In 2019, the streaming landscape is rearranged

Streaming with one or more video providers is now part of most people’s evening entertainment. Those who have the time, like to use the whole day to get away a new season. But in the future it will be even more difficult to find out what is going on where.

Because the streaming landscape will be fundamentally different this year. We explain to you what will change in the old platforms and what the new providers want to profile.

Netflix: Originals, Originals, Originals

The existing license agreements with film studios such as Disney and WarnerMedia are expiring. This means that the 139 million Netflix subscribers will soon have to do without well-known film series such as “Star Wars”, the Pixar animated films or series such as “Friends”. Because they disappear quietly and secretly from the catalog. But since this was for Netflix foreseeable, invested alone in 2018 proud $ 8 billion in self-developed. The spoiled spectators should continue to receive new series seasons and films from top directors every week.

In the same year, however, the marketing costs increased by 65 percent, as it becomes significantly more complex for Netflix to win exclusively with his (previously unknown) Originals new subscribers. But Wall Street celebrates this course and made the former DVD ship Netflix in May 2018 the most valuable media company in the world – before Disney. And viewers will be celebrating Netflix anyway – for its content and good social media entertainment.


Amazon: Score with indie hits

“2017 by the Sea” was the first feature film of a streaming provider in 2017, which scored points at the Oscars. The two trophies (among others for the best original script) have ushered in a change in the film strategy of the e-commerce giant: In the future, they want to increasingly buy the rights to potential indie hits at film festivals. Unlike Netflix, Amazon still plans a comprehensive theatrical release, before the productions will then appear on the Prime subscription.

As the industry blog Deadline Hollywood reports, Amazon is also in negotiations with the film studios Sony and Paramount, to also show their new releases exclusively. This would include about the film series “Men in Black” and “Transformers”. This would allow Prime Video to rely on its broad offering in the long term, without having to expose its own productions.

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Disney: the way to new splendor

With theme parks and cruise ships, Disney has always been ahead of the competition in terms of variety. Only in terms of streaming you have held back a little too long. That should change in 2019! Because with Disney + is announced a streaming offer that will inspire young and old. And once all the cartoons, Marvel superheroes, and space adventures fall away from dealer Netflix, fans will surely get their supplies directly from the producer.

With the recent acquisition of the film studio 20th Century Fox, Disney can call even more film series own: James Cameron’s “Avatar” count as well as the superhero franchise “X-Men”. Thanks to the majority stake in the American TV streaming provider Hulu and their many years of experience, the new platform Disney + should be technically mature and shine from the start.

Apple: From hardware to service provider

Apple customers have always bought the software with the expensive hardware – because both come from Apple from a single source. But looking at profits, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the world’s most valuable corporation is currently posting its biggest revenue drivers elsewhere. After all, services like Apple Music and Apple Care are currently delivering the biggest growth curves! And so it is not surprising that one works for several years on the conception of a streaming subscription for films and series.

Apple already arrived in the living room with its TV box. Having your own flatrate seems to be just the necessary consequence (and maybe this is even co-financed by buying the hardware). At least Apple can knock on hundreds of millions of people through pre-installed apps virtually overnight.

As you know, you focus on family-friendly entertainment – without sex, drugs or violence. With series by “La La Land” director Damien Chazelle, as well as a co-production of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston should still be provided for enough variety.

WarnerMedia: Holds the trump card HBO

Finally, WarnerMedia also wants a piece of the pie. Behind the film studio stand the “World of Wizzards” with Harry Potter, Newt Scamander and Co., popular superheroes like Batman and Superman from the DC comics and also the series of the US station HBO. The latter are among the most popular streaming content ever!

Only “Game of Thrones” leads the list of the most illegally downloaded series year after year. In addition, Warner’s new streaming service is packed with shows like Sex and the City, True Detective, Westworld, and The Big Bag Theory, and it’s all legal is announced for the end of 2019.

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