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The principle of the social platform is quickly explained: users create bulletin boards on which they can pin and classify image material from websites. Other users follow these boards and share the photos with their references. This creates probably the largest visual network on the Web. Even though the platform is relatively rarely mentioned in social media marketing, more than 250 million people worldwide use Pinterest for their search for new ideas.

Popular topics of the platform are mainly fashion, beauty, lifestyle, DIY, interior or even food. According to ComScore (June 2018), there are twelve million monthly unique visitors in Germany. Every day, users remember 3.7 million ideas on their bulletin boards. Pinfluencerin Caro of CaroDIY swears by Pinterest. “Pinterest has quickly become one of the most important sources of social referral traffic for me to promote my blog. Meanwhile, I get over 90 percent of my social traffic via Pinterest and so the platform is clearly ranked # 1.“

No wonder that more and more influencers like Caro Pinterest are discovering themselves as a marketing tool. Anyone who uses it cleverly generates far-reaching algorithms’ ranges, of which one can only dream on Instagram. LEAD explains how bloggers and influencers can use Pinterest as a platform.


Successful increase in blog or Insta reach with Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect platform to share your own content from the blog or Instagram. Anyone who shares his imagery on Pinterest has already won. Once shared, the content spreads almost independently. Users who like the visual profile pin the content on their boards, other users become aware again and re-pin the post. A classic snowball effect.

While content on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter eventually disappears into the depths of the feed after posting, the content stays in focus for longer thanks to the boards on Pinterest. If a pin is split several times, its popularity grows and other users are made aware of the pin or the whole pin board. This not only increases the engagement rate of the pin board, but also the traffic to your own website or channel thanks to the source information of the pins.

By the way: LEAD is also available on Pinterest – with exciting topics around influencers, social media and everything that belongs to digital life.

Pinterest for branding

Anyone who wants to expand his brand as an influencer should use Pinterest for himself. By sharing and spinning on Pinterest the awareness of their own channels is increased. And not only through their own work, but thanks to the pinning of their own content by other users. For a professional appearance, it pays off for bloggers and influencers to have a Pinterest company profile with its own logo and reference to the website.

Also important: get Pinterest out of the sinkhole. The profile should also be advertised and shared on other channels, such as an icon on the blog. External tools, such as a Hoover button, make it possible to instantly pin pictures from the blog onto their own Pinterest profile.

Rich pins allow Pinterest to provide more accurate information on a pin, such as a product, recipe, or item. Finally, bloggers want to make sure that the content they pinned can also be assigned to them.

Article pins help users remember stories that matter to them. Each article pin thus has, for example, a headline, author and description. Thanks to the more detailed information, the reach on your own website increases.

Professionalization of your own Pinterest profile

Pinterest has long recognized the potential of its Pinfluencer. With the company profile, influencers can analyze their profile, create their own profile page, use special tools and distribute their content. For example, the Content Creator can see its monthly viewers, not just its followers. The analysis shows how the range increases, which pins work best and what the target audience responds to.

Another advantage of the professional Pinterest profile: the followers see the content first. The higher the interaction, the more frequently the content will be shown elsewhere on Pinterest, such as in search results, popular feeds, or as a recommendation.

So that his ideas can also be assigned to the Pinfluencer, there is now the possibility to have his account verified. Thus, the own Pinterest profile picture – for example the logo of the Influencers – is displayed on all Re-Pins. The own branding is thus driven forward.

Treat Pinterest like your own website

Content is king – that not only counts for your own blog or the Instagram channel, but also for Pinterest. A content strategy is definitely worth it. Instead of indiscriminately pinning their own content, the influencer should pay attention to a certain order of his pinboards and proceed thematically. Pinterest is an image search engine focused on interiors, fashion, beauty and food. A single wall with the blog content makes little sense.

It is better to create thematic rubrics (similar to a website) and to strategically pin your own visual material. Although Pinterest is primarily an image platform, it is important to use good headlines such as image descriptions with the right keywords. Tags also play a role on the image platform, after all, the users are looking for keywords on Pinterest. The more accurate the tags of the images, the higher the range and the likelihood of viral walking of their own content. SEO plays a role as well – the more accurate the keywords, the higher the likelihood that Google also uses Pinterest content within the search engine.

Regular postings are required. Pinterest should be maintained and used like the other social networks. The good news: Postings can be pre-planned for company profiles.

Pinterest as an endless source of inspiration for your own content

Anyone who creates a lot of creative content always needs inspiration and input. Pinterest is here beside Instagram a popular contact point. The variety of topics on Pinterest is almost endless. Anyone who moves purposefully on the platform quickly finds content ideas that can be individually implemented on their own website or another social media channel.

Pinterest is also a trend source. What trends are moving people on Pinterest? What is pinned more often? Which contents are interesting? The analysis tool allows you to take a close look at your own target group, analyze their activity and observe global trends.

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