TechTäglich: Tumblr keeps hangover Garfield for a piglet

Tumblr considers hangover Garfield for a piglet

The blogging service Tumblr, which has come down to the nasty website, wants to get clean (see yesterday’s TechDaily). The algorithm that is supposed to detect “adult” content is also already implemented. He now warns users that their dubious content will be removed shortly. The software is not working really well yet. Tumblr users report the most obscure finds. Harmless comics, flower vases, dinosaurs or the Nintendo plumber Mario are now sorting Tumblr out as NSFW (“Not fit for work”). Funniest example: Even Garfield turns the software into a piglet. Whereby: The fat lasagna cat is actually puddle-naked. Insofar: Everything was done right, Tumblr!

Samsung advertises with SLR photo

Samsung Dslr
Photo blue at Samsung: on the left the original by Dunja Djudjic, on the right the manipulated image for the smartphone advertisement (Photo: Dunja Djudjic)

Oops, they did it again! Not for the first time Samsung advertises elaborately created SLR photos for its smartphone cameras. The photographer Dunja Djudjic has discovered that Samsung Malaysia has bought one of her self-portraits at the picture agency Getty – and then advertised with the photo the portrait mode of the Galaxy A8 Star. A lot of effort to change the original (left), Samsung has not given the image editing. “Samsung used my DSLR photo to fake the” portrait mode “of her smartphone,” the photographer complains in a blog post.

7-year-old is the most successful YouTuber in the world

A somewhat over-looking 7-year-old is currently the most successful YouTuber in the world. According to Forbes, Ryan (his exact name and place of residence are kept secret by his parents) made $ 22 million (€ 19.3 million) in gaming revenue on “Ryan Toysreview” in the twelve months ended June 1, 2018. The boy has 17.3 million subscribers and comes to nearly 26 billion clicks since launching his channel in 2015. “I’m entertaining and funny,” Ryan explains his success. His mother has since given up her job as a chemistry teacher and cares only about the career of the little-Influencers.

Biometric AirPods should stay in the ear better

Air Pods2
Right ear or left ear? From 2020 on Apple’s AirPods should be no matter (Photo: Apple)

In 2020, Apple should bring a completely revised generation of its AirPods earphones on the market. Several patents granted to Apple show where the journey might go technically. Apparently, Apple is working on biometric AirPods, which should fit perfectly in each ear thanks to a particularly well malleable material. Even the difference between left AirPod and right AirPod would then disappear. Which plug is in which ear, the software can find out for themselves, according to CultofMac.

Amazon: News from Norderstedt

Norderstedt: The epicenter of the worldwide streaming video boom (Photo: Wikipedia)

According to Apple, Amazon Prime has now published its annual balance sheet in 2018. Among other things, it states that “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” with John Krasinski and “Homecoming” with Julia Roberts were Amazon’s most streamed original series of the year. The most popular musician was Justin Timberlake. The fastest delivery of the year was Amazon in Berkeley, California: Eight minutes after ordering, odor removal pads for dogs (!) Arrived at the customer. The most popular tech products were Panasonic’s ErgoFit headphones, the instant camera Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 and the Bluetooth tracker Tile Mate, which finds the bowl and other lost items. Also, Germany is mentioned twice explicitly: Nowhere are seen between 23 clock and 1 clock at night as many prime videos as in Japan, Spain and Germany. And the three cities that watch the most hours of Amazon video per inhabitant worldwide are Santa Clara in the US, Tokai in Japan – and tranquil Norderstedt in Schleswig-Holstein.

The end of LEAD: Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese

35 years ago, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” was # 1 in the US singles charts by Eurythmics. And here comes the most beautiful homage to the classic. This billboard, now on Twitter, is anything but cheese.

The children of the 80 he will be the. Understand text

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