The Best Apps 2019 – Part 16


Cal Zones
The different view of the App CalZones (Photo: CrossForward)

The name of the new calendar app CalZones reveals it. This application is a mix of calendar and time zone overview. This is convenient for all those companies whose partners are not only in Germany, but in all parts of the world. The appointment management of different time zones brings order into the planning.

The revelevant time zones are set at the first start. The main view of the app then shows the list of the current times of the respective zones and displays the appointments to match the local time.

The connection to the Apple Watch and a message center widget are the developers’ bonuses. Combining calendars and time zones in one program: a clever idea that was also implemented optically in CalZones very well. It’s a pity that there is no Android version yet.

Price: 5.49 euros

Download link for iOS

Help Me
The logo of the application “HELP ME” (photo: developer)


Everyone helps everyone – this is the simple, but in an emergency effective principle of the app “Help me”. The functionality is explained quickly: If you are in trouble, you can simply click on a button in the application. A helper in the vicinity is alerted, so that the time until the arrival of the rescue service is shortened. In addition, the emergency call is dialed.

The goal is to achieve a fast first aid. Conversely, the help principle of course also applies: If an emergency reaches you from the environment, you become the helper.

A prerequisite for the success of the still young app is the largest possible community: the more users load the app, the greater the chances in an emergency to get help faster.

Download link for iOS

Download link for Android


Bring the creators of the popular app shopping list! have thought about the monetization of their free app. Although about 1 million users use Bring !, a free application must also be fully financed.

One solution: the new partnership with Edeka and Bringmeister. Bring! integrates the online purchase via the delivery service Bringmeister now in the iOS and Android app.

This way, the products you have listed on the shopping list can be ordered directly from the application. The list will be converted into an online purchase. The practical feature, which was first implemented in the Swiss version and now also reaches Germany, can be used for the start in Berlin and Munich.

The delivery takes place the same day to the front door, provided that the order was placed by 14 clock. The delivery times are between 6 and 24 o’clock. Depending on preference, payment is made by bank card, Paypal, invoice, direct debit or in cash at the door upon delivery.

Download link for iOS

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The 7th Guest Remastered

Especially on the extended Easter weekend you have guaranteed time to solve tricky puzzles. That’s why we also have a game tip for you in this issue: “The 7th Guest Remastered” would be just the thing.

Bill Gates called the original “The 7th Guest” the “new standard of interactive entertainment.” After all, the game was one of the first computer games ever released on CD-ROM. The game would not have fit the size on floppy disks. Twenty-five years later, the classic of the Haunted Mansion category has now been released in a completely reworked version.

In the one-person adventure game with point-and-click gameplay, mysterious puzzles in an old mansion have to be solved in 22 rooms. Not only children have died in the old and rotted walls, six visitors who entered the villa, were never seen again. All the more important to get behind the secret of the seventh guest.

The 25th Anniversary Anniversary Edition has received a new menu, a modern storage system and a revised map. If you want, you can also activate the old retro style in the settings.

The game is localized in German and also offers many extras such as the anniversary. a 7th guest novel, an opulent soundtrack, old cut-outs that did not make it to the original version, and a making-of. All content is licensed from the 1994 original developers (Trilobyte). Thus, the overall package is a very atmospheric and scary pleasure.

Price: 6,99 Euro for iOS / 4,59 Euro for Android

Download link for iOS

Download link for Android

Bonus tip for Easter: Komoot

Komoot View Web And App
Komoot is mobile and available on the desktop (Photo: Komoot)

We have already introduced you to the powerful outdoor app for hikers, cyclists, racing cyclists, mountain bikers and runners. The free download regularly contains a region. Each additional region costs 8.99 euros, the total package with all regions worldwide is available for 29.99 euros.

For Easter, the developers have turned to the price screw: The complete package can be loaded by in-app purchase just 50 percent off and thus costs only 19.99 euros. As spring has just begun, regular outdoor athletes have a good opportunity to initiate the download button.

Download link for iOS

Download link for Android

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