TechDaily: This is what the new Uber bike looks like

This is what the new Uber bike looks like

About Jump 1
A leap forward for rental bikes – the new e-bike from Uber-daughter Jump (Photo: Jump)

Uber not only relies on taxi services, but also on rental bikes. Jump is the bike subsidiary of the company, which is not only in a good dozen US cities at the start, but also in Berlin. Jump introduces its new e-bike in January, which has now been officially launched. According to the FastCompany, the red bike offers a lot of new features: removable battery, modern display with smartphone holder and a one-meter-long extremely robust cable lock at the rear. In contrast to the competitors who also offer normal bikes, the Jump fleet from next year will consist exclusively of these e-bikes. Jump’s maintenance teams can change the battery (which reports its state of charge to the control panel) with just a few clicks and immediately re-use the bike. In the US, the bike with pedal support creates up to 32 km / h, in Germany should reach the usual limit with a tempo of 25.

About Jump 2
Almost like a built-in navigation system: the smartphone holder on the new jump bike (Photo: Jump)

Twitter finally back in chronological order

Twitter Chronological
Hard-working stars for Twitter: The chronological timeline is now easier to call up (Photo: Twitter)

For nearly four years, Twitter has maltreated its users with a wildly jumbled timeline based on the alleged Twitterers’ interests. It makes it hard, if not impossible, to keep track of what your Twitter contacts are actually writing. This has led to much user anger, and to a boom of third-party apps like Tweetbot, which still display a classic chronological timeline. For some time there was also a chronological option in the official Twitter app – but only well hidden and hard to find in the settings of the app. After years of protests, Twitter finally gives in – and shows that sometimes (but rarely) it listens to its users. Because the official Twitter app offers with the latest update again for any easy-to-find chronological timeline without features such as “If you missed it” or “whatever you might like”. To see them, just click on the new starlet called “Sparkle”, which is prominently placed in the top right corner of the app. If the app learns that a user clicks on the asteras more often, the chronological timeline should automatically become the default setting, according to The Verge. The novelty starts on iOS, then comes for Android, and should be gradually rolled out for all users.

The next Xbox will be an anaconda

Xbox One
Microsoft is currently testing interesting new features for the Xbox One (Photo: Microsoft)

The next generation of Xbox should be poison for Sony’s PlayStation. According to Windows Central, Microsoft is currently developing the new console, which will be released in 2020, under the code name Anaconda. Here are again two models appear. Anaconda will be the successor to the Xbox One X, currently the most expensive and powerful console on the market. One of the most interesting innovations could be the use of fast SSD memory to speed up the loading process. In addition, AMD graphics should provide even more power. In parallel, Microsoft is working under the code name Lockhart on a slightly simpler and cheaper version of the console, analogous to the current Xbox One S. Both new models are to be compatible with the games of the Xbox One.

The smartphone that lasts a week

Doogee S80
A smartphone like a tank – and with a week battery life! The Doogee S80 (Photo: Doogee)

A majority of smartphone users would like cell phones that last longer than just one day. But they would also be willing to accept a bit thicker smartphones. This results in polls again and again. How a mobile looks, which runs for a week, now shows the new Doogee S80, which is available on Ebay for 380 euros. The powerful China phone, a kind of Audi Q7 for calling, comes with 10,080 mAh battery. For comparison, the iPhone XR, currently Apple’s phone with the longest battery life, has a built-in battery with 2,942 mAh. Thanks to various energy-saving measures, the Doogee S80 should actually last a week. The manufacturer promises with one battery charge 76 hours of video playback, 136 hours of phone calls and 54 days of standby – this almost reminds of good old Nokia phones. The armor-like smartphone is 2.12 inches thick, almost as much as three iPhone 8. So much battery life it must not be for most users then but probably …

The 195-gigapixel photo from China

China satellite
From the TV tower to the faces of people – the mega-photo from Shanghai (Photo: BigPixel)

A sensational photo from Shanghai! The view from the 468-meter Oriental Pearl Tower on the city consists of 195 gigapixels – the highest-resolution photo ever taken in Asia. From the tower, the original image can be used to zoom in on the faces of passers-by on the street. The photo impressed – but also shows that the citizens of China, in view of such technology no longer hope to escape the omnipresent look of their government.

The end of the LEAD: the app for all scroll addicts

Ever scroll
Whoever uses EverScroll does not have to look at the screen anymore when scrolling (Photo: Artus Interactive)

The App EverScroll provides relief for all scroll addicts who constantly look at their smartphone, and can not stop scrolling. Because the (not quite serious meant) app allows endless scrolling, without actually seeing on the screen content. Smartphone junkies who suffer from so-called “face-down isolation” can scroll as usual with their thumbs. But you no longer have to stare down at the screen, but you can focus on the traffic or even on your fellow human beings. The free jux app from Frankfurt has made it into the iOS store, thumbs up for this idea!

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