What does it matter … A Sync Manager?

Job Title: Senior Sync Manager

Name: Isabel Lorenz

Age: 42

Education: Master of Music / Communication Sciences

Company: Concord Music Publishing

What do you do?

I mediate between music and brand. As a Senior Sync Manager, I take care of music consulting and rights clearance, ie the synchronization rights and licensing of music for all media, from cinema to radio to commercials. In simple words: I care – according to customer briefing and budget requirements – for the perfect soundtrack for movies and advertising clips!

If a production company wants to use a song for audiovisual production, it has to request two rights: on the one hand the recording right (master right), on the other hand the production right (publishing right). The latter is with us. At Concord Music Publishing, we take care of the management of copyrighted compositions and lyrics, such as the copyrights of Oscar and Grammy winner Mark Ronson, Daft Punk, George Harrison, Phil Collins, Chet Faker, and many more.

As a Sync Manager, I try to put their music in productions. In addition, as a music consultant, I make sure that the customer finds a valuable and convincing song for his project. Music also always contributes to the positioning and personality of a brand.

How did you come to this task?

Music is my passion and has accompanied me all my life. As a child, I was influenced by my music-affective parents who helped shape the Hamburg jazz scene with their bands. I also made music in various bands to later study music and communication sciences.


During my studies I worked at record labels and concert agencies before I landed in the sync department after completing my studies. I worked at various companies, including Countdown Media, a subsidiary of BMG Rights Management GmbH, and Warner / Chappell Production Music, for the evaluation of music until I finally came to Concord Music.

Which feature helps you the most in your everyday life? Why?

In my area it is important to recognize and assess a connection between product, target group and the effect of music. Of course, my personal musical background and music theory background will help me with that. Already during my studies I dealt with ear training and music synesthesia. A creative and flexible way of thinking in order to cope with different projects and people is not wrong either. I also try to keep my self a little wink in everyday life.

Describe as clearly as possible a project that has particularly impressed you

The greatest fun is when spot and music become the perfect symbiosis, such as the Audi Spot with Daft Punk, which we love most at Concord.

In general, the sooner I’m involved in a project, the better this interaction can succeed. It is best if the agency or film production company sends a musical briefing during the pitch phase, after which I pick out music from the Concord catalog – that can be moods, keywords or even a first cut of the film.

Depending on which product and which target group is involved and in what budget frame the customer plans music, I put together in the first step, a matching playlist, which is presented to the customer initially to listen. Ideally, the customer likes it and we can start the licensing process, which usually takes a few days. It may also be that our authors request further edits or even completely new compositions for spots. In this case, a lot has to be taught and in the end, a completely new musical layout, which I always find very exciting.

What is most important to you in your job? What is the most fun?

I think it’s great to be part of a creative community at Concord and to contribute my input and expertise in creating a campaign or a movie, so as to ultimately promote the product’s success with a good song. At Concord Music Publishing, with our 380,000 copyrights, I have a great playground and the opportunity to work with many legendary and talented songwriters and artists. It is always exciting to see what a bunch of imaginative people can create together.

My job is indispensable because …

… music emotionalizes.

If you were not Sync Manager, what would you be?

Feel Good manager in my own small guesthouse, located on a mountainside overlooking the water.

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