“Amazon replaces Google as the largest product search engine”

LEAD: Your agency Remazing specializes in Amazon marketing, how did you get there and when did you realize the need for this expertise?

Hannes Detjen: I lived in Seattle in 2015 and had the opportunity to get to know the Amazon ecosystem there. At that time there were already in the US first agencies with a special focus on Amazon marketing, in Europe, however, the topic was still in its infancy.

In the summer of 2016, we contacted first companies in Germany and the US and immediately realized that there was great interest in providing support in this area. After Google SEO / SEA and Facebook Marketing, Amazon Optimization seemed to be the next big topic. That’s obvious: all three platforms are packed with gigantic traffic, the ability to streamline organic search results, and to place advertisements.

LEAD: WHow relevant is Amazon for German online sellers? What developments are you watching here?

Emil Beck: The importance of Amazon for sellers can be best explained by numbers to the end users: not only 54 percent of online sales are on Amazon, now also begin most product searches (56 percent) on Amazon. Google has been replaced as the largest product search engine by Amazon.


For brands and dealers, it is therefore indispensable in many cases, to be present on Amazon. Amazon is not only seen as a sales channel, but increasingly as an information platform or advertising channel. This is due to new customer journeys, for example, when the end customer is in the hardware store and (who does not know it) there is currently no seller to be found. Then prices, reviews and product information on Amazon, which can be quickly looked up via smartphone help.

On Amazon itself there are different developments: The proportion of sales through the marketplace of sellers is growing, vendors who sell directly to Amazon complain often difficult negotiations. (To compare the two models we have written a blog post) More and more manufacturers are therefore increasingly considering a hybrid model to diversify risks. For traders, it is very challenging to sell successfully on Amazon anyway because of the so-called BuyBox problem (providers of the same product compete with each other in the price).

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Remazing Beck Emil Detjen Hannes
Emil Beck and Detjen Hannes (Image: Remazing)

LEAD: To gain first-hand experience, you sell your own products via Amazon. How did that come about?

Beck: About one and a half years ago, we realized that we can only completely understand the perspective of a salesman if we also see the whole process (sourcing, logistics, taxes) from his glasses. That’s why we decided to source some of our own products and sell them on Amazon.

Our motive is not to build a second foothold, but rather we see this as a “test lab” in which we can experiment continuously. We then use the constantly new insights and knowledge advantage for our customers. Does the image with the lateral product view work better than the one from the front? Does a long title get more or fewer clicks than a short one? How does the Salesrank change with price changes? These are examples of questions we are trying to find answers to.

LEAD: What lessons have you learned from this?

Detjen: In the beginning, we mainly took over content optimization (Amazon SEO) for our clients and saw that there was no good content management system in this area. That’s why we developed our own tool “Remdash”, which allows us to store dozens of rules for each customer, which are then checked automatically.

Then we noticed that content on Amazon is often not uploaded correctly or changed in retrospect. That’s why we’ve developed our software so that it can automatically check the target and actual content on a daily basis. In addition, we can then evaluate data and tell our customers, for example, quite concretely, which price level, product advantages and marketing investment they can be successful in certain categories.

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