TechTäglich: After problems – Apple apparently plans a completely new keyboard for MacBooks

After problems – Apple apparently plans a completely new keyboard for MacBooks

Mac Book Button Broken
The “N” is already “written through” on this MacBook Pro (Photo: Gronau)

In the past, some users of the MacBook Pro have had bad experiences with the Butterfly keyboards that have to be fitted shortly: dust and leftover food accumulated in the gaps, keys no longer functioned or were broken through after a few months, or letters repeated themselves meaninglessly.

After various complaints Apple had already promised for the 2019 models “a better keyboard”. Lo and behold, Apple gropes to solve the problem solved: The repairers of iFixit found in a teardown a “subtle change” on the silicone membrane for the keyboard switch. The membrane in the 2019 model was “clearer and smoother”.

Still can not say whether it helps. It must first be zipped eager to make a statement on the quality of the new keyboard seriously. Currently, Apple’s well-wired analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now reported that by 2020 a completely new type of keyboard will be installed in the MacBook Pro; in the MacBook Air, it is expected in 2019. Thanks to the new scissor mechanism, the keyboard should then be able to last much longer. The components are even cheaper than the production of the current butterfly keyboards.

Viewed as such prospective buyers should hold back a bit and wait for the new keyboard.

Bitcoin is a true energy eater

Bitcoin already accounts for 0.25 percent of total world electricity consumption (photo: pixabay)

Researchers at the University of Cambrdige have introduced a new index as an online tool. According to the Cambridge Bitcon Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI), the real-time maintenance of the worldwide Bitcoin network currently consumes more than 7 gigawatts of power and therefore more energy than the whole of Switzerland.

Calculated over the year that is an energy consumption of about 64 terawatt-hours. This in turn consumes more energy than Switzerland consumes during the same period (58 TW).

According to a report by The Verge, Bitcoin accounts for around 0.25 percent of the world’s total electricity consumption. This is as much energy as all tea kettles in the UK would consume over 11 years.

First music cassette player with Bluetooth

Its ok 2
For nostalgics the “It’s ok” is okay (Photo: Kickstarter)

The Walkman has just turned 40. First tape cassettes already reached market maturity in 1958/59. From today’s perspective in the post-CD and streaming era completely absurd, as people like me then enthusiastically recorded songs from “Mal Sondocks hit parade” or the legendary WDR-2 hit rally on tape. In the belief that it would never be better technically in this life.

Seen so surprising that it took after all 61 years, until there is now the first player for music cassettes with Bluetooth connection. NINM Lab finances his idea fresh from Kickstarter. In addition to Bluetooth 5.0 is also a 3.5-mm headphone jack installed in the cassette player.

Starting at $ 63, the equivalent of around € 55, nostalgics can now pre-order the part called “It’s OK”.

Hybrid Leads go!

Ms. Roald Amundsen
Clean performance: The hybrid ship travels 45 to 60 minutes with one battery charge (Photo: Hurtigruten)

Silent and emission-free: The Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten launched the first hybrid cruise and expedition ship, the “MS Roald Amundsen”, named after the explorer who first crossed the Northwest Passage at the beginning of the 20th century.

Although diesel hybrids already exist on Fehmarn and in Denmark, Hurtigruten goes one step further. The 140-meter-long ship has just completed its maiden voyage and can drive 45 to 60 minutes purely electric. The “MS Roald Asmussen” is used on the Norwegian coast and later in the Arctic Ocean. According to a report by Golem, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by up to 20 percent compared to similarly sized ships.

In 2020, another hybrid ship from Hurtigruten will be completed with “Fridtjof Nansen”. For the sake of the environment, it would be perfect if other shipping companies follow suit. Then residents of cities like Venice, which have been polluted by cruise liners of conventional engine types for years, could finally breathe better.

Cirque de Soleil: App is apparently the purest circus

For months the Cirque du Soleil has been touring the world with its program “Toruk – The First Flight”. In line with the program, the operators have developed an app that has been downloaded over 100,000 times and offered interactive content for the show. Security researchers are currently warning about this application.

Although the app will no longer be marketed after the end of the Toruk tour, many users have simply left the app on their smartphone. The application allows the device control via network: The app opens a control port on the device. Then the volume of the smartphone can be changed via WiFi, the app can search for nearby Bluetooth devices and initiate further actions. Authentication does not take place.

Result: A hacker can easily connect to smartphones on which the app is still installed. The security researchers advise to uninstall the app immediately because the tour is over anyway and the application no longer fulfills any real purpose.

The end of LEAD: This coral may be a trap

Who downloads the macOS Catalina Beta 3 or Public Beta 3, will be rewarded: Apple has there exclusively a new screen saver named “Drift” deposited, which is rendered by the GPU on-the-fly.

The coral-like view with various color schemes from “Space Gray” to “Rainbow Color” is a real eye-catcher. But here is an official warning:

Please do not be bored on the weekend to install the beta just out of curiosity. This coral may be a trap. For me, such an early macOS beta has ever split a whole MacBook Pro forever. And with that, I wish you a weekend that is as disruptive as possible and hopefully coral-free – until Monday at TechTäglich!

New screensaver (with color options) in Catalina B3.

– J Bank (@jeremybank) 4 July 2019

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