Diversity instead of table tennis: what makes companies attractive to applicants

Motivation, initiative and willingness to learn: That’s how employers recognize a good employee today. But the companies are also increasingly required due to the shortage of skilled workers to show their chocolate side. To do this, they first have to find out what makes them attractive as employers – and communicate that.

Stefan Kraft, CEO at Personalwerk personnel recruitment, explains how digital storytelling in social networks succeeds in giving applicants an idea of ​​the day-to-day work of the respective company.

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HR consultant Stefan Kraft: “Companies must present themselves authentically on all channels”

LEAD: How has the applicant market changed, and what are the main professionals looking for?

Stefan Kraft: The employer market is increasingly turning into a labor market in which, above all, well-trained specialists and executives can choose their jobs. The term skills shortage should be considered very differentiated: Of course, especially in the nursing or IT industry, there are too few skilled workers nationwide. This is especially felt by companies in rural areas. Here, companies are asked to present themselves as an attractive employer and to find and retain skilled workers.


Where can good employees be found and what distinguishes them?

Strength: Good employees are generally characterized by their motivation, initiative and willingness to learn. Personnel who are most suitable for this are often chosen by people who have a gut feeling. Because despite the support of software or artificial intelligence, the human factor is still in the first place in personnel selection.

In the search for new employees, HR departments today should focus on a good mix of measures: In addition to placing job advertisements in suitable online or print media and an attractive career page, they should expand recruiting via social media and other touchpoints where the target group resides , Active Sourcing or Direct Search are now standard on highly sought-after specialists and executives in order to find suitable employees.

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What do companies have to offer today in order to arrive safely?

Power: Even if classics such as the fruit basket or the weekly yoga class seem attractive at first glance, they are not the all-important factor by which employees are persuaded to stay. Employee retention at the emotional level has the strongest binding force: When employees share the values ​​and goals of their company, they are particularly committed to their employer.

Here, too, communication plays a major role internally and externally: only if companies know what makes them attractive as an employer can they convince existing and future employees of themselves.

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What role does diversity play – and how do companies deal with it properly?

Power: Especially for millennials, diversity is one of the most important features when choosing your employer. Diversity management can help companies to establish an open corporate culture that is attractive to both potential and current employees. Many companies even observe that diverse teams are delivering better results. Diversity and equal opportunities should not only be means to an end, they must really be lived. Because if the communicated values ​​do not agree with reality, the applicants are quickly gone.

Looking for the Best Fit: How best to approach applicants today?

Power: Authenticity is the keyword here. Businesses need to be consistent and authentically present – on all channels. The attempt to pretend like a hip start-up company, if it is a down-to-earth, medium-sized company with a heartfelt, yet respectful Siez culture backfires. Rather, aspects should be addressed that are relevant to the respective target group. Employers should take the perspective of potential candidates to find out what they can inspire them to do.

Which platforms are suitable for this?

Power: To select the right media for their recruiting, HR professionals should take a close look at their target audience – how they spend their free time, what media they use. Snapchat and Instagram are popular with younger audiences, LinkedIn more with people who have already arrived in business. Digital storytelling on social networks or on the career side is a great way to communicate the corporate culture and give job applicants an idea of ​​how they work.

How do companies ensure that the applicants really suit them?

Power: Personnel can only partially check whether a candidate fits the company. The specialist departments should always be brought on board, because this can best match the Personal Team Fit and thus estimate whether someone fits into the team.

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