TechTäglich: Bayern – social media records thanks #ServusCoutinho

Bayern: Social media records thanks #ServusCoutinho

Philippe Coutinho (pronounced: Kutschinju), Brazilian newcomer to FC Bayern, has earned the nickname “O Magico” in his homeland. For the first time on Saturday, the loan from FC Barcelona will be on the pitch on Schalke. On the Internet, the magic is already working: After the announcement of the transfer FCB celebrated on Monday his most successful day in social media.

Under the hearty hashtag #ServusCoutinho, Munich’s more than 100 million fans around the world, with more than 300 published content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co., reached more than ever in one day. Felix Loesner, social media boss of the German master, is pleased in a tweet over the most successful YouTube livestream of the club history, and over the “most successful post ever on social media with 1.3 million Interactions @Instagram”.

iPhone 11 Pro – first time with a pen?

I Phone 11 Pencil
Madness, why are you putting me in the case? The iPhone 11 could come with pen (Photo: Olixar)

Nobody wants a pen! ” That was the success story of Steve Jobs when he introduced the touchscreen operation of the first iPhone in 2007. Because the best pen, according to the Apple Godfather, we always have it and can not lose it – our fingers. Meanwhile, this credo is no longer valid at Apple. And on the iPad, Pencil has long been established as an excellent input device for writing, drawing and painting. Now the iPhone could “donate”.

After all, accessory specialist Olixar, who has often been right about his prognosis of new iPhones, is preparing for the first iPhones that can also be operated with a smaller Apple Pencil. MobileFun features images of an Olixar leather case for the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max expected in September with a pencil holder on the back. The pen could Apple’s next top models earn the suffix “Pro” and open up completely new possibilities in the operation. That the 20-pound pencil case with the back down would be very wobbly on the table, is a very different story.

From Saturday: Telekom game streaming in the test

magenta Gaming
May the game begin: The test for MagentaGaming starts on Saturday (Photo: Deutsche Telekom)

Deutsche Telekom launches the closed beta test on Saturday at 9 am for its new cloud gaming service “MagentaGaming”. Similar to Google Stadia, the games are calculated on servers in the Internet cloud. The performance of the hardware with the user plays thereby hardly still a role. Interested parties can register at Prerequisite is a landline connection of Telekom with at least 50 megabits per second.

Already at the start of the test to over 100 games are ready, but not counting to the very first category or are no longer completely fresh, including the tank game “World of Tanks”, the interactive thriller “Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter” or RPG “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. MagentaGaming initially runs on PC, Mac, Android and smart TVs with Android TV. At the beginning of the game is only possible in wireless, later the streaming should also work in the LTE network of Telekom. The official launch is planned for 2020.

New from Dell: The computer in the monitor stand

Dell Opti Plex 7070 Ultra
But now Dell! The PC in the monitor stand is a clever new idea (Photo: Dell)

The iMac was the first successful all-in-one computer that made the actual computer virtually invisible. Because the technology hides in the screen. Dell continues to think that way – with the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, a modular PC built into the base of a monitor. The mini calculator runs with Intel processors up to the powerful i7 and supports a maximum of 64 GB of RAM. Only on-board graphics users have to compromise. It connects to any monitor that supports the standard VESA connector. Dell also offers suitable displays.

The big plus of the clever idea, which should save a lot of desk space: If you want to bring your technology up to date, you do not have to replace the entire device, as with the iMac, but you can update the screen and computer individually. And an existing monitor can be easily reused. The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra will be released on September 24, but Dell has not yet announced detailed prices. The only preliminary information: Depending on the configuration of the stand-calculator “average” cost $ 749.

The console with the V: Does this look like the PlayStation 5?

Patent Ps5
V-style: This design of the PlayStation 5 would be atypical Sony-unsuspecting (Photo: LetsGoDigital)

Do we see here for the first time the design of the PlayStation 5? A patent application from Sony has surfaced on the Internet showing a V-shaped device, which is clearly a new game console. The inventor is Sony’s technical director Yusuhiro Ootori, known as one of the hardware designers of the PlayStation 4.

According to the Dutch blog LetsGoDigital Quelle is the Brazilian patent authority INPI. That does not sound like much confidence-inspiring. But the design, which can be seen on the sketch, makes perfect sense. The “V” could stand as a Roman numeral for the PlayStation 5. And the shape would be ideal for the elaborate cooling that the powerful console certainly needs. Whether Sony after the more subtle-threadbare PS4 dares such a striking design? When the next PlayStation 2020 appears, we are smarter.

The end of the LEAD: Apple Card – do not store in jeans or leather!

Apple Card
Best in the safe: The Apple Card is highly sensitive! (Photo: MacWorld)

The Apple Card, which has just been released in the US, is said to be the finest credit card in the world. It is made of titanium, the inscription is laser engraved. The proud owners must be careful. Because Apple has just published care instructions, how to deal with the expensive piece, which now even has its own Twitter account. So the card may NOT be kept in leather or in a pair of jeans. Because the leather or the fabric could discolor the card, and the color never goes away. 😱

In addition, the Apple Card NEVER (!!!) must be stored in a compartment with a different plastic card, because it could scratch. Caring for a credit card – that’s never been. And MacWorld is having a great time with the world’s most sensitive currency. She recommends a portable mini-safe, a separate second wallet or the wrapping in silk for storage.

It lives in the Wallet app. And in your wallet.
Learn more about Apple Card at
For support-related questions, contact @ AppleSupport.

– Apple Card (@ Apple Card) August 20, 2019

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