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LEGO integrates Augmented Reality into kits

Lego Hidden Side 4
Image: LEGO Hidden Side

It will soon be haunting virtual space between the blocks: in the late summer of 2019, LEGO will be launching the world’s first augmented reality play set. Kids will wake up a hidden interactive spirit world in a haptic LEGO kit. In the associated “hidden side” app, they then experience how different scenarios affect the interactive augmented reality spirit world. Each game awakens other ghosts and the level of difficulty increases as well. So the “fluid-play experience” should remain varied.

Tom Donaldson, Senior Vice President of the LEGO Creative Play Lab, said, “The new product line has created a deep, two-world, two-way gaming experience that has never been seen before.” The LEGO “Hidden Side Sets” are suitable for children over the age of seven years and from 19.90 to 119.99 euros available in stores.

AI-controlled cat home takes care of strays

For stray cats, winter is almost fatal. Using #AI and Baidu’s #EasyDL platform, a Baidu engineer has devised an AI Smart Cattery to shelter them and help them survive Beijing’s cold winter. This is the story behind – a story that has melted many hearts #techforgood

– Baidu Inc. (@Baidu_Inc) January 31, 2019

In order to promote their own AI products, the Chinese search engine company Baidu has now set up an AI-controlled cat home. The fully automated stray station attracts international attention.

Artificial intelligence knows by face recognition whether and which of the 174 cat breeds it is and opens the door. After several visits, the artificial intelligence can even detect whether the cat has a disease. Inside the wooden box, sensors regulate temperature, humidity and air quality. A heater keeps the interior temperature at a miserly 27 degrees, perfect for the needs of cats. There food, water and games are waiting for the strays. In addition to the smart cat hotel, the company also builds its own AI service called Baidu Brain and self-driving cars.

Facebook only shows you photos of your female friends

Facebook hides the weekend hun creepy hidden zoekfunctie stiekem aangepast. You can not see any hidden photos of the sea from van der mannelijke vrienden. Vrouwen can stalk welnog.

– Inti De Ceukelaire (@intidc) February 11, 2019

Facebook seems to have a very masculine algorithm: Belgian security researcher Inti De Ceukelaire has recently discovered by chance that photo-searching makes a difference between his female and male friends. When he typed “photos of my female friends” into the Facebook search, pictures of the women with whom he was friends on the platform appeared.

But when he was looking for photos of his male friends, only unconventionally assembled images of the platform appeared that had nothing to do with the friends. In an attempt by the LEAD editorial staff, things turned out to be similar. In addition, Autocomplete suggests in the photo search for the girlfriends additionally the keyword “bikini”.

The reason: According to Facebook, the search results are based on the most popular terms that are entered. In other words: The discrepancy in the search results from the fact that Facebook users probably prefer to examine the pictures of their female friends.

Baby wearable watches every breath

In the future, parents will be able to observe each baby’s breath with a baby wearable. Unlike other wearables, “Nanit” does not need any skin contact. The sleeping bags or cervical ties are designed with a printed pattern so that the corresponding Nanit Nativity Camera recognizes them from every angle. On the basis of breathing movements, the camera records whether and how the baby sleeps.

Notifications from the app notify parents when the child wakes up. If the baby stops breathing, the device gives an immediate alert. The package includes a subscription that regularly analyzes the sleeping habits and gives tips based on them. From March the system will be available in the USA.

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