Zettelwirtschaft adé: This is the digital receipt

Countless purchases are made every day and services are paid – and there are just as many receipts. A few are kept, for example, to ensure the guarantee or to settle the sum later at the tax, but most Bons clog the wallet and then immediately go to the trash.

Receipt paper is coated with a harmful chemical

This is not only unnecessary, but also bad for the environment and health. According to the German Federal Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND e.V.), 14 out of 19 receipts are made of thermal paper. This should be banned by the EU from 2020 because of its coating with the harmful chemical bisphenol A from 2020. In addition, it would have to be disposed of with the residual waste, but is usually thrown into the waste paper; By recycling pollutants get into the environment.

And in the age of digitization it is still absurd to be able to do without ballast like cash, cards and purses with the trendy mobile payment, but then carry around receipts in your pocket and collect them in a box at home.

Admin Shopping With Digital Cash Receipts
All shopping lists can be retrieved paperless in the app (Photo: A & G)

With the software admin of Bremer A & G GmbH, receipts no longer have to be printed out. If a merchant has admin integrated into his POS system, you can simply hold your smartphone at the cash register or at a scan column in the store via the transfer station – the receipt is already stored in the cloud. Contactless acknowledgment works via near field communication (NFC) or alternatively via QR code.


You can access the digital receipt at any time. It contains all the required purchasing information and can be sorted into a folder at the touch of a finger. Through various filter functions, it is easy to find again. You can also share this mobile digital archive for sales receipts with your partner, your company’s accounting department or tax accountant.

Speaking of tax consultants: In admin also an intelligent tax software is integrated. She searches the documents for tax deductible purchases, asks you if you want to sell them and then deposits them directly on a tax list. So no receipt with monetary benefit is lost more. Another additional function is the reminder of expiring guarantee documents.

The app admin is available for iOS and Android for free. In the future, the project will be financed by the fact that the dealers pay a small amount per cent for each transferred receipt. “Traders save money on paper, paint rollers, equipment maintenance. The costs will be significantly lower than those that are currently due for paper bills, “explains Amir Karimi, one of the two managing directors of A & G GmbH.

Admin business
The paperless documents can be managed in folders (photo: A & G)

You are currently looking for partner companies across Germany who offer an interface to the admin app. “The response is very positive,” says Karimi. Petrol stations, large retail and fast food chains and restaurants were interested, also because the integration was straightforward: they only needed an NFC device and would have to release their interface in the POS system once to A & G so that the developers set up access to admin could.

The business is lucrative: the retailers and the big chains that have already contracted (but do not yet want to be named) admin generate sales of just under € 103 billion a year.

Admin Cafe
For example, expenses can be checked in the café in peace (Photo: A & G)

How expensive an admin station is depends on the size of the order, according to A & G GmbH. The company itself does not deserve the installation of the stations, but the transactions. The bill: puts a dealer on the conventional paper-Bon, he has – including maintenance, paper, printer – costs of about 3 cents each. With admin, the costs would be reduced to 1 cent each.

Admin Release For The Accountant

The argument, which should also convince traders, means: Data analysis. The data of bons of registered users are collected anonymously at admin and made available to the partner dealers – according to A & G GmbH, of course, taking into account the applicable data protection regulations. The processing of the data is DSGVO compliant.

Waiver of user profiles, but analysis of customer flows

With these findings, for example, the range or the marketing can be optimized, explain the developers. Analyzes that shed light on the buying behavior of customers are certainly more attractive to retailers than environmental or efficiency aspects. However, with the sensitive data, which stand on cash receipts, special care is required. Therefore, according to A & G GmbH, no individual user profiles are created, but only customer flows are observed.

Now only enough big partners have to be found with “admin” who have “Bon Appetit” on paperless bons …

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