TechDaily: The first look at the car from Dyson

The first view of the Dyson car

Dyson car
The patent for the Dyson car. The electric motor should already be ready (photo: Dyson)

It has been known for some time that English vacuum cleaner revolutionary James Dyson wants to build his own electric car. Now, patent drawings show first details. Accordingly, Dyson plans no small city car, but a larger crossover with up to seven seats. Loud Car, engine and sport The Dyson car will be just under five feet long. Dyson, quasi the Elon Musk of vacuum cleaning, wants to invest 2.3 billion euros in the project – about half of them in novel solid-state batteries, the successor to the current lithium-ion technology.

500 employees are currently working on the project, with another 200 to be added by the start of sales in 2020/21. Several former top managers of Aston Martin and BMW are already on board. Near Bristol, a test track is being built on a disused airfield. For the production of the planned three models, however, Brexit-hardliner James Dyson himself practices the Brexit, and builds his car in Singapore – as close as possible to the Asian markets on which the Dyson is mainly to be sold. For the price of the Englishmen so far only a “will not cheap” to hear – which also applies to the vacuum cleaners and hairdryers of the company.

Apple Architecture: A store in the Carnegie Library, a stage for Steve Jobs

Apple Carnegie Hall
In Hallowed Halls: The New Apple Store at the Carnegie Library in Washington (Photo: Apple)

Apple causes a stir with two architectural projects. In the historic Carnegie Library of Washington, D.C. opens on Saturday, the latest Apple Store – which of course is not a bad store, but a “center for learning, discovery and for shared creativity,” said the press release. In Apple’s most extensive restoration project to date, the character of the historic building with its Beaux-Arts style remains as a library and public meeting place. Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive was instrumental in the planning: “I love the synergy between old and new, the juxtaposition of historical materials and contemporary design.”

Ive’s second current architectural “construction site” is the mysterious rainbow stage on the Apple campus in Cupertino, which we reported yesterday in TechTag. Now the puzzle has been clarified. This stage was also designed by Ive and his design team – and will in future be available for various events in the Apple Park. It’s no coincidence that the rainbow design is reminiscent of Apple’s iconic colorful logo. “We wanted to create something that at first glance looks like the Apple stage,” explains Ive, whose latest work is predominantly made of aluminum and has a total of 25,000 parts. According to the Cult of Mac, the “Rainbow Stage” will open on May 17 at a major staff party celebrating the official opening of Apple Park and in honor of Apple founder Steve Jobs – the building’s spiritual father.

Fortnite Season 9: Now with robotic outfits

Season 9 of “Fortnite Battle Royale” started on Thursday – and does not bring any dramatic changes. After the big volcanic eruption that destroyed parts of Fortnite Island, two new central locations have been added, the futuristic skyscraper city of Tilted Towers and the shopping paradise Mega Mall. Playfully the most important innovation are the “slipstreams” – turbine-generated updrafts that blow players from one location to another. New, so TechCrunch, are also futuristic robot outfits and the “Fortbytes” – 100 virtual computer chips, for their collecting there are rewards and bonus items. 18 of the chips are already hidden on the island, in the future, another will come every day. That alone is likely to be reason enough for teenagers around the world to plunder their pocket money account again and invest a good ten euros for Season 9’s “Battle Pass”.

Jeff Bezos: So he wants to 2024 on the moon

Jeffchen’s journey to the moon takes on concrete features. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, quasi the James Dyson of the mail order business, last night in Washington, D.C. reveal how he wants to shoot people (including himself) to the moon. At the center of the show was the lunar module “Blue Moon”, which Bezos presented for the first time in public, praising it as an “incredible vehicle”. According to Bezos, his space company “Blue Origin” has been working on the ferry for three years, with a payload of 6.5 tonnes to form the basis for the settlement of the moon.

US Vice President Mike Pence recently called on NASA and its affiliates to bring Americans back to the moon by 2024, four years earlier than originally planned. The richest man in the world wants to face this challenge, he said Guardian: “I love the deadline pressure, it’s time to return to the moon and this time we want to stay.” Jeff Bezos considers the settlement of the universe to be essential to master future energy crises.

Samsung: decision to Galaxy Fold is imminent

Galaxy fold
The future of the Galaxy Fold – Samsung wants to create clarity soon (Photo: Samsung)

According to Koh Dong-jin, head of Samsung’s mobile division, should already decide in the next few days, if and when the folding smartphone Galaxy Fold now still in the trade. Commenting on The Korea Herald, Koh said, “We looked at the defects caused by intruding objects and will make a decision to launch in the next few days.” Experts interpret his statements according to 9to5Google so that a setting of the project is conceivable, but unlikely. “We will not be too late,” said the Samsung manager – but more suggestive of a longer shift.

The end of the LEAD: Windows 10 gets new – from Windows 95

Tweak Ui
Coming soon: Tweak UI, the popular tool from Windows 95 (Photo: Microsoft)

Back in the past: Microsoft is rebuilding a tool in Windows 10 that has been around since Windows 95, and was buried with the demise of Windows XP 2007. The once very popular program PowerToys comes back and will be released as open source. The PowerToys are a collection of utilities, of which Tweak UI was the most popular. Thus, various settings of Windows can also be easily changed by laymen. The PowerToys for Windows 10 should appear according to ZDNet in the summer.

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