Messenger communication is not a rocket science

I go to the gym regularly! So, since January and if not too much to do, I even manage to do it once a week (or not often). An intent at the beginning of the year to become a better person.

And since sport is so great, I want it too. By the way, many others with me. The gym is (still) crowded. While the regular sports are routine and virtually no sweat for an hour on the treadmill, are the “from now I often do sports” people easily recognizable. Completely impractical or brand new running clothes, red head and pained face. Greetings occasionally, you see each other now often.

Some other intentions, however, I have succeeded quite well and have been successfully implemented. I think the key is not to spend too much at one go and set clear goals.

What do you want to achieve?

This is exactly how getting started with messenger communication! If you want to start with WhatsApp in 2019, then you should not discuss strategy for three more months now.

“If You’re Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late.”

The said Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn.


If you are satisfied in the beginning, you are too late. Messenger marketing is not a rocket science. Since almost everyone uses WhatsApp, you are already familiar with the medium private anyway.

The green or the red pill?

Both! Because the goal is to communicate.

Now you just have to think about how you want to use that for your business. There are two main forms that are strongest in combination, of course. But as I said, let’s start small!

You always have great stories to tell about your products or brand and want to interact with your target audience? Facebook and Instagram punish you but now with low organic range and your interaction rate has long seen no increase.

The solution could be: 1: 1 communication with your target group via messenger. Here, the relationship is the same familiar and the so-called Dark Reach can also boost your digital metrics again. More than 60 percent of Germans prefer to share interesting content via WhatsApp, not via Facebook or Twitter.

Playful interaction is not your thing? Do you prefer to give advice and support to your customers when they have questions? And what are they talking about all day? Messenger, exactly!

Both ways are started quickly. As a next thought, think about who should promote the topic in your company. The best is always an interdisciplinary small group from different departments. Then you have all the interests at the table right away.

Then you’re looking for a topic (really only one!) That you would like to tackle via WhatsApp. At ProSiebenSat1 back then, it was a TV program that ran for 14 days and where we experimented and learned. Then there was a workshop where all the know-how was gathered; then the theme was adopted for six more TV programs.

It is also important to set goals in order to be able to judge in the end whether the action was a success. Here are a few KPIs and tips on how messenger marketing adds value!

Lead 4 Usability Ux 1200X1200

Customers love it comfortably

It has long been no longer enough to just delight customers. You have to focus on the habits of the user in order to be successful. Can chatbots, dashbots and wearables help? Yes, but not alone. The user experience just has to get better. How to do that is shown in the LEAD Bookazine 4/2018!

Order now

No moss

You have a use case, who knows who it is, for which topic and have a goal to achieve? Excellent! Then you need 5000 Euro play money for the application and playing of the channel and three months to try it out. This is also about the period in which the gyms are emptying again. If you are still active then you are one of the winners in 2019!

You want to know more? Matthias explains the use of chatbots and provides ideas for their own campaigns at Crashkurs Digital Marketing this April in Munich and in Hamburg.

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