TechTäglich: Kinder-surprise – the TikTok smartphone is coming

Children’s Surprise: The TikTok smartphone is coming

Tik Tok Smartphone
Smart idea? TikTok wants to build his own cell phone (Photo:

TikTok inventor ByteDance apparently plans its own smartphone. The mobile phone is to be pre-installed with all the apps offered by the Chinese company – children’s favorite TikTok (in China DouYin), as well as the news app Jinri Toutiao and a new music streaming service on which ByteDance is rumored to work. He is said to succeed in countries where Spotify and Apple Music have not yet split the market among themselves.

According to the Financial Times and The Verge, ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming has long been dreaming of having his own smartphone loaded with all his apps from the factory. At the beginning of the year, his company agreed to cooperate with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Smartisan. The FT is skeptical of market opportunities, after Facebook and Google have already failed with their own smartphones and pre-installed apps. The kids could easily load the ByteDance apps onto any other phone. On the other hand, the popular Chinese selfie app Meitu recently launched a successful own smartphone with Xiaomi.

Contaminated PC in the world brings 1.12 million euros

Viruses laptop
Being quarantined – the most dangerous PC in the world (Photo: Deep Instinct)

A true virus shooter called “The Persistence of Chaos” has brought in an online auction 1.12 million euros. The most contaminated PC in the world is the work of the artist Guo O Dong, who wants to give a physical face to abstract threats from the Internet on behalf of the security firm Deep Instinct. On the Samsung NC10, the six most dangerous computer viruses of recent years are installed: WannaCry, BlackEnergy, ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig and DarkTequila.

According to calculations by experts, they have caused damages of around € 85 billion worldwide. For example, BlackEnergy has shut down a power plant in Ukraine. So that the disease computer does not spread its contents, according to Digital Trends it is currently kept strictly isolated and isolated from the Internet. Guo O Dong compares it as an exhibit with ancient weapons of war in the museum.

Airbnb: Travel to the ancestors by DNA test

23And Me
In Urlaub Gen – with Airbnb and DNA analyzes by 23andMe (Photo: 23andMe)

Airbnb wants to offer its customers travel to the countries of their ancestors. For the home and housing broker has teamed up with the Californian genetics company 23andMe, which specializes in DNA analysis and genealogy, according to a press release. The name refers to the 23 chromosome pairs of a human. Those who want to discover their roots send a DNA sample to 23andMe, which then evaluates from which corners of the world the ancestors of a customer presumably come. After three to five weeks of waiting, the results are set, and Airbnb puts a travel package in the respective regions.

The trend called “Heritage Travel” is not new. According to Airbnb, 89 percent of Indians, 69 percent of the French and more than 50 percent of Americans have traveled to at least one of their ancestral home countries – but often more by chance. However, the DNA analyzes, which also pose data protection problems, are not considered completely reliable. It is quite possible that Airbnb and 23andMe would send people with Greek ancestors to Africa – after they had previously secured their genetic material.

The first laptop with two 4K screens

Asus Zen Book Pro Duo
Double minded: The Asus Zen Book Pro Duo with two screens (Photo: Asus)

Asus thinks the principle of Apple’s TouchBar on the current MacBook Pro models – only with 32 times more pixels! At Computex computer fair in Taipei, the local manufacturer presented the first laptop with two 4K screens. In addition to a conventional 15-inch OLED display, the ZenBook Pro Duo has another 4K screen built in above the keyboard, which is just as wide, but only half as high.

At least in terms of width, the secondary display actually fulfills the 4K requirements. It is intended, for example, to simultaneously watch films and series while working, or to outsource their tool palettes in programs. The elaborate gaming hardware-equipped and 2.5-pound ZenBook Pro Duo will appear this year – as well as a technically simpler duo model with two HD displays. According to the prices Asus keeps covered according to the prices so far.

Coming soon in Vienna – the smart pedestrian traffic light

With camera – the “Schlampel” from Lower Austria (Photo: Günther Pichler GmbH)

Vienna gets its first smart traffic lights in 2020 – so to speak “slobbering”. The pedestrian traffic lights work with person recognition by camera. They determine if and how many passers-by are waiting at a traffic light, and then automatically turn green phases to cross the street. This should significantly reduce the waiting time compared to the usual traffic light button for pedestrians. In addition, the traffic light phases can be adapted to the number of pedestrians – the more people, the longer green. The data protection is absolutely guaranteed with the system of the company Günther Pichler from Prinzersdorf in Lower Austria. According to Engadget, there is no facial recognition, and pedestrians are identified only by geometric patterns. In addition, the camera shots never leave the traffic lights.

The end of the LEAD: Super Mario Odyssey, but from 1996

Super Mario 64 is a legendary Nintendo game from 1996 – and the first real 3D Mario. The current counterpart Super Mario Odyssey dates from 2017, and technically, of course, is a lot more complex. Game artist Kaze Emanuar brings the two worlds together for the first time. He recreated the level “Sand Kingdom” from Odyssey in the look of 1996. The mesmerizing time journey called “Mario Odyssey 64” is playable and part of a full-scale retro-look Super Mario Odyssey that Kaze Emanuar is planning.

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