The Best Gadgets of the Week – Part 7


Trash in the truest sense of the word: The smart trash can for the smart home was just missing, right? Townew looks like a normal garbage can, but he is very clever. The integrated sensors make it possible. These are able to detect objects that approach from a distance of up to 35 centimeters. The lid is then automatically folded up.

Thanks to thermoplastic sealing technology, trash bags are automatically sealed at Townew. Installed is a refill ring with up to 25 garbage bags. At the touch of a button, a new bag is retrieved. The smart trash can runs for up to a month thanks to its integrated battery, without having to reconnect it to the power supply.

Townew is being fully funded on Kickstarter, has already exceeded its target by about 600 percent and will be delivered from September.

Price: from 63 euros

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Eve Aqua

Eve Aqua
Greens stronghold: Eve Aqua irrigates the lawn and garden in a smart way (Photo: Eve)

Smart Home, Part 2, but this time outdoors: Eve Aqua is an intelligent HomeKit Smart Gardening system with timer, remote access and parental controls. One of the advantages: An additional bridge is not needed for operation.

Very freshly Eve (formerly Elgato Eve) has received new features that are controlled via the Eve app:

Up to seven irrigation periods per day make the lawn raging. Irrigation can also be adapted to sunrise and sunset. The schedule can now be paused with scenes, weather forecast, or rain probability. You can also create shortcuts via voice assistant Siri.

Nice side effect: The Eve app is now also equipped with a dark mode.

Price: around 95 euros

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to download the iOS app

beyerdynamic phonum

Phonum Beyerdynamic
The Phonum box is similar in shape to an Amazon Echo Dot (Photo: beyerdynamic)

A meeting. Another meeting. And hey, it’s time to meet again. Who does not know it? And then even the virtual opponent creaks creaking from the conference speakers.

With the Speakerphone Phonum, beyerdynamic, known for its headphones in particular, is not able to reduce the frequency of meetings, but it does provide good sound in the conference marathons.

The conference solution, which excludes feedback, relies on 360-degree technology and three modes that emphasize either the conference speaker or the entire room.

Phonum, also wirelessly usable via Bluetooth, offers a battery for 12 hours – but hopefully none of your meetings will take that long. Good to know: Compatibility with other conferencing applications such as Skype, Skype for Business or Zoom is guaranteed.

Price: 299 euros

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Ever Sense

Ever Sense
The calculated glucose values ​​are processed in the Eversense app (Photo: Eversense)

Digital medicine is developing rapidly. People with diabetes should always keep an eye on their sugar levels. Eversense from Roche Diabetes Care is a commercial system that initially consists of a small sensor inserted into the skin by a diabetologist under the upper arm. The sensor can stay there for up to six months.

Above the sensor, a removable Smart Transmitter, which calculates the current glucose concentration, is placed on the skin. If the glucose level is too high or too low, the transmitter vibrates. The calculated values ​​are prepared graphically and in tabular form in the associated free app for iOS and Android.

To ensure safe data, the system is calibrated twice a day, according to the manufacturer. Further information on the system, the suitability for the type of diabetes and the methodology can be found here. According to Eversense take over now about 80 percent of health insurance costs.

Download for iOS / Download for Android

LEAD shortlist

Other interesting gadgets, mentioned briefly.

Chicken Guard: High tech is also available for chickens! All reading farmers (moin!) Will be pleased about Chicken Guard, the fully automatic door opener for the chicken coop. The doors of the stables are automatically opened or closed at fixed times or adjusted to the light conditions via sensors. Practical: Farmer is looking for a wife – and does not have to worry only about his chickens.

Price: from 115 British pounds (128 Euro)

for order

Segway Ninebot: Segway is also gearing up for the booming e-scooter market and new micro-mobility solutions. For the second half of the year, the renowned provider announced the first street legal electric kick scooter. The premiere will take place at the IFA (6-11 September in Berlin). Prices and specs are still secret.

Segway Ninebot
First time spotlight at the IFA: the Segway Ninebot (Photo: Segway)

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