First steps to a successful social media mix

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat – the number of social media channels is huge. And with it the seemingly endless possibilities for marketers to cleverly play commercials. While many companies are choosing the platform, they only extend their TV or online campaign into their social media channel. This leaves them with a significant portion of the campaign’s potential lost. Rather, you should ask yourself how you reach your target audience and what content you bind them to you permanently.

Who knows his goals, knows what a campaign must look like

Before you start creating content, you should answer the question of what you want to achieve with your campaign:

  • More reach
  • Increase the number of visitors to my website?
  • sales increase
  • User Engagement et cetera

For example, a strong brand like Zalando, which is already actively involved in social media marketing, does not need a reach anymore. Here’s more of the question of what can be out of reach: Is there a specific occasion that you use for your campaign? Do you want to introduce a particular product to the market or just increase sales?


On the other hand, if you build up your brand identity, you first have to reach a relevant reach, so that your campaign arrives at all. Then it’s important that all your social media activities mesh (cross promotion) and refer to the new channel: website, newsletter, blog, and so on, all of them must be provided with a direct link to my new social media presence. Also, optimize your site’s profile for popular search engines to drive more traffic to it.

The commitment of the users as an important indicator of success

Instagram is considered the platform with the highest engagement rate. If the young target group fits into your campaign, you should become active here and specifically seek dialogue with your potential customers. Commitment depends on many factors and is commonly measured by the following metrics:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Views
  • interactions
  • clicks

It is important not only to post regularly pictures and otherwise stay away from the platform. Distribute best just before and after your post comments and likes. From bots and
but you should leave your fingers on automated postings, as the users are usually fast
find out.

The right mix of the individual components is crucial

If you know your goals and have chosen a platform, choosing the right content and formats is critical to the success of the campaign. The following questions should be answered:

  • What do I offer the user?
  • Why should the user consume it?
  • How and why should the user deal with it?

Tip: Once the content is defined, just try it and see what the user is most likely to respond to. This can be, for example, simple Listicles with tips and tricks to expert discussions.

The important thing is always to think in advance which of the many possibilities the contents best transport:

  • Pure text posts
  • images
  • videos
  • Live streams
  • Audio (Podcasts)
  • New trends such as augmented reality and virtual reality

Basically, dynamic media such as video, audio or gif are more successful than static media due to their visual appeal. However, good text posts that match the content of the page and are oriented to the interests of the users may also work. Rather, the decision for or against a format depends on how much money you have and how much budget you are willing to invest. Do you have the possibility to produce in-house videos or pictures? Or are the products or contents so interesting that they also get along with pure text posts?

The answer to this can also be a decisive indication of which platform is suitable for the campaign: Instagram, for example, works exclusively via image or video formats; on Facebook, you can still reach your target group via exciting text posts.

The content and the platform determine the frequency

The frequency of the play then depends mainly on the platform and the format in which the advertisement is presented. A video talk will likely take more effort and therefore has a lower frequency than a simple post. It is important that you do not annoy the users. In order to avoid this, targeted targeting can ensure in advance that the advertising content matches the interests of the respective users.

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A successful channel is a good start

When it comes to the interaction of the channels, less is often more. It is better to operate a channel professionally than to operate too many channels via bots or automated. So always ask yourself how much capacity is available to you and what you trust yourself so that you do not lose track. However, there are a few social media channels that harmonize well with each other and encourage each other: Your company blog and your website can generate additional users for the social media presence by direct linking. A Twitter account and targeted SEO measures can significantly increase the visibility and findability in the network.

Last but not the least, you should always think about the measurability of your activities. Especially when it comes to the justification of the budget and the ROI of your activities. Here are some approaches and solutions for measuring your Social Media ROI. An internal Business Intelligence team can also help you test the engagement and your content.

Conclusion: The focus of every social media campaign should always be the two W-questions: what and why? If these are clearly answered, the rest is almost automatic. Every marketer and content editor should always be aware that there is unbelievable competition on social media for user attention. Because both the competitors as well as the users themselves, influencers and publishers etc. are fighting for the same attention. Be and stay relevant.

Thomas Weigel is Chief Content Officer at Wisst. As a child of the 80s and creative lateral thinker Thomas founded in 2008 with Wisst still? the first Facebook Fanpage for nostalgics in the german speaking area. Since 2016, together with the performance marketing agency Cormes, he has been successively building the site into one of the largest and most active Facebook networks Fanpages in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from.

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