TechDaily: Wisch – and away! Excitement about the new Instagram

Wipe – and away! Excitement about the new Instagram

Instagram wipe
We wisch to apologize: Instagram users do not fancy a new navigation (Photo: Instagram)

It was dramatic minutes and hours on Instagram: Facebook’s photo subsidiary has inadvertently posted an update that has replaced the eight-year-old vertical scrolling in its feed with horizontal wiping à la Tinder. TechCrunch writes of a “shock” to the users, within minutes hailed protests in the social media. Instagram withdrew the change shortly thereafter, apologizing, “Due to a bug, some users have not seen their feed in the normal way, we quickly fixed the problem and apologize for the confusion,” a spokesperson said. According to company boss Adam Mosseri Instagram wanted to test the innovation (which could well come in the medium term after further fine tuning) only for a few users, but then released the update for a much larger circle. How the “Wischstagram” could look in the future, shows the YouTube video.

That was supposed to be a very small test that went broadly by accident. Should be fixed now. If you’re just seeing it, just restart the app. Happy holidays!

– Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) December 27, 2018

Samsung TV with keyboard

Samsung Remote Access
In Samsung, the TV should replace the computer in the medium term (Photo: Samsung)

The totally connected TV – this is Samsung’s TV future. Thanks to the new “Remote Access” feature, the 2019 model year will be much easier and more comfortable to connect with smartphones, tablets and computers than before. This is ensured by new apps for both the TV and the associated devices. In addition, Samsung TVs can also be operated with keyboard and mouse, in order to control installed apps or games better. Apparently, the Koreans see their TV sets long term as a computer replacement in the living room. Thanks to a collaboration with the virtualization specialist VMware, the desktop of PC or Mac could now appear 1: 1 on the Samsung TV.

Every eighth purchase online will be returned

Online Shopping
Return to Sender, Address well known: Reward rates in e-commerce continue to rise (Photo:

Every eighth online purchase (12 percent) in Germany is sent back. Two years ago it was still 10 percent. This has resulted in a survey of the technical association Bitkom. 14 percent of all respondents even drop more than 25 percent of their purchases. “The return quotas are particularly high in special product groups such as clothing and rise from year to year,” said Bitkom expert Julia Miosga. Women send 15 percent above average back. Men are the way to the post office mostly too stupid, with them only nine percent of the purchases end up again at the dealer.

Apple Music 2018 – you heard that music

Apple Music 2018
Almost as chic as Spotify: the retrospective app “Music Year in Review” (Photo: iInnovate)

The Wrapped feature of Spotify, which provides a personal retrospective of the 2018 music heard, was recently a huge hit with the users of the streaming service. In competitor Apple Music is missing so an annual balance. But here comes the unofficial app “Music Year in Review”. It reveals the time that users spent in 2018 with their favorite musicians, delivering Top 5 hit lists and much more. As sophisticated and detail-loving as Spotify’s Wrapped is the Apple Music App, but by no means. Better than nothing.

German mobile network worse than in Poland and Albania

D mobile phone network
Again, only Edge or UMTS: The German mobile network makes grief (Photo:

Bad grades at the end of the year for the German mobile network. According to a study by the Aachen-based consulting firm P3 on behalf of the parliamentary group of the Greens, Germany lags behind the international standard when it comes to coverage with 4G / LTE. Even former Eastern Bloc countries such as Poland or Albania are in matters 4G therefore before the Federal Republic. While in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland, the majority of providers on LTE coverage of over 90 percent, the Telekom is the best tested German network operator only at 75 percent. Vodafone creates just 57 percent, O2 / Telefónica is below the 50 percent mark. The Telekom can do it internationally much better than it shows it in the home market. It comes in Poland and Albania on 80 percent LTE coverage, in Austria to 84 percent, and in the Netherlands even to 90 percent. Detailed results are available here.

The end of the LEAD: Happy New Year!

For the year 2018 this is indeed the end of the LEAD and TechTäglich. We wish you a happy new year and will be back at 11am on the 2nd of January.

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