The Best Apps of the Week, Part 37

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft had a lot to do. But now the retooled version of the task scheduler “To Do” is available in the App Stores. Watering flowers, handing over tax documents, cleaning up the laundry, and finally calling Grandma Luise again – everything that needs to be done day after day is contained in the clearly arranged and easy-to-organize task lists in the app. “To Do” has its roots in the Berlin app “Wunderlist”, which Microsoft took over in 2015. But only now comes the functionality slowly approaching Wunderlist. Among other things, in version 2.0.1. Define wallpapers and colors for each list. Users can drag entries between lists. And with “My Day” there is a clever daily planner.

With this, Microsoft hopes to finally be able to motivate unruly Wunderlist users to switch to their own task app. The almost legendary Berlin app still has so many fans that Wunderlist founder Christian Reber would now prefer to buy it back. He fears – probably not wrong – that Microsoft Wunderlist completely replaced by “To Do” and want to switch off in the medium term. Only a few days ago, Reber tweeted how he would bring Wunderlist after a buyback to the state of the art – including with more speed, with team-wide cooperation and as an open-source solution. Sounds like a lot of work. But she would at least be well organized with Wunderlist.

Price Microsoft To Do: Free

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Vetevo – your animal health

Meaningful, but not worth 9.9 million euros – the Carsten-Maschmeyer conclusion on the veterinary app Vetevo (Photo: Vetevo)

No “Cave of the Lions” issue without an app that makes either Tech-nerd Frank Thelen and his fellow lions either enthusiasm or horror. This Tuesday was about “Vetevo – Your Animal Health” – an app for dogs, cats, horses or other animals that should help owners to keep track of the health of their pets. In the app, health data and other important information such as vaccination appointments can be saved. Via Vetevo, users can book vet appointments or order sets for their own examinations such as stool samples. In some cases, this may even replace the vet visit.

The VOX lions found the “digital veterinarian” of the founders Mareile Wölwer and Felix Röllecke to be great – but were shocked by an imaginative rating of 9.9 million euros and almost indecent profit margins. At a production cost of 1.20 euros, Vetevo sells its test kits for up to 39 euros. “That’s almost like in the cocaine trade,” marveled ex-ProSieben boss George Kofler. In the end there was no deal for the veterinary app, which can be very helpful for many pet owners. The user does not have to buy the test kits for the price for the usurious.

Price Vetevo – Your Animal Health: Free

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Slipped, ankle sprained, or completely exhausted – hiking and scrambling in the mountains can be enormously dangerous right now in the fall, when the weather is no longer ideal. Anyone who needs help generally calls the local mountain rescue service, if there is a reception. But that’s the beginning of new problems: which mountain rescue is in charge? And how do I reach them? In addition, many smartphone owners do not even know how they can locate their current position via GPS and transmit it to the mountain rescue service. Because these data facilitate and accelerate the search for people in trouble.

These problems the new app “SOS EU ALP” now wants to eliminate once and for all. It determines the location of the person seeking help by GPS, connects it with the right forces on the basis of it and at the same time transmits the current position. The app with the red field “Report emergency” is easy to use even for people who are in a panic. It was developed jointly by authorities from Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol. She has now presented, among others, the Bavarian Minister of Agriculture Michaela Kaniber, who is also chairwoman of the Bavarian Board of Trustees for Alpine Safety. The SOS app not only helps with mountain trouble, but also calls fire brigade, water rescue or other emergency services when needed.

Price SOS EU ALP: Free

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NBA 2K20

In terms of football matches, “FIFA 20” by Spieleriese Electronic Arts can not be beat. In basketball, on the other hand, US developer 2K has traditionally been in the lead, with its new hit “NBA 2K20” just released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. And there is also the game as an app for iOS and Android. Contained is, among other things, a career mode in which it has to create its own image from college to the professional league NBA. New is “Run the Streets”, which sends players around the world in 3-on-3 games in spectacular streetball games.

In five NBA stories, players experience the story of legendary basketball stars. And in Manager mode, they can take control of an NBA team, from sports to finances. The scope is huge. Nevertheless, in-app purchases of up to € 54.99 remain more than annoying. Because at this price, there are NBA 2K20 in even higher quality even for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Price NBA 2K20: € 6.99 with in-app purchases between € 1.09 and € 54.99

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Love Island
Insulaner sucht Frau: The intellectually manageable RTL II dome “Love Island” is also available as an app (Photo: Fusebox Games)

Other interesting apps, mentioned briefly.

Love Island The Game: The stranger-shimmy flirting “Love Island” now runs four days a day on RTL II – and immediately found an amazing 890,000 viewers. If you can not get enough of the amorous trash, you can even find your own flame via a game app and hopefully not burn your fingers.

Price Love Island The Game: Free with in-app purchases between 1.09 Euro and 64.99 Euro (!)

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M-sense – Migraine & Headache: Headaches and migraines can make your life hell. The App M-sense does not relieve the pain, but at least can help those affected to cope better. On board are, among other things, a headache diary, tips on therapies and analysis, which may trigger the pain. M-sense made it into 2018 and 2019 in the list of Apple’s “favorite apps”. Currently in September, in-app purchases cost half.

Price M-sense – Migraine & Headache: Free with currently reduced in-app purchases between € 4.49 and € 44.99

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