Best Apps 2019 – Part 2


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If you work at the desk all day long, you need some distraction. Not wrong, just get up in between a few minutes from your desk and take a few steps through the office. Some people buy a motion sensor for this …

Joking aside, meditation is the perfect distraction if you do not like to move. The app for PC and Windows offers a new mini-game every day of the year. The game from the previous day is then no longer available.

350 mini games are available in minimalist design, from 350 different developers. And there’s no more than five minutes of playing time at any of the games. Five minutes of time that anyone in the office can do without. For inspiration and relaxation.

Price and Availability: free for PC (from Windows 7) and for macOS 10.12 upwards


Picture: IINA

For two years, the video player has been tested in beta, now it was time for the release, which has what it takes to become a serious competitor to the popular VLC player under macOS. The app was coded in the new programming language Swift and is very modern. And above all open source: The code is available on GitHub.

IINA dominates as a media player all popular file types and plays not only local files, but also online streams or the YouTube playlist. In addition to the support for the TouchBar of the MacBook Pro is also a dark mode included. A plugin system makes it easy for you to add more features.

Price and Availability: free on the website

Info for Windows users: If you do not have a computer with macOS, Windows users will find free alternatives such as the RZ PowerPoint Converter or RadLight.

fair trip

Fair trip
Image: FairTrip

Before you book your annual holidays, a little reminder from a new update from FairTrip: As a travel destination, it does not always have to be the hotspots that are regularly overrun. In times of climate change, the creators of the App FairTrip plead for a contemporary holiday beyond lapped tourist paths from five points of view: authentic, green, local, social and just fair. Motto: “Travel guide reinvented”.

Just fairness is an important aspect of the recommendations of FairTrip, a mix of travel guides and social network: Much importance is placed on the accommodations that are run by locals, and especially locals “at a decent wage under decent working conditions” employ. Pluses of FairTrip operators also exist when profits are reinvested locally.

So if you want to make an authentic holiday with a clear conscience, FairTrip should search for interesting ideas. Especially as FairTrip sets a good example: 10 percent of sales are donated to projects in developing countries.

Price and Availability: Free for Android and iOS


Picture: Idagio

When talking about streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music are usually named first. Both offerings focus mainly on rock and pop music, Apple Music is increasingly taking care of the hip-hop and rap scene. Although there are also content for classical music fans on both platforms, these are manageable. As an alternative for friends of classical music Idagio has been offering for some time, which has just received an update again.

A good opportunity to recall: From € 9.99 a month, at Idagio you can listen to curated classical playlists as well as new releases, rarities from the classical archives and exclusive productions – all in CD quality (FLAC ). Even your own playlists can be created in Idagio, all titles are also available offline, if you decide after a free two-week trial period for a subscription. The apps also provide support for AirPlay, Chromecast and Sonos.

Price and Availability: Basic version for Android and iOS for free, subscription from 9.99 euros, also available for desktop computers.


Picture: Kaia

Finally we have an app saving tip today. You just sit too much in the office, you move too rarely and have more back pain? The app Kaia has set itself the goal to relieve back pain holistically. The multimodal pain therapy per app combines simple exercises that can be done easily in an office break, with relaxation exercises and knowledge modules.

In the basic version, the app, which is based inter alia on the expertise of back specialists at the Munich Klinikum rechts der Isar, for a short time free of charge. The full version requires a 1-year subscription. It usually costs 95.99 euros / year. However, if you have good intentions beyond the New Year’s Day, you will receive the 1-year subscription until January 22 with a 50 percent discount for € 47.99 / year.

Price and Availability: Basic version for free for Android and iOS.

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