Best Apps 2019 – Part 14


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The mail client Spark has been improved by an update (Photo: Readdle)

That fits perfectly: Google has just set its popular mail client Inbox, as offers itself with Spark from the well-known developer Smile Readdle a new release as a high-quality inbox replacement. So far, Spark was only available for iOS. Now the developers have also launched the Android version.

Android and iOS versions offer various features that prove themselves in everyday life: In addition to a smart inbox and intelligent notifications can also create reminders and reminders with Spark. The appointment calendar is just a click away in Spark.

Mails can also be timed with the Send Later feature. The (fee-based) team function allows you to work together on mails in the workgroup.

What is missing, in contrast to the competitor AirMail, is the tracking of an e-mail. This can be used to check if and when an email was opened.

Price: Free for iOS and Android, Team features only by subscription

Download link for Android / Download link for iOS

Chef SmartList

Chef Smart List
A chef SmartList can also be shared with friends (Photo: Chef)

There used to be the classic shopping list. Everyone in the family or the shared apartment has something on it. In the end, hardly anything was recognizable – and how often was the note forgotten at home on the kitchen table? Digital shopping lists make the job better. Everyone has the smartphone and when you are in the supermarket, you just have to call up the list.

With Chef SmartList, a new app of the popular recipe portal, shopping becomes even more practical. Although there are now no end to digital shopping list apps in the app stores, chef SmartList is the new favorite in the genre.

With the program, shopping lists can be shared and edited together. Speech input makes it easy to add needed products.

One of the next updates will add a recipe book. Even a smartwatch version is already promised. And in the future, based on your shopping lists, the app will also show “inspirations” for recipes. Bon appetit!

Price: Free for iOS and Android

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

Fresh text

Fresh text
Freshtext lets you beautify photos in an intuitive way (Photo: App Store)

German developer Daniel Schwarz is no stranger to the industry. He is one of the creators Snapseed or HDR EFEX PRO. He also worked in the Google Photos team. With Freshtext, the developer has launched an app that can be used to insert texts into photos.

There was something like that already more often in the app stores. But Freshtext pleases above all by its smart operation. All actions are intuitive and self-explanatory. The results are also impressive.

The application comes with selected fonts and text styles, they can be automated one by one until the desired one is found. Texts can also be colored, even color gradients generated the program with a few clicks. Photo Filter and the ability to specify exactly where in the image the text is like round off Freshtext. The basic version can be tried for free, the full version is unlocked in-app.

Price: Basic version for iOS for free; not yet for Android

Download link for iOS

Next door De is not only mobile, but also available on desktop computers (Photo:

The other day, during the move, it turned out that the old wooden cabinet was in the way. The author of these lines then did not sell classic on eBay classifieds, but on This worked quickly and easily. The buyer lived one street further.

7000 Neighborhood communities and 1 million users, the Berlin startup has now gathered according to their own information. Not only private users, but also companies can participate.

Right now the mention of the app is worthwhile again. On May 24, the portal celebrates the “Day of the Neighbors”. Interested parties can now announce their own (farm) party on If you do not want to organize a neighborhood party yourself, get in contact with one of your neighbors and drop by.

Added value of the popular app: “Around the corner” you can not only sell, but also find friends. A social approach that is popular in anonymous big cities.

Price: Free for iOS and Android

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

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