The Best Apps of the Week, Part 39

AusweisApp 2

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From Monday, the digital identity card can also be deposited in the iPhone (photo:

Already in June, the Federal Interior Ministry had informed that thanks to NFC opening and the German ID card with iOS 13 can be digitally stored on the iPhone. For Android that works for some time.

From now on the AusweisApp2 can be downloaded. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, for construction and home officially declared that “users of Apple’s mobile devices from digital sovereign applications for ID card, ePass and eVisum benefit, for example, in person checks at international airports.” To realize this, Germany and many other states have been in contact with Apple for some time already.

Duty is the digital identity card for Germans, of course, not – but practical.

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Yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail 6 Android Subscriptions
But please with subscription view: Yahoo Mail has introduced a new view for subscriptions (Photo: App Store)

In 1995 the internet was still nice. Young clever founders like Jerry Yang and David Filo were among the stars in the industry when they founded Yahoo’s search engine in the Valley. There is not much left of it today. After various ownership changes, Yahoo is now a subsidiary of the US telephone provider Verizon. And look, he maintains after a long time again his app Yahoo Mail.

Despite a Yahoo mail account I use the official app application itself for years no longer, but as an extra account in Apple Mail or AirMail. I was all the more curious about the changes. Although Yahoo itself is clearly too thick with the claim “The Inbox of the Future”, but the new assets are well thought-out:

The navigation, now found at the bottom of the app, is more intuitive compared to the previous version. The app now also offers significantly more customization options. I really like the personalized push messages. Here you can specify as a Yahoo user, whether the push should be sent only for private or for promotional emails. The new quick access to photos and files works smoothly. The added subscription view (“Subscriptions”) allows you to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters via One-Click. With a subscription view, users can search subscribed emails and unsubscribe from any newsletter with a single click without leaving the app. Pleasant, but not a world first, even if Yahoo claims to be “industry leader” at this point. Other apps can do that, and sometimes much more (read later, etc.).

The bottom line is for the new Yahoo Mail good attitude notes, but not the highest rating, especially since the app can indeed be used with other email accounts, but only with Gmail, Outlook and AOL. AirMail and Spark are already here and include many more email services. Nevertheless, one or the other Yahoo Mail users will be pleased that “his” mail app now looks much fresher and more modern. However, it is also worth remembering that Yahoo’s servers are in the US – and in the past Yahoo was not just a victim of hackers …

Price: free

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Fight the Fieslings: Grindstone is a Pearl in Apple Arcade (Screenshot: Gronau)

LEAD has introduced you in detail to the new gaming streaming service Apple Arcade. Currently, the free trial month is running for interested parties. Reason enough to keep track of new top titles at Apple Arcade. In recent days, “Grindstone” has proven to be a must-have.

Behind the game are the developers Capybara Games, who have been responsible for successes such as Sword & Sworcery EP and Super Time Force. The gameplay in Grindstone is a mix of puzzles and hack’n slash, the sword eliminates monsters of the same color with as long a turn as possible. This is entertainment in the best sense of the word: when the task is done, you have to hurry to the exit quickly and collect the most important items first. Only stupid if you hit a crystal. Then the monsters change color and the three lives can be used up quickly. The game stands syncen thanks to Game Center connection over iPhone and iPad. Predicate: garish, action-packed, amusing.

Click here to download via Apple Arcade


Off to the capital, whether private or professional: In mid-August, Jelbi was worth a LEAD shortlist entry. Anyone who heads to Berlin soon (or lives there) may be pleased that Jelbi has officially left the beta status. The bundle mobility app combines not only public transport, but also e-scooter offers, bike services or shuttle services in a single application.

The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe have worked together with the Lithuanian developer Trafi for this ambitious project. The app has succeeded, even if I ask myself (nothing against Lithuania): Can German developers such an app about not lift, love BVG? Berlin is teeming with start-ups and clever developers ?!

But that is also the only criticism of the app, which will be expanded in the future for more services, because of course, not all providers are on board at such an early stage. By the way: Jelbi stands for “The Yellows” (BVG buses). And even better than the app idea itself, the commercial is used.

Price: free

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LEAD shortlist

Other interesting apps, mentioned briefly.

komoot: The creators of the best outdoor app follow the general trend and now offer a pro subscription. Komoot Premium is optional and costs 59.99 euros per year. If you have already purchased the complete package, you will pay the special price of 29.99 euros in the first year. There are collections, sports-specific maps, tour weather, multi-day planners and discounts on other outdoor sites.

Price: free / one region included

Click here to download for iOS / to download for Android

Home +: The app of the developer Matthias Hochgatterer is the Home app that Apple should have done. Not cheap, but all-encompassing. If you play a lot with home automation, you only need this one app, which has currently received an XXL update to version 4. Brilliant! In the video there’s a 15-minute Deep-Dive for those interested.

Price: 16,99 euros

Here’s the download for iOS

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