Allianz Arena as a digital stadium

In the Bundesliga, things are not going so well: only third, nine behind Borussia Dortmund. Nevertheless, the FC Bayern has set back to the top today – at least digitally.

Record champion as a pioneer

The German record champion assumes the pioneering role in the topic of digital stadium. While in other Bundesliga stadiums the tickets are still profane on paper, the Munich create a new way to pay cashless: Together with its partner Hypovereinsbank FC Bayern is the first Bundesliga club that offers Apple Pay in the Allianz Arena ,

“We want to stay state of the art”

Bavaria’s CEO Karlheinz Rummenigge explains the strategy of the association as follows: “Constant renewal and innovation are a hallmark of FC Bayern Munich. We are constantly investing in new technologies so that our Allianz Arena is and will remain state of the art. ”

The fact that the Bavarians are serious about the strategy shows above all: Apple Pay was only launched on Tuesday in Germany at the start – and with Day 1 is also Germany’s most successful football club in the digital payment solution on board.


Apple Pay Bayern Stadium Smartphone
The digital Allianz Arena (Photo: Jörg Heinrich)

When will digital be paid at the Munich Stadium?

Already at the next home game against Leipzig, a Wednesday evening game (19 December), the Apple Pay technology will be used for the first time in the then sold out Allianz Arena.

How digital is the stadium?

Apple Pay Bayern ticket view
Apple Pay: Bayern Ticket (Photo: Jörg Heinrich)

If you own an iPhone from version 6 or higher with iOS 11 or higher or who uses an Apple Watch, you can do without paper. If the ticket is virtually deposited in the “Apple Wallet” app, the device only has to be held on the ticket scanner – and admission is granted.

Thanks to the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology provided by Bayern at SKIDATA, not even the smartphone or the clock has to be switched on. An online connection or the opening of an app is not necessary.

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What advantages does the stadium visitor get?

This provides more comfort when entering the arena, prevents in the future queues and long waiting, when no more each paper ticket must be individually controlled and scanned.

Buy fan scarf or stadium sausage cashless too

Apple Pay Bayern Rummenigge Buys sausage
Rummenigge buys sausage (Photo: Jörg Heinrich)

But not only entering the Allianz Arena is simplified. Even the purchase of fan souvenirs such as jerseys or scarves at the stands or the purchase of the obligatory stadium sausage can be done contactless. So that the conversion succeeds, 250 new payment terminals are ready with the play against Leipzig.

Are there also stadium areas without digital payment solution?

In the blocks themselves, the pretzel or the beer can be paid by the sellers with the Arena Card. But Bayern will also change this in the coming year. Then in the blocks the cashless NFC payment is possible.

What do I have to do as a stadium visitor if I’m not using Apple Pay yet?

Do not worry, the Bayern Arena Card continues to apply. This will allow drinks and sausages to be bought until further notice. But in the long term, the Munich would like to abolish the paper in general.

Rummenigge: “Our goal is to handle ticketing digitally and to be able to do without paper tickets completely in the future. In addition to the highest level of customer friendliness, this measure also makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection and is thus a further step in our sustainability strategy. ”

Until then, if you have a newer giro or credit card with NFC connection, you can pay contactlessly. Printed tickets will be available for the time being. This also applies to the option to print your ticket on paper at home or to buy mobile tickets with a QR code.

Apple Pay Chef Jennifer Bailey Tests Sausage
Apple Pay boss Jennifer Bailey tests Wurstkauf (Photo: Jörg Heinrich)

New celebrity fan

The record champion as a digital pioneer – now Bayern must be in the next step again in the Bundesliga in top form present. On Saturday evening it goes to the relegation candidate Hannover.

The club has already regained a new celebrity fan, who keeps his fingers crossed for three points. Apple Pay boss Jennifer Bailey has also visited the presentation of the digital stadium in Munich today and outed as a Bayern fan. Bailey bought by Apple Pay a red and white club scarf. At the same time, Karlheinz Rummenigge bought a tasty stadium sausage digitally and cashless next door. Folded fast and easy.

Now it only has to work with a win in Hannover. On the green grass, mental instead of digital …

Collaboration: Jörg Heinrich

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