Yoga? With pleasure. Rheumatism blankets? No thanks!

There is something that I’m going for the pointer: half-truths! A few days ago, the following social post of an influencer jumped to suit me: “Yesterday I had a conversation with a marketing director. He said that about 25 percent of customers have unsubscribed from the newsletter they have been building for more than ten years. That’s millions of dollars worth of damage. Basis for survival. But who is liable for the damage? Can not you sue the EU for the damage? “

Half-truths, mood, wrong thought patterns

Now you could interpret as a not very well-read person such a post eventually: “But there’s one on the timpani! It shows the EU that this is not the case with the General Data Protection Regulation. “On closer inspection, however, this post is nothing more than half-truth. Propaganda. What I had to read here is so full of ignorance of address quality and sales processes and customer management. Paired with vociferous populism. Clickbait.

Mass instead of relevance – unfortunately

The truth is: privacy has always been there. Opt-ins are also linked to the question of how this data may be used. Such queries are demanded much more consistently only by the DSGVO: Who as a medium and small business owner has just synchronized his social accounts and sent them to this newsletter, was unfortunately never in the right. That it hurts to awaken from this mistaken belief: fair enough.


Theoretically, each of us before the GDPR would have been able to claim for each newsletter he receives when and where he or she gave consent to use that data. By which? Rightly. I am not angry at all that most of these newsletters have almost automatically disappeared in the course of the GDPR. Yes, the realization that people are not interested in the “news” from a “letter” may be bitter. For me it is simply a relief.

Data chances as free skating after the duty!

A relief, which is also an opportunity! The chance to focus on the people who are really interested. As Jürgen Litz of Cobra CRM explains: “If we have done our homework on the EU DSGVO properly, then we do not have to act defensively on the market, but can jointly address new successes in appreciation of our customers and potential customers.” Because data is more as nude address and transaction or campaign data. Data opportunities include e.g. Top-level business intelligence data for increased market competence as well as data that really help us to understand and optimally support the customer when approaching the market or especially in service.

Jürgen Litz recommends “to see data in the context of a strengths / weaknesses analysis as the basis for a better and truly customer-oriented value creation and our CRM as a platform that helps us, our ecosystem with data, knowledge and above all competence for the common success advance. ”

Cobra Swot analysis
(Source: Table Cobra CRM)

Important: Where should the journey go?

At the beginning, there should always be the question of what we actually want to realize with data or why we optimize our data. Jürgen Litz: “Where are the untapped potentials that are of particular value to our company and, above all, to our customers?” In order to exploit these potentials, a process and data architecture is needed that helps companies to be more market- and customer-oriented based on new data opportunities and new relationship management.

Please no competitions and “push”

However, what is not custom-designed and you can save yourself are competitions, wild data gathering and the misconception that any x-wide acquaintance has to convince you of your product at any cost. Or do you honestly believe that the 5,000 entrants only took part in the raffle with Jackpot All-Inclusive Hawaii Vacations because they had actually toyed with buying your potato peeler, and then you just had to remind them often enough?

An address without a specific interest and the consent of the party to contact is SPAM. By agreement I do not even mean in this case a signed privacy clause. I mean simply: I’m not in the mood to be charged with mails and calls to any Rheumadecken and other products, just because I’ve connected to someone on Social or before having a yoga evening with him. Do you?

In a clean data and sales process, such “cold” and “unclean” data are and still remain worthless according to the GDPR. Since so many competitions and newsletters can be sent. A dead horse does not come alive. Especially not with extra much “push” marketing – the exact opposite of a truly customer-oriented data management.

To the author: Johannes Ceh is a speaker, consultant and companion for Customer Experience Leadership. He supports companies at the interface of market orientation, digitization and collaboration. Previously, the trained journalist worked as an editor and digital strategist for companies such as Sport1, Daimler, JungvonMatt and Ogilvy. Johannes Ceh is currently working on a book on customer experience and the associated changes in companies.

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