TechDaily: Ten years after Robert Enke – Data glasses simulate depression

Ten years after Robert Enke: Data glasses simulate depression

Impression depression
Teresa Enke with smart glasses and Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (Photo: Robert-Enke-Stiftung)

On November 10, the tenth anniversary of the death of football goalkeeper Robert Enke. He suffered from depression and took his own life in 2009. Since then, his widow Teresa Enke engaged in the education work around the widespread disease depression. With the Robert-Enke-Foundation, which she initiated, she tries to inform about the illness and to help those affected. As the latest initiative Teresa Enke now presented the project “Impression Depression”, in which healthy people with the help of smart glasses at least get an impression of how depression feels.

“I thought it was scary, it was a borderline experience for me, and it was only for a short while, and I knew I could take the glasses off right away,” Teresa Enke said after a self-experiment. For the 15-minute VR experience, participants have to put on a ten-pound lead vest. They can then go through the scenarios “depression in competitive sports” or “depression as a widespread disease”, which as a virtual journey should at least make facets of depression palpable. The project is now going on a road trip through Germany with the glasses. Benefits are the “impression depression” but only healthy. Anyone who has ever been affected by depression may find the experience too stressful.

Streaming Wars: Apple TV + with the highest data rates in 4K

Apple TV + appears to offer the highest data rates of all 4K content streaming services. The result was a first test of the TV and video specialists of FlatpanelsHD. The leader in this regard was the fantasy series “See”, which Apple streams at an average of 29 megabits per second (Mbps) and with highs of up to 41 Mbps. The nature documentary “The Elephant Queen” came to an average of 26 Mbps. And even the cartoon “Snoopy in Space” was unusually high at 13 Mbps for animated content. Apparently, Apple TV + should attract users with brilliant image quality.

Thus, the new streaming service is a factor of 1.5 to 2 on a Blu-ray disc with Full HD content – but still only at half of a 4K Blu-ray. Compared to 4K content from the iTunes Store, which are streamed at 10 to 15 Mbit / s, Apple TV + is significantly higher, and should therefore provide a visibly better picture quality, especially on 4K TVs. By comparison, Netflix content in 4K typically runs at a maximum of 16 megabits per second.

Play Points: Google launches bonus program

Google Play Points
“Do you have a Payback Card?” This question is now, purely virtual, also Google (Photo: Google)

Playback instead of Payback: Google launches its 2018 in Japan and South Korea introduced bonus program “Play Points” this week now at home in the US. Those who purchase apps, movies, series, books, subscriptions and in-app purchases in the Play Store can earn points as attendees. There are weekly promotions. And who buys the specially featured “Apps of the Week” receives additional points. The credits can be used for new purchases or donate to charity, according to the Google blog entry.

With every dollar spent, users continue to climb up in the Reward Ranking. There are four levels – up to “platinum”, in which the credits are 40 percent higher than in the lowest category “bronze”. Only those who regularly shop at the Play Store have the chance to stay in the higher levels. And as always with such bonus programs à la Payback applies: In the end profits above all the offerer, in this case Google, which the participants supply still more data free house.

Facebook: New logo, but not for Facebook

Facebook Logo 2019
The new logo for the entire Facebook group appears in various colors (Photo: Facebook)

Facebook has a lot of trouble on the cheek – but now begrudge a new logo. “This logo will surely solve all the problems of Facebook,” mocks The Verge, The lettering comes in capital letters and uses, if necessary, a color gradient, which could come from the year 1997. It serves as a new logo for the parent company Facebook. This means that the logo can always be seen when it comes to the entire company. And it also comes with the daughters WhatsApp and Instagram used.

A blog post shows how to see in the future in the apps from the hint “from Facebook” – Instagram, for example, in the blue-orange of the photo app. In Facebook itself, in the social network, the usual blue and white logo is retained. According to marketing director Antonio Lucio, the new design is intended to show once again that Facebook, 15 years on, is no longer just Facebook, “but a set of products that help people stay in touch with their friends and family.” As Lucio told Bloomberg, Facebook has also thought about a new name for the company as a whole: “But then we did not want to give the impression that we were hiding from our problems.”

Galaxy S11: 108 megapixels – Samsung plans the camera overkill

108 megapixels for the rear camera, and a triple front camera for selfies – with this veritable technology overkill Samsung could challenge the spring of 2020 with the new Galaxy S11 Apple and Google. “In all likelihood, the Galaxy S11 uses a new 108 MP sensor,” tweeted the usually well-informed Leaker Ice Universe. That would mean a nine times higher image resolution compared to the current S10.

In order to actually provide a higher light output and thus better pictures especially in the dark, the S11 would also have to get a much larger photo sensor. This technique would for the first time also allow 6K videos. This could usher Samsung a new round in the camera arms race of the major smartphone manufacturers. And most of all, the Koreans could make up for their recent backlog of Lowlight images to Apple and Google, who rely on artificial intelligence for their cameras.

The end of the LEAD: Donald – Netflix way with Trump filter

Today Netflix in the US starts the stand-up show “Lobby Baby” by comedian Seth Meyers. And it offers a novel Donald Trump filter. Whenever Meyers makes a joke about the US president (and there are supposed to be many!), Viewers can skip the Trump gag at the touch of a button. So you can watch “Lobby Baby” on request entirely Donald-free. Motto: “way Donald!” “At first we planned it as a joke, but then we really wanted to include it,” reveals the comedian about the Skip button for the president. To expect is loud The Verge however, that his fans do not want to miss a Trump joke.

PS, one more end of the LEAD: Elon Musk is back

His avatar is still black, but he tweets again. After a break of three days, Elon Musk retorted with a tweet about his SpaceX space program. Next vow of silence broken, but the Tesla disciples like to take back their Savior: “Glad to have you back Elon!”

Great work by SpaceX Dragon team & Airborne! 1 multi-parachute test of Mk3 design, so 9 more left to reach 10 successful tests in a row.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 4, 2019

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