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New Monday “is the name of the online job portal recently launched by the specialist publisher Callwey, which is aimed specifically at architects, landscape architects and civil engineers, with the special feature of this” intelligent job portal “: the ingenious matching function, the appropriate jobs and the employer for each Applicant profile and, of course, vice versa companies should introduce qualified professionals.

The digital recruiting process is supported, inter alia, by integrating resume parsing software and the ability to link their account directly to their Google, Facebook or LinkedIn profile. The completed profile, on the basis of which matching takes place, can also be used to append solutions. Only when the candidate has given the release to a potentially suitable company, his previously anonymous data released.

Job advertisements are also visible without login

Job seekers can also join the talent pools of interesting companies and interact with the appropriate recruiters. If you do not want to activate job matching, you can of course continue to apply in the conventional way; the job advertisements of the companies can also be viewed without a login.


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New Monday is aimed at architects, landscape architects and civil engineers. (Screenshot: New Monday)

The job offer of “New Monday”, which builds on the network of the Callwey publishing house and its architecture magazine “Baumeister”, is at present still small, but fine: “We use our branch know-how, to offices and enterprises the employee search by recruiting Editorial platform Alexander Gutzmer is cited in a company statement.

The specialization in recruiting in a comparatively small area seems not only logical, but also promising: the more specific the subject, the finer the matching can be – the more accurate the selection of companies and job seekers will be in the end.

Job matching: innovative form of e-recruiting

The use of matching technologies in job placement has long arrived in practice, more and more recruiters rely on HR Analytics and intelligent matching algorithms: Through this both sides – Job offerer and candidate – fully automatically matched and their passport precision through the paces checked. After extensive filtering and sorting, jobseekers will ideally receive only suitable job offers and personal applications that are as coherent as possible – a win-win for both sides, even in terms of resources and time required.

What sets Callwey new with in architecture and civil engineering, offers in the logistics sector. After completing a short questionnaire, an individual job profile is created on the basis of which matching takes place. Anyone who subsequently releases his profile to an interesting company can then send his documents directly via Birdiematch.

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What sets Callwey new with in architecture and civil engineering, offers in the logistics sector. (Picture: Screenshot: Birdiematch)

It’s about expectations, suitability, perspectives and potential, which does not limit its matching to a specific field of expertise, is broader. Jobify’s candidate profiles are based on the four building blocks of qualifications, personality and culture, preferences and development perspectives.

The algorithm uses this information to develop decision-making factors that are intended to determine the perfect match between expectations and suitability, perspectives, and potentials. The matches in the four categories result in a total matching score.

However, a successful match between a company or a job advertisement and a candidate is only spoken when the matches of the information reach a certain score value – an efficient tool to allow only the most suitable applications to be placed in one place.

Robo-Recruiting: How much Artificial Intelligence makes sense when looking for a job?

Artificial intelligence and algorithms as filters, which continuously improve the applicant’s return, provide valuable time for recruiters, among other things for personal discussions with the preselected candidates, because even the most sophisticated job matching does not replace the intuition and individual experience that is used in a personal interview come.

Digital helpers are also at work here: Automated chatbots, predominantly used by large corporations and personnel service providers, are already conducting first standardized discussions with applicants, while software analyzes the applicant’s personality via the language – without the influence of human factors such as sympathy or gut feeling. The final final selection between the top candidates will continue to be made by the people.

Incidentally, the Federal Association of Personnel Managers considers Digital HR and the ethically responsible use of intelligent technologies in human resources work to be the ten HR trends for 2019. Accordingly, the benefits that artificial intelligence brings away from all efficiency gains must be ethically explored: An “Ethics Advisory Board for HR Tech” The association, which the association will set up with the consulting firm HKP Group, is to develop ethical guidelines for the responsible use of AI in human resources work.

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