The best smartphones in all price ranges

Up to 100 euros

1 Lg K9
LG K9 – entry-level smartphone for 90 euros. But it’s worth spending a little more (Photo: LG)

Finding a decent smartphone for the double-digit price is not easy. The currently best mobile phone under 100 euros at Stiftung Warentest is the LG K9 for 90 euros, which at least comes to the “satisfactory” overall rating 3.1.

In the phone function and the stability is even in each case a “good” 2.5 in it. Camera and operation are moderate. And the outdated Android 7.1.2 operating system is no longer secure enough in the long term. It is therefore worth spending a few euros more for a better and more up-to-date smartphone.

Up to 200 euros

2 Motorola G7 Play
It does not just want to play: The Motorola G7 Play is the price tip in the entry-level class (Photo: Motorola)

Current price king among the smartphones is that Motorola Moto G7 Playwhich offers a 5.7-inch HD screen and a usable 13-megapixel camera with 4K video for just 129 euros. There are in the magazine chip the overall grade 2.4. Biggest trump card: The G7 has installed the current Android 9, which leaves Motorola largely unchanged. So also a quick upgrade to the next version Android 10 is expected. This keeps the G7 up to date and safe in the long term. Who needs more battery life, gets for 195 euros with the Motorola Moto G7 Power a very similar model – but with 5,000 instead of 3,000 mAh battery capacity. This keeps most users through two full days.


Top alternative is that Huawei Mate 20 Lite for 199 euros, which despite favorable price in goods test with the overall score 2.3 brilliantly. It’s faster and easier to use than Motorola’s, and has recently been upgraded to Android 9. In the spring, the 20 Lite still cost over 300 euros. But most recently, the price has fallen sharply due to the crisis between Huawei and Google. This is the handicap of all Huawei devices at the moment: no one knows how long they will be provided with Android updates. Anyone who buys a Huawei at the moment is taking some risk.

To 300 euros

3 Samsung Galaxy A7 2018
The People’s Smartphone: Nobody needs a cell phone other than the Galaxy A7 (Photo: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) For 240 euros is the reason smartphone of Koreans – without fascinating new technology, but with everything that a current mobile phone needs. The screen with a very sharp 408 ppi (iPhone XR: 326 ppi), a neat triple camera and a very durable battery provide for the “good” overall score of 2.2 for a product test, and for Chip for a 2.4. Another trump card: The Galaxy A7 can now update to the current Android 9. When purchasing interested parties should necessarily pay attention to the addition “Version 2018”. Because there are occasionally even the outdated models of the A7 from 2015 to 2017 in the trade.

Up to 400 euros

4 Google Pixel 3A
The photo wonder: Google’s top camera with AI is now significantly cheaper in Pixel 3a (Photo: Google)

Here is the new one Google Pixel 3a just turned the smartphone world upside down. It has the same highly acclaimed camera as the 599 Euro expensive top model Pixel 3 on board, but is significantly cheaper with 399 euros. Although the camera has only a single lens – thanks to artificial intelligence and superior night mode but has defeated in tests several times the top models of Apple, Samsung and Huawei. One of the world’s best smartphone cameras is now in a 399 Euro mobile phone. Alternative is that with 350 euros surprisingly cheap LG G7 ThinQTop-screen, first-class camera and high performance chip-to-chip 1.6.

Up to 500 euros

5 Samsung Galaxy S9
Still worth gold: The Samsung Galaxy S9 from the previous year has become a price tip (Photo: Samsung)

The Google Pixel 3a with its top camera is also available in one XLVariant for still cheap 459 euros. Then the screen is 5.6 inches 6.0 inches tall. Disadvantage of both pixels 3a: They only have a barren 64 GB of memory, which can not be extended. Google wants users to save their data online instead – with all the known privacy issues. Those who need more (expandable) memory accesses Samsung Galaxy S9, It was a year ago still the flagship of the Koreans and is now available from 450 euros. For performance, screen and design of the “annual car” from Samsung is still top, see product test score 1.9.

To 600 euros

6 I Phone 7
Seven wins – at least for budget-conscious Apple customers, the iPhone 7 is in demand (Photo: Apple)

Both the current Galaxy S10 top models from Samsung and Apple’s iPhones begin in this price range. The cheapest Samsung version launched in March for 749 euros Galaxy S10e costs after a rapid price drop now only to the 530 euros. It convinces in the goods test in all matters, from the screen to the operation – and is ranked number one in the smartphone ranking with 1.8, behind three other Samsung.

The iPhone 7 is the cheapest smartphone Apple is still selling. With recommendable 128 GB of memory it officially costs 629 euros, but is already around 550 euros in free trade. In terms of technology, workmanship and operation, the iPhone 7 is still top, also gets it in the fall, an update to the new iOS 13. The design with a home button and thick frame around the screen looks dusty.

To 700 euros

7 Samsung Galaxy S10
An update has to fix the screen bug on the Samsung Galaxy S10 as soon as possible (Photo: Samsung)

After the price of initially 899 euros has meanwhile rushed down to 650 euros, is the current Samsung Galaxy S10 currently the best buy tip in this category. Chip and Warentest see the S10 with the scores 1.2 and 1.7 respectively in second place on their leaderboards. Praise for performance, features, screen and camera. Critical are only the not too long battery life and the edge blur in photos.

To 800 euros

8 Huawei P30 Pro
The Huawei P30 Pro is a photo wonder – if it were not for Android (Photo: Huawei)

At 6.4 inches instead of the 6.1 inches of the standard model that is Samsung Galaxy S10 + even bigger in size – and currently the best smartphone for both chip and product testing, with grades of 1.1 and 1.6. The price for the 128 GB variant has dropped from 999 euros to 750 euros.

Top alternative for also 750 euros is that Huawei P30 Pro with a spectacular quadruple camera and tenfold zoom – but also with the well-known concerns about Android. Also from China, but more future-proof, is the new OnePlus 7 Pro from 709 euros, whose extremely sharp screen (516 ppi) is not interrupted by a camera. Because here drives the selfie camera when needed by motor out of the case. Much more unspectacular, but still fast and solid iPhone 8 with 256 GB for 849 euros – the various dealers but already offer from 799 euros.

Up to 900 euros

9 I Phone Xr
Will a kunterbunt: The XR is Apple’s “entry-level” iPhone (Photo: Apple)

With the competition quickly slipping into free fall, Apple has the two most expensive categories virtually in its own right now. For the current one iPhone XR with meaningful 128 GB Apple demands 909 euros, in free trade, however, it already emerges on the 840 euros. The XR is up to date with face recognition and no home button. And it ranks eighth in both chip and product testing with the grades 1.4 and 2.0 as currently the best iPhone. Performance, camera, operation and design convince. Criticism is the not quite up to date image resolution and slow charging – because Apple stingy with the included power supply.

Over 900 euros

10 I Phone Xs
For double earners: iPhone XS and XS Max are good – and expensive (Photo: Apple)

Here are Apple’s latest top models iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max alone on a wide corridor. The most recommendable memory size of 256 GB is available in free trade at XS from 1,200 euros, and the larger XS Max (6.5 instead of 5.8 inches) from 1,300 euros. Chip and Warentest list both models despite top marks in performance, screen, operation, camera and processing not in the top 10. Chip criticized the outdated ports and the moderate battery life.

In the case of a product test, both variants failed in the notorious case test – which is less important for users who buy a case and pay attention to their iPhone. In general, the iPhones are now too expensive compared to the competition, which has caught up technically or even outdated. By far, however, Apple remains the leader in privacy and security of users. Who can wait, does not go wrong: In September, the new iPhones come – and then go down the prices for the previous models.

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