TechDaily: Samsung buries the DVD

Samsung buries the DVD

Samsung Blu Ray
If you can not remember how to write “Blu-ray” (like us), you do not have to learn it now (Photo: Samsung)

The first films on DVD were released in 1997, ten years later, the Blu-ray made for the first time for HD images. And now the discs are slowly taking their leave – superseded by the superiority of streaming services, Netflix or Amazon Video. Samsung has now announced as the second manufacturer after Oppo to publish in the US no new Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray players more. The rest of the world market is likely to follow in the foreseeable future. Samsung has released its last new player in the US in 2017, and there were no new devices last year. The development of a new 4K-Player of the upper class was stopped according to CNET now. Sales of movie DVDs fell 11.5 percent year-on-year in the US alone in the third quarter of 2018. And the best-selling devices with Blu-ray drive are now the game consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – but their owners often no longer watch movies on DVD.

New from Apple: Giant MacBook, giant display

The Apple oracle has spoken. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, usually the most reliable source of news from Cupertino, has made fresh forecasts. And below that are two surprises. Kuo, says The Verge, expects 2019 with a completely new design for the MacBook Pro series. And this should include a model with a display between 16 and 16.5 inches, which is aimed at graphic artists and other professional users. That would be the largest Apple notebook since the setting of the 17-inch MacBooks 2012. Even much more screen space is to offer a 31.6-inch monitor with 6K resolution, the Kuo has also spotted in his glass ball. This display comes – in contrast to the recent cooperation with LG – again by Apple itself. In terms of iPhone XI Ming-Chi Kuo has less exciting thing in store. His predictions: Triple camera, frosted glass back, better navigation in buildings, continue to Lightning connection and the possibility that the iPhone in the future will supply other devices with wireless power. The AirPods would be suitable candidates here.

Twitter never deletes direct messages

Twitter Dm
For all who would have liked to keep the DM – on Twitter’s works (Photo: TechCrunch)

They have come to stay. Twitter apparently stores direct messages for years, which have long been deleted by the users. And even the DMs of already deactivated accounts retains the short message service. That’s what security specialist Karan Saini found out. He has requested all the data that Twitter collected about him. In the data set he found the long-deleted messages that should not exist anymore. TechCrunch confirmed the discovery in their own experiments. Among the finds of the US magazine was, among other things, a conversation in 2016 with a long-abandoned Twitter account. Conclusion of TechCrunch: “Deleted on Twitter means far from deleted.” This is alarming, for example, for critical journalists and activists whose – allegedly – deleted messages remain intact and can fall into the hands of governments who request user data on Twitter for years to come.

The Fortnite weapons – now in real life

Fortnite gun
Baller Baller: The Fortnite weapons are now in the trade – for children 8 and up (Photo: Hasbro)

The US weapons offspring gets new toys. Hasbro will launch eight weapons from the hit game “Fortnite Battle Royale” on March 22 as real models. Among them is the top version of the “Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster” for $ 49.99, which, according to Hasbro website for children from 8 years (!) Is suitable. Cheaper is the “Fortnite TS Nerf MicroShot’s Dart-Firing Blaster” for $ 9.99. The comic guns that shoot arrows are among the nerf kid weapons of Hasbro, which are extremely popular, especially in the US. Cautionary note for the Ü8 target group, Hasbro: “Do not aim for eyes or face!”

Worry for Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence too intelligent

Elon Musk Ai
AI skeptic and AI financier Elon Musk has problems with too good software (Photo: Tesla)

Electric car guru and visionary Elon Musk has long been regarded as a skeptic of artificial intelligence, which he potentially sees as the “greatest existential threat” of humanity. Nevertheless, he supports AI research, including with the non-profit organization OpenAI. There, the researchers have now developed a software to complete human sentences that works so spookily good that OpenAI has stopped the publication for the time being. The program called GPT-2 is intended to predict which word a human will next type in order to facilitate text input. The software has proven to be so accurate that it can create even long and complicated texts completely convincing. For example, with the opening of George Orwell’s “1984”, GPT-2 has formulated its own frighteningly successful version of Orwell’s end-time text. Now researchers funded by Elon Musk fear that the software can be misused to fake texts, spread phishing emails or manipulate readers. They want to investigate possible effects and have therefore initially published their research in a version that does not contain complete information about how it works. What is known, according to Gizmodo: GPT-2 was trained with 40 GB of data from eight million websites.

The end of the LEAD: spam flour

Who was on the weekend on Twitter was flooded with spam flour. A post about an unopened flour package weighing only 989 grams instead of the printed 1000 gram led to the latest absurd social media phenomenon under the hashtag #Mehlgate – the proven insults, conspiracy theories, sexism and racism included. The simple explanation for weight loss hardly played a role: In the course of storage, flour loses moisture and thus weight. Who missed #Mehlgate has missed nothing. On Monday morning, the Twitter hype from the weekend seems already dusty.

Twitter on. # Flourgate
Twitter too.

Humanity is dying faster than I thought

– Nerdctrl (@ChiefJudy) February 18, 2019

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