 11-inch model with 64 GB of memory going – for such a working device too little space. Interestingly it gets with 256 GB for 1,049 euros. The 12.9-inch giant is between 1,099 euros (64 GB) and 1,929 euros with 1 TB of storage space.

Lana Del Rey
Good that the Apple show was more alive than the usual sleepy-looking star guest Lana del Rey (Photo: Apple)

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