These are the seven coolest digital home helpers in 2019

Sure, order has to be – but the sentence “honey, today’s your turn with cleaning” has certainly led to many a relationship crisis. According to the survey results of the global market research company Mintel, washing clothes in particular still harbors potential for conflict in the division of domestic activities. Forty percent of German men stated that they were responsible for this budget obligation, but 85 percent of German women said so. The fact is that only a handful of people spend their time cleaning up at home. But the debate over who takes over which task in the household, could soon belong entirely to the past. Good news for all cleaning people: Various digital innovations are already making everyday home work easier for us.

Suction robot

Vacuum robots do the hunt for dust and dirt automatically – and quietly and unobtrusively. Especially practical: You do not even have to be at home while the cleaning staff take care of the cleaning of the floors. You navigate autonomously; some models can even send video images to your smartphone. And after the work is done, the modern brownies even roll themselves back to their charging station. Vacuuming is fun!

Wifi Washer

Washing machines that can be controlled via app and Wi-Fi with a tablet or smartphone are on the rise: the operation of the machine is easily done from anywhere via an app. The functions are basically the same as those offered by the conventional washing machine control panel – in this case the smartphone acts as a remote control. When After Work still fast on a machine? Nothing easier than that!

Organizer app “Flatastic”

From washing dishes to shopping: Flatastic facilitates living together, because the tasks in the household can be shared among themselves. So it comes to no discussion, who is it to bring out the trash or to clear the dishwasher. With the app available for iOS and Android, the daily tasks can be clearly arranged and organized. To make your own to-do’s on time, you can also send reminder with the free app.

stove guard

On stressful days sometimes you do not even know where your head is. This can have fatal consequences. According to the Institute for Loss Prevention and Disaster Research, 39 percent of all domestic fires are in the kitchen – and two out of three hearth fires are caused by an accidentally switched on device. This is where the stove guard comes into play: The sensor mounted above the hob monitors the time, movement, power consumption and temperature of the cooker and pot contents. The Smart Home solution will alert you to any irregularities and will automatically turn off the power if it is not turned off.

Folding robot

Washing, drying, ironing, folding – the right laundry care is often quite time consuming. But at least the annoying folding of the clothes is saved thanks to the FoldiMate: Within less than four minutes, the folding robot manages to combine a complete washing machine load. He takes care of shirts, blouses, pants, towels and pillowcases. For this, the laundry items must be placed only one by one in the machine. Easy! But we still have to wait a bit until the little household helper makes our lives easier: The official launch of the smart device is scheduled for the end of 2019 in the US.

AI refrigerator

Artificial Intelligence for the Refrigerator: With the “Family Hub”, Samsung has developed a self-learning system that simplifies prescription and purchasing planning with the help of user habits and complex algorithms. Shelf life data can be set on the display of the networked refrigerator and stored with a reminder so that food can be consumed on time. In addition, indoor cameras make it possible to take a look in the fridge from almost anywhere via smartphone. Quite useful, if you are just in the supermarket at the cash register and feverishly considering whether there is still enough milk there.

Clever egg pallet

It’s Sunday and you really feel like fresh pancakes with Nutella. But after looking in the fridge you are suddenly no longer sure if the organic eggs of super happy free-range chickens are a week or a month old. In such cases, the “Quirky Egg Minder” remedy: Via smartphone connection shows you the gadget not only how many eggs are in the refrigerator, but also which of them is the oldest – practical!

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