1 million Stories share users daily on Facebook and Instagram.

1 billion Hours a day, YouTuber users watch video content.

1.01 trillion Euro spent consumers in 2018 for smartphones and consumer electronics.

1.1 billion Sometimes the song “God’s Plan” was streamed by Drake on Spotify. This makes the title the most successful streamed song ever.

2.3 billion Users are active on Facebook every month, 30 million of them in Germany, 375 million in Europe.

3 million Businesses use WhatsApp for business chats.

3.5 billion Snaps are available daily at Snapchat.

4.6 billion Dollars (about 4 billion euros) should be high in 2019 for smart home products.

4.7 billion Dollar sales (about 4.1 billion euros) will be made in 2019 with smartwatches worldwide.

5 million Retweets received the Japanese Twitter user Zozotown. This is a retweet record on Twitter. Previous record: 3.55 million retweets.


ZOZOTOWN 新春 セ ー ル が 史上 最 速 で 取 扱 高 100 億 円 を 先 ほ ど 突破 !! 日 頃 の 感謝 を 込 め, 僕 個人 か ら 100 名 様 に 100 万 円 応 【総 額 1 億 円 の お 年 玉】 を 現金 で プ レ ゼ ン ト し ま す. 募 方法す, 僕 を ロ ー を を を を を を を を を を を を を を. す 付 を を を を を は は は は は は は は 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉. Pic tw itter 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉 玉

– Yusaku Maezawa (MZ) 前 澤 友 作 (@ yousuck2020) January 5, 2019

6 percent German smartphone users rely on a Huawei P20 Lite. This makes the device the most successful smartphone in this country, followed by the iPhone 8 in second place.

14.5 million Sometimes WhatsApp 2018 was downloaded from the Google Play Store in Germany. Thus, the Messenger was the most popular Android App 2018 in this country.

16 percent All smartphone and tablet owners regularly use a language assistant.

22 million US Dollars (about 19 million euros) has earned Ryan ToysReview 2018 on YouTube. This makes the channel the most successful video streaming service.

24 percent Germans block online advertising with an ad blocker.

34,8 Mbps – Stuttgart has the fastest LTE network in all major German cities. Taillight: Frankfurt / Main with 10.1 Mbps.

35 percent Germans find voice messages too intrusive.

40 euros Energy costs the PlayStation 3 consumes per year, making it the console with the highest power consumption.

63.5 percent all users whose mobile device was stolen will never receive their device back.

68.1 million Desktops were sold worldwide between October and December 2018, a decline of 2.6 million units compared to the same period last year.

70 percent All iOS devices worldwide run on iOS 12, only 21 percent are on iOS 11 and only 9 percent on older versions.

72.4 percent Market share Google has Chrome browser worldwide. He is the number one browser market by far ahead of Firefox (9.1 percent).

87 million Users pay worldwide for a subscription to the music streaming service Spotify, Apple Music has 55 million paying subscribers.

90 million Pages exist in Facebook.

93 percent According to the GfK study, Germans use one or more mobile devices on vacation.

100 billion Messages are sent daily via Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

139 million People have booked with Netflix.

186 million Active users worldwide are available on Snapchat.

197 Apple sells Apple per second in the world, as well as 40 iPads, 15 Macs, 11 Apple Watches and 10 iPad Pros per second.

272 million Users are regularly active at Pinterest.

325 million Minutes call the Germans a day on average via landline.

326 million active users reported Twitter for the third quarter of 2018

$ 370.50 costs an iPhone X in the making.

590 million Users have created a profile on LinkedIn.

700 million Users are active on Instagram every month worldwide, 15 million of them in Germany.

892 Photos per second are re-uploaded to Instagram.

906 million US dollars (about 797 million euros) were implemented in 2018 worldwide with eSports.

1000 base stations for the new mobile radio standard 5G will be integrated by the providers until 2022.

1500 dollars (about 1320 euros) per second, Apple earns worldwide on average.

65.000 Websites are hacked every day on average.

7900 Alexa skills are currently available to German Amazon customers.

72.000 Search queries are started on Google every second.

2.764.271 Mails are sent worldwide per second.

1.950.000.000 Websites currently exist around the globe.

Sources: Statista, GfK, ESET, YouGov, StatCounter, Dialog Consult, Consumer Technology, Association, Amazon, Priori Data, everySecond, InternetLiveStats, own research.

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