“The infatuation phase in influencer marketing is over”

Farina Opoku aka “Novalanalove” is one of Germany’s most well-known and successful influencers with 864,000 Instagram followers.

“I did not know what I was doing in the beginning. I worked in a boutique in Cologne, took pictures and in fact many clients followed me “, Farina Opoku tells the guests in” The Flushing Meadows “in Munich. “The community got bigger and bigger and all of a sudden the questions came up: ‘How do you style your hair or make-up and where do you get the clothes from?'”

Nearly $ 500 million was burned with fake followers

Influencer Farina Opoku at the Speaker Event in Munich (Photo: Media Impact)

Today, Farina Opokus is a beloved face of various campaigns and brands, who like to benefit from the fame of Cologne. “At Farina, followers have grown organically,” says Managing Director Jörn Mecher of the Influencer Marketing Agency Intermate.

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Certainly not a matter of course. “A new study says that in recent years, nearly 500 million dollars have been burned with fake followers,” said Mecher. That’s why Intermate checks very closely where the followers of the supposed influencers come from and whether they have striking peaks. If 20,000 new fans were added on one day, it would be suspected that they were “bought for 39.95 euros on Ebay”. Accurate analysis of active followers makes Instagram bots relatively easy to identify. “The names are often not very creative and the relationship between followers and subscriptions is unbalanced.”


Can influencers authentically adapt brand ideas?

That the influencers are “real”, but not enough. “It’s about the personal stories, the challenge to identify the right person for the right campaign and to get in touch with it quickly.” After all, according to Mecher, the concepts were not to be worked out in the ivory tower, but in direct consultation with the influencers. Important questions here: Are the brands of interest to the influencers and can they adapt the idea in such a way that their community starts it?

“In the end, one person helps the other,” says Stefan Mölling, Sales Director Digital of the marketer Media Impact – meaning that influencers benefit from big brands – and vice versa. “With almost 40 million unique users, we do not suffer from a lack of self-confidence among boys and girls from Axel Springer. But especially among the young target group, influencers help enormously. “For all relevant influencer campaigns, Media Impact has been using the” primal humans of influencer marketing “by Intermate since May 2018.

How this help can look like Mecher underpins with concrete numbers. Together with Media Impact, the company recently placed an influencer on the cover of a magazine – sales increased by 25 percent. In addition, they are increasingly relying on the strategy of content extension via the channels of influencers. “There are examples where these extensions perform better by 400 percent. We believe in social media content from social media creators in the social media environment. ”

“There’s more to come”

Mecher is certain that the influencer journey will continue: “Today we have a significant share of media budget, which is shifted to influencers.” The peak is far from being reached, “there is more to come”. For the future, the Managing Director sees above all long-term campaigns between brands and influencers. “We are beyond the first infatuation phase in influencer marketing,” says Mölling. “Now everyone knows exactly how it works.” In addition to the long-term view, he sees the professionalism in the focus of major campaigns in the future. Businesses wanted accurate facts and figures. They did not want to shoot any longer, but know their effectiveness. A requirement that would be served by the partner agencies Media Impact and Intermate.

Although more and more money is flowing into influencer marketing, whoever plans today to live off Instagram & Co. tomorrow will have a hard time, according to influencer Farina Opoku. “This is a different intention than the will to deliver really high quality content to followers.”

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