TechDaily: Disney buys the Simpsons – and Bart complains

Disney buys the Simpsons – and Bart complains

On the stage where the first Mary Poppins movie was shot in 1964, Disney has now for the first time introduced in detail its streaming service Disney +, which is expected to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV +. Key Facts: Disney + launches in the US on November 12, and the monthly subscription costs $ 6.99. By the end of this year, the new service to come to Germany, 6.99 euros as a price are realistic. That would just undercut Netflix Disney whose cheapest subscription despite the recent price increase continues to be 7.99 euros. Difference: At Disney + 4K and HDR are included in contrast to the Netflix-Sparabo.

Contentwise, Disney confirmed the expected mix of classics from “jungle book” to “Star Wars” and new in-house productions. Future movie hits like “Toy Story 4” are supposed to land at Disney + a few months after their movie premiere, but no longer with competitors like Netflix. Exclusively for its streaming service Disney produces own contents like “High School Musical: The Series”, “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” or the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian”. Similar to Netflix, Disney sorts the content into categories such as “Pixar,” “Marvel,” “Star Wars,” or “National Geographic.” After the acquisition of 21st Century Fox in March, the Simpsons stream in the future only at Disney +. Entertainment Weekly, all 30 season seasons and future episodes of the yellow clan, which in the delicious first Disney video but not yet convinced of the deal. “I do not want to, I do not want to,” Bart complains about his new Mickey Mouse ears – before he as well as the relationship adds little.

Tinder surprise: First time before Netflix

Love is – when Tinder makes more app sales for the first time than Netflix (Photo: SensorTower)

For the first time since the end of 2016, Netflix is ​​no longer the highest grossing non-gaming app in the world. According to a new study by the analysts of SensorTower, the dating app Tinder moved away in the first quarter, pushing the streaming service to second place. Big loser is not Netflix – but Apple. Because the decline in revenue of the streaming service is due to the fact that last December Netflix has canceled the opportunity to pay for its subscription on the iOS App Store. Since then, subscriptions can only be booked through the Netflix website. Netflix bypasses the “Apple tax” – the participation in the app sales, which is usually at 30 percent. However, according to Apple analyst John Gruber, Netflix had a special deal and only had to hit 15 percent. By eliminating Netflix’s in-app subscriptions, TechCrunch says, Apple will lose nearly $ 130 million annually.

Acer: 20,000-dollar computer in wood design

Acer Concept D 900
The Acer Concept D900 is not a humidifier – but a full-blown supercomputer (Photo: Acer)

Such a smart and powerful PC had mass producer Acer from Taiwan never on offer. The ConceptD 900, which Acer now introduced, looks more like a humidifier with a wooden surface. The computer for graphics and music professionals has honestly earned the status of “Supercomputer”. It costs $ 20,000 and incorporates the most sophisticated technology: Two 40-core Intel Xeon Gold processors, Nvidia’s Quadro RTX 6000 GPU graphics card, up to 192GB of memory, two SSDs, five slots for extra hard drives, and six fans. There is only bad news in the design: The production model of the multimedia monster is delivered according to The Verge from June apparently without the wood look, but in Apple-matt black.

Sony will change dirty usernames automatically

Playstation Store
Our PlayStation should stay clean! Sony goes against dirty names (Photo: Sony)

Since yesterday, PlayStation Network customers can change their username for the first time. And the game magazine Kotaku has now found that the Umtaufen can happen even without the help of a member. Because Sony has begun to change overly questionable usernames. Anyone who has gained a gripe alias, will in future automatically missed a provisional name that begins with “Temp”, from “Temp345678” to “Temp902716”. Affected users can then choose a decent other name – so they are not on the PS4 with the stigma of a “Temp” name on the way.

WPA3: So uncertain is the new Wi-Fi standard

Fright on the Mac: WPA3 is not as safe as hoped (Photo:

The new Wi-Fi standard WPA3, which was introduced in January, should make the cracking of Wi-Fi networks virtually impossible. Because while the predecessor WPA2, which currently uses just about every router, the password must be relatively unsafe transmitted to allow devices to communicate, WPA3 uses a new encryption system called “Dragonfly”. Thus, WLAN passwords are so well protected that not even too short or unimaginative passwords for danger – at least in theory.

So far, so Gizmodo, but that does not work as desired. Because researchers from New York, Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv and Belgium have now found out that WPA3 is currently as vulnerable to attacks as the current WPA2. The reason is above all a mode, which brings new devices with WPA3 to connect also with older routers. Hackers can use it to exploit known vulnerabilities of WPA2. The researchers speak of “serious and difficult to solve design problems” in the new Wi-Fi standard, whose worldwide distribution is expected to delay. Conclusion of the experts: “We believe that WPA3 does not meet the standards of a modern security protocol.”

The end of LEAD: Moschino brings Sims clothes

Who did not want to look like the Sims? Fashion designer Moschino makes it possible now – with the first clothes design based on the human simulator “The Sims 4”. CNET introduces Pixel Sweaters for which original game graphics were printed in intentionally modest resolution. The sale starts this Sunday on

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