The morning Netzer (19): A man like Vroni Ferres

(Almost) Big in Japan

ZDF expert Holger Stanislavsky as always was right. Horny, the Japanese! But the Belgians were a bit hotter at the end. And the sensational goalkeeper to 3: 2 in the fourth minute of stoppage time – which German team, whether club or national team, can currently play football? You like yourself Sami Khedira not imagine, in the sprint duel with Kevin De Bruyne.

Out. the. Textbook # BELJPN I # ZDFwm2018 I @FIFAWorldCup

– ZDF Sport (@ ZDFsport) July 2, 2018

Who has gepupst?

The Belgians celebrate in the end so still the quarter-finals. And Michy Batshuayi, funniest social media footballer of this World Cup, does not come to sleep at night, looks very confused in this photo, and asks: “Who has gepupst?” The fans in the comments of tweets have a lot of fragile theories about it.

So … who farted ??

– Michy Batshuayi (@mbatshuayi) July 3, 2018

Singing for Belgium

Their crisis game against Japan (see Germany – Algeria 2014) have thus survived the Belgians. Now everyone is looking forward to the mega-quarterfinals Belgium – Brazil on Friday evening, almost the early endgame. It might be worth it to learn the (not very uncomplicated) hymn of the Belgians by the end of the World Cup, preferably with this singing jersey.

Sing for Belgium !!! If they keep playing, it’s time to learn the anthem text, like this:

– Anne Gellinek (@a_gellinek) June 23, 2018



At this point we come back to the main contributor to this column, to Mr. Neymar, Theme 1: Hair. Third game, third look. And the question: Is one hairstyle per game even enough? Can not you do anything during the break? Beyoncé Finally, not a whole concert sings in the same look. In any case, Brazil’s newspapers are already talking about a perm (“permanent La-Ola”) for Neymar.


Neymar 2 hafta içerisinde 3 kez tarz değiştirdi.✂️🇧🇷 # Worldcup #Neymar #hairstyle #brasil

– Panenka Sport # WorldCup🏆 (@PanenkaSport) July 2, 2018

Neymar wants to have some spare time #BRAMEX

– Diced Pineapple (@TomasBlazine) July 2, 2018

Hyper, Hyper, Chicharito!


But also Mexico Chicharito, who has recently become blonde pea, has worked hairstyle before losing to Brazil. Twitter thought spontaneously Katy Perry, And worse. Hyper, Hyper, Chicharito!

El nuevo look de Chicharito # Rusia2018 #BrasilMexico

– RealMadridFree (@realmadridsork) July 2, 2018


– Luisillo (@luisillohdz) July 2, 2018

A man like Vroni Ferres

Neymar-Thema 2: Again a drama, for even Vroni Ferres would be ashamed. First impression of his incredible pain: shit, the foot is off! But: was almost nothing, walk to it, golden raspberry beckons. since Madonna in “Evita” was not acted so bad. The truth is, I never hit you.

Such horror pictures are not on TV – especially in the afternoon when children are watching. The foot is completely shredded. #Neymar #BRAMEX

– Joerg Heinrich (@Heinrichheute) July 2, 2018

If Mommy woke you up in the morning for school # BRAMEX # wm2018

– Kevin Albrecht (@SoEinAlbrecht) July 2, 2018

Neymar whenever he’s touched. #BRAMEX

– Footy Humor (@FootyHumour) July 2, 2018

The LEAD song of the day: King of Pain

NeymarKing of Pain – he has to take more than the police allow. Sting well informed.

The Police in Rio 2007 King of Pain (TVN) from Huracan on Vimeo.

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