Do you still know? With nostalgia content to social media hit

Whether Disney’s jungle book, the toy Furby or certain types of ice cream – some things immediately wake up childhood memories. This is exactly where Cormes GmbH comes in. Under the umbrella brand she runs several theme portals such as “Die 90er! Do you remember … “or” I’m not old I AM RETRO “. Especially on Facebook, the young media brand with nostalgia content reaches such an audience of millions.

As Thomas Weigel the Facebook page “The 90s! Do you remember …? “Starting in 2008 as a small hobby project, he does not yet suspect the potential in the nostalgia topics posted there. For eight years he runs the page alone for fun. After he tells his friends Christof Szwarc and Martin Schottstädt about the growth of the reach, everything happens very fast. Szwarc is managing director of the Berlin-based digital agency Cormes GmbH and is taking over the project “You Know Yet” in June 2016 – including Thomas Weigel as Chief Content Officer.

Since then, the former fun project has grown into a media start-up that seeks to cover various sub-categories in the nostalgic niche. The origin page “The 90s! Do you remember … ..? “Now comes to around 980,000 Facebook fans,” Our childhood of the 60s 70s 80s “has over 340,000 fans,” The 80s! Do you remember? “Over 200,000 fans, closely followed by” I’m not old I AM RETRO “with 195,000 fans and” Die 2000er! Do you remember? “With 190,000 fans. “The 70s. Do you still remember? “Then comes only to just under 38,000 fans, the general page” Do you remember? “At just 23,500.


After Facebook should now follow other platforms

In addition to the Facebook pages, the homepage serves as a landing page for content that does not end up as a photo, video or instant article on Facebook. According to the statistics tool Similarweb, the site generated just over one million visits and almost 700,000 unique visitors last July. What also stands out in statistics: over 90 percent of the traffic is mobile. Indirectly these numbers and values ​​come from itself – the makers have linked the evaluation with their own Google Analytics account.

Similarweb Do you still know 80Er 90Er Omr Traffic
Traffic statistics for in July 2018 (Source: Similarweb)

In addition to Facebook accounts and the website, there are also two Instagram profiles and a YouTube account. But most of them are still very small: The larger Instagram account comes to around 57,000 subscribers, the smaller follow just 7,400 subscribers; YouTube has just over 2,100 subscribers and around 630,000 plays. “This is a bit historical,” explains Thomas Weigel in an interview with OMR. “Originally from Facebook, we grew up there. The other platforms are now being successively approached. “

The enormous relevance of Facebook for also shows data from the social media tracking tool Storyclash. According to this, almost 95 percent of all cross-platform 1.6 million interactions on Facebook came about last July. Videoviews are even more noticeable. Almost all of the almost 19 million views in July 2018, ie around 99.95 percent, come from Facebook.

So tests content and builds reach

In order to identify suitable topics for the different sides and to play them out in such a way that they reach existing fans and at the same time generate new ones, the team uses different mechanisms. “Basically, of course, content, and good content, is the key,” Thomas Weigel told OMR. “In order to find out which content might work well, we are very analytical and try and test a lot.” This happens, for example, in their own Facebook groups such as “Do you remember? – Nostalgia Group “with over 35,000 members. “We get proactive ideas directly from the community, but we can test formats specifically for the most active fans,” says Weigel.

Still, with Nostalgia Content Go to Social Media Star Omr Online Marketing Rock Stars
The performance of all accounts in July 2018 (Source: Storyclash)

In addition to such organic tests run according to Thomas Weigel parallel A / B tests, so paid Facebook ads to posts, surveys or quizzes, which are compared with different teaser texts or photos. “We invest about 500 to 1000 euros per month,” says the Chief Content Officer. “And in the end, of course, we analyze our daily content with our own tools and with the usual external providers such as Google Analytics, Storyclash or Veescore.”

Classic monetization, branded content plus own product development

When marketing the million-range in the nostalgic niche, the team uses all the usual levers. On the website run classic display and video ads on Facebook run every now and then Instant Articles including ads and for a variety of brands, the company implements branded content campaigns. Currently advertises by visual statement, for example for the sporting goods retailer Runnerspoint. The links to the shop are also deposited in the bio of both Instagram profiles. More campaigns were already running for R + V Versicherung and the video game “Tekken”.

Also brand new are their own products, which has brought together with partners on the market. For about a month, a double CD with hits of the 90s on both Amazon and in retail, available. “When selecting the songs, we have heavily involved the community. She was able to choose from 80 songs and around 30,000 users voted, “says Thomas Weigel. Since August 2, there is also a cookbook with dishes from the childhood of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Both products stand for exactly what is made of, says Weigel. “It’s about every post to activate positive memory. The products are then almost a best-of. “Although sales figures are not yet available, but you are on the right track.

Will you remember? to “did you know?”

Although Cormes GmbH still acts as an online marketing agency, is meanwhile the largest internal project. 15 of a total of 25 employees are currently involved. “Originally, we are a classic performance marketing agency with a focus on social media, SEM and SEO,” says CEO Christof Szwarc. “Since we act in this case but rather as a small incubator.” The nostalgia project, which is completely independent, this year for the first time reached the profit zone. Revenues are always reinvested directly, possibly soon in an internationalization. Szwarc says: “Overall, the competition is of course gigantic and big publishers like Buzzfeed & Co. are playing the theme more and more. But we are very well positioned. “By the way, there were already some takeover bids, but that would not be an option at the moment. “We listen to everything and a strategic partnership could make sense. But at the moment we want to continue to grow on our own, “says Christof Szwarc.

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