TechDaily: Usedom now has 5G, while Huawei is already working on 6G

5G in the first hotel on Usedom, 6G in Huawei

radio mast
In Germany is not even 5G really on air, meanwhile, Huawei is already working on 6G (Photo: pixabay)

4G not even in the subway lines of the German capital and in rural areas certainly not 5G anyway not at any milk can – but now already 6G: Huawei, currently hewn by the Trump administration on the China pan, has announced , we are now actively researching the next wireless standard in Canada. Respectively 6G. After all, the network equipment vendor wants to become market leader at 6G right from the start. Estimated starts 6G in ten years, a binding standard, of course, there is not yet, but thinking ahead is not prohibited.

Meanwhile in Germany: We are in 2019 after Christ. Indomitable workers stuff 4G radio holes and slowly start the 5G expansion. Vodafone announces itself parallel to the Huawei 6G message with two headlines via press release with us to word:

“5G in Berlin available for customers at first location, two more follow.”


“5G on Usedom: Hotel” Wasserschloss Mellenthin “surfs with the new mobile generation.”

Without further words.

WhatsApp, Facebook & Co .: Pay once but how much?

Whatsapp alternatives
So far, apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and Co. are still available for free (Image: LoboStudioHamburg / Pixabay)

WhatsApp is free, Facebook and YouTube are too. But what if those blockbusters suddenly became paid apps?

A new study of the McGuffin Institute has figured out how many people would be willing to pay for each app usage. Especially on YouTube users would therefore not waive. 72 percent of respondents would pay for the video service, an average of $ 4.20 per month. Even more popular is WhatsApp: 89 percent are willing to pay for the Messenger. However, only 2.38 US dollars on average. More about the Facebook Messenger with 2.52 US dollars.

For Facebook, “only” 64 percent of users would want to pay $ 2.92 a month on average. A drama? No! The analysts of the study have estimated that Facebook would earn even more with $ 2.92 per user than with advertising …

Truphone with new tariffs for the US

What is Esim Bg
Using the eSIM in the US and globally phoning and retrieving data: Truphone makes it possible (photo: manufacturer)

Business travelers and US tourists, noted: The provider Truphone has expanded its range of low-priced data tariffs for eSIM in the iPhone. Such an eSIM can be conveniently booked on the sofa for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR before traveling in Germany. This eliminates the annoying search for a suitable SIM card on the spot.

So far, there was only the US tariff “5 GB for 30 days” for 27 euros. New additions are: 1 GB for 1 day for 7 euros and 3 GB for 30 days for 18 euros. Alternatively, US travelers can book the global Truphone fare: 300 MB for 1 day for 6 euros, 1 GB for 30 days for 15 euros, 3 GB for 30 days for 42 euros.

Even if a local SIM card is cheaper in many cases, you will still save effort when booking from the sofa. From this point of view, a Truphone tariff can pay off again. Good Trip!

E-scooter boom: animal with pitfalls

E Scooter 278276355 Fotolia Peeradon
Does the eRoller provider Animal not comply with our data privacy? (Image: Fotolia / Peeradon)

The e-scooters are booming in German cities. Roll on with discounts: The companies always like to attract new customers with free vouchers. This also applies to the eRoller of animal. With the code FUN new customers are currently receiving the first three trips (15 minutes each) for free. Makes 11.55 euros saving. There is also no activation fee.

However, you should pay attention to this driving pleasure: The Android app is the focus of a data protection debate. The warning was pronounced by the security company Appvisory, Accordingly, the payment option in the app has shortcomings. Thus, the version 3.1.6 is transmitted unencrypted on Android place data from scooters and users. iOS is without mistakes at this point, says Appvisory.

Unlike Android, there seems to be a larger list of flaws: The app allegedly uses a long-outlawed tracking item, the Android ID. Google has been banning use for years because it allows natural persons to be identified. What the security company does not like: The credit card information would not remain in Germany. The payments are managed by US company Stripe on US servers.

Data protectors see red in the Greens

Hello politics
At the weekend, the “Open Day” will take place in the Federal Chancellery and ministries in Berlin (Photo:

With “hello, politics” (download for iOS / download for Android), the federal government is sending an app to the start at short notice. Finally, the Federal Chancellery, 14 federal ministries and the Federal Press Office invite to the Open House on 17 and 18 August 2019.

The app is a guide through the program, published in German and English – in addition to navigation functions, historical information and an AR visit to the Chancellery, there is detailed information on the 700 individual events for interested citizens.

The Greens probably have just less desire for the “Open Day”. According to a study by security experts from the University of Mittweida on behalf of the MDR, there should be greater data protection concerns in the new Green House door campaign app. Among other things, GPS data and house numbers would be stored.

The Greens point out that the terms and conditions clearly state that no “personal data” would be collected. But the researchers do not let up: the local caching of the data is problematic. Similar problems had 2017 already once the CDU, which then aftertook.

The end of LEAD: IKEA, Trump and the rapper

Discover the possibilities behind Swedish curtains! US President Trump and Sweden’s government were in trouble: it was about rapper A $ AP Rocky. He has now been sentenced by Sweden’s judiciary, but may leave the country and does not have to go to jail.

Trump had fiercely campaigned for A $ AP Rocky in search of new friends. Those who have been feted for the rapper’s favor will also see a new “IKEA” user manual posted on the web by the creators of the website. Please follow this “building instructions” before you would in future work for the release of the artist.

Manual V
Guidance on release from custody (Photo:

We wish you a jail-free weekend. Until Monday!

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