The Best Gadgets, Part 6

Echo Wall Clock

Echo Wall Clock
Not only in the kitchen, the Echo Wall Clock can create a timer via Alexa (Photo: Amazon)

Do you hear the echo? With ever new echo products Amazon tries to nest in your living room. The latest example: From now on, the Echo Wall Clock, previously available only in the US, can also be preordered in Germany. From 6th of August the delivery takes place.

The smart watch is controlled by Alexa and has timers, alarms and reminders. According to Amazon, it is perfect for the kitchen, as a timer is very useful when cooking. In the children’s room, the screen time for the kids can be limited by clock.

The Echo Wall Clock is powered by batteries. The initial setup takes only a few seconds – it is triggered with this voice command: “Alexa, set up my Echo wall clock.” So synonymous time with the coupled echo synchronized. Colorful LEDs will then indicate the status on the front of the watch. For example, if the indicator is flashing red, the battery level is low. A yellow LED indicates that a notification has been received on the paired echo.

Price: 29.99 euros

to preorder

Elago Watch Stand

Elago Watch I Pod Staender
On the left the watch stand, on the right the original iPod with clickwheel (Photo: Amazon)

The well-known supplier of retro gadgets has a new product in its range: With this new accessory from Elago, your Apple Watch becomes an iPod.

After the Watch stand in Macintosh design, there is now a new combination for case and stand.

Classic and modern combined: even around the display, the menu wheel of the iPod is reproduced. Thanks to the rubberized materials, you do not have to worry about scratches on the Apple Watch.

The funny stand is suitable for all series of the Apple Watch. And serves with me now in the bedroom as an alarm clock.

Price: 15 euro

for order

YI Nightscape Dashcam

Yi Nightscape
YI’s new Dashcam will only be sold in Germany since yesterday (photo: YI)

Many Dashcams have a problem: they work unreliably at night. This is where the new Nightscape Dashcam from the Asian company YI comes in: thanks to a special Sony image processor, it also works in the dark with high precision.

The car camera is also 100 percent battery-free. Neither cool nor extremely hot days should have an impact on reliability, which can only be checked again in winter.

Additional Specs: 140-degree recording angle for less distortion, 60 fps, Full HD resolution with 1980 x 1080p, integrated WLAN module. For control there is the appropriate free iOS and Android app.

Price: 79.99 euros

for order

Bose Headphones 700

Bose 700
The successors of the Bose QuietComfort 35II will be delivered from July 11th and can be pre-ordered (photo: Bose)

Bose lovers have been asking themselves for weeks: when will the successors of the Bose QuietComfort 35II finally be launched? Now there is finally the confirmation for the delivery date. It’s the upcoming Thursday, July 11th.

The bad news in advance: while the QuietComfort 25 at the start cost 299 euros and the QuietComfort Comfort was 379 euros, the latest model now even calls 399 euros. But anyone who swears by Bose will not be put off.

The good news: Bose has completely overhauled the stirrups compared to its predecessor. Stepless turning and moving is now possible. However, Bose renounces the option to fold the earphones.

Also new: the touch surface on the ear cups, four upgraded microphones and an 11-stage noise shield. The package includes a carrying case, a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging and a jack cable. The battery life: up to 20 hours.

Price: 399 euros

to preorder

LEAD shortlist

Good genie: Bayram cools your devices (Photo: Amazon)

Further recommendations, mentioned briefly.

Bayram: Cool tip for hot days. This bar is first brought to the right temperature in the freezer. Then you just put it in your (beer) bottle.

Price: 14,95 Euro

for order

IKEA Symfonisk: There are currently new details about the two speakers that IKEA and Sonos have developed together. From 99 euros it will start priced (remote control 14.99 euros). Start date: Beginning of August, only at IKEA, not directly at Sonos.

Preview Symfonisk

IO Hawk Exit Cross: Everyone is talking about e-scooters. With the “Exit Cross” now a real outdoor e-scooter has received the road approval of the Federal Motor Transport Authority. With a range of 48 km, the car can not only glide over the asphalt, but also easily over sand, grass, gravel or forest roads.

Price: 1099 to 1199 euros / depending on the size of the battery

for order

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