Streaming tips: How to get new ideas

The biggest fear of creatives: the white sheet of paper. In order to come up with new ideas, one should therefore never start without a clue. Our recommended films, documentaries, talks and series provide you with a method or a few important insights to help you come up with new ideas faster and more efficiently in the future.

You can also follow our first creative movie list and watch people like Art Director Stefan Sagmeister or Illustrator Christoph Niemann at work. More tips to suit your taste can be found in the feed on and in the new Shelfd podcast.

Moonrise Kingdom

Available at Sky Ticket

Tip 1: Awaken the child in you. Change of perspective helps to rediscover the world and to recognize unusual connections.

The sheriff (Bruce Willis) of a small island community is in trouble: Suzy (Kara Hayward), the daughter of the neurotic couple Bishop (Frances McDormand & Bill Murray), has disappeared without a trace. On top of that, the young boy scout Sam (Jared Gilman) is at the same time out of the summer camp on the other side of the island. And the somewhat disoriented Upper Scout Ward (Edward Norton) has no idea where to go. What nobody knows yet: The two outliers are secretly in love with each other and want to blow together.

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The creative brain

Available at Netflix

Tip 2: The more diverse you supply your brain with new input, the more opportunities it has to create something new from it.

The documentary explores the origins of human creativity. For this purpose, the current state of neuroscience is highlighted, as well as discussions with authors, musicians, architects and painters. For example, the “Game of Thrones” co-creator D.B. Weiss, Oscar winner Tim Robbins and music icon Nick Cave.

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The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers – Adam Grant

Available at TED

Tip 3: More times postponing a task. It is important, according to Adam Grant, that you have started once and give the brain time to process.

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant shares his insights on thinkers and doers on the big TED stage. This includes an experiment in which he had people stop a task they had already started and do something else. This led to the conclusion that the ideas were much more ingenious when resuming creative work.

Here’s the talk.


Available at Sky Ticket, Maxdome

Tip 4: Practice makes perfect. And so also the idea generation always wants to be practiced. For example, by documenting flashes of thought.

Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller) is a jazz drummer who does everything he can to get into the jazz band of music teacher Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) at his elite conservatory. As Andrew finally realizes, Fletcher’s quest for perfection drives him to the brink of madness. And his skills.

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The Society (season 1)

Available at Netflix

Tip 5: Concretely, the question helps: “What if …?” in the creation of completely new utopias and dystopias.

Modern adaptation of the novel classic “Lord of the flies”: Several buses are to finally bring a group of teenagers for a trip without parents from the small town. But a storm forces them to turn back. At home, they realize that suddenly all adults have disappeared. Did you land in a parallel world? What is still a lot of fun at first turns out to be bitterly serious. And so the young people first have to work on a new social order.

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