The Best Apps of the Week, Part 40

mail Butler

mail Butler
Extension Mailbutler makes daily mailing much more productive (photo: manufacturer)

The high nobility makes a butler in the house, but we have at least a butler for the mails. The software extension Mailbutler is now also available in a mobile version for iOS and Android.

And this butler is very practical: on smartphone and tablet he is the information center about all the activities that Mailbutler controls on the desktop computer. The extension reports, for example, when (and when) a sent mail was read by the addressee. It also allows you to move your mail thanks to “read later” or “send later” and offers tons of templates.

All in all, very productive, and next to it also mobile. Means: On smartphones and tablets Mailbutler users are now also informed by means of push notification in real time, for example when an email is opened.

Still can be written in the mobile app no ​​mails, but only keep in mind. But the Berlin developers are also working on this function. Mailbutler itself requires an account or subscription on the desktop.

Price iOS app: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android


Motif photo book
Wedding, Holiday, Party: Photo books are a lasting memory of the most beautiful moments (Photo: Motif)

Just back from the autumn holidays? Then a photo book could keep the memories of your vacation alive. Apple has long since adopted its own solution for photo books, for the Mac but the app Motif certified and recommended.

Many users have wished that they do not always have to start the computer to create a photo book. Motif fulfilled this wish this week and launched an iOS app.

The principle remains the same as on the Mac: The app requires access to your photo library and then uses algorithms to group images together as effectively as possible based on events and days. From this you create a photo book, select the appropriate theme or layout, arrange the book by drag & drop, edit the images with effects or zoom and then order the finished product with a few clicks. Very intuitive, especially on the iPad.

Prices: The hardcover issues start at 21.99 euros, depending on the page number; the soft covers are already available from 8.99 euros.

Download for iOS / Download for MacOS


Alternative to Trello and Co .: awork is available as a web and app version (screenshot: Gronau)

Trello? Of course, everyone knows. But awork? The collaboration tool has flown through under my radar so far. But as more and more colleagues drew my attention to awork, I took a look at the program myself – and I’m pleased.

The project planning tool was initially only available on the Web. Meanwhile, there is also the right app. It enables the creation of various projects – for teams of up to a maximum of 10 members, several features can only be used for free – and the management of the project status. Write down ideas, create due dates, annotate notes, this works on- and offline. The changes are seamlessly synchronized between the web and app versions. In addition there are team chats, notifications and options for working time recording.

And with all features: The app is also visually very appealing and modern. Which is important if you have to work with her every day.

to the web version / to download for iOS / to download for Android

Call of Duty Mobile

Deathmatches, zombie action – the first-person shooter Call of Duty is cult in the scene. Even if I prefer other game genres myself: The game has earned a mention today, because publisher Activision has re-released the crowd puller as a mobile version.

With 1.5 GB you need quite a lot of space on your smartphone or tablet for download, to play an internet connection is necessary. Game controller support is not available yet.

The game is played in multiplayer with up to 100 opponents from the net. Also a fast fight “5 against 5” in the team death match is offered. The game is controlled by virtual D-pads. The left thumb controls your movements, on the right side the weapons are used.

New characters, gear, weapons or outfits can be unlocked during the “storyline”. In the US, the game has been around for a longer time. There it comes to nearly five stars at around 1700 ratings.

Price: free / in-app purchases

Download for iOS / Download for Android

LEAD shortlist

Other interesting apps, mentioned briefly.

Apple Arcade: It’s almost a tradition in this column. Every week there are game recommendations for Apple’s new Game Streaming service (1st month free / thereafter 4.99 euros every 4 weeks). Worthy of note this week: Card of Darkness and possessions.

Pixelmator Pro: The powerful macOS photo editing software allows for a short time the cheaper conversion from the old to the new version. As an existing customer, you will receive the fresh version at the discount price. I have added 31.99 euros for the change. The new version actually costs 43.99 euros.

to the Pixelmator Pro Update Bundle

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