The Best Apps of the Week – Part 21

ARD audio library

Ard Audiotheque App
Documentaries, whole programs, comedy, satire. and now also radio livestreams – that’s what scores the ARD audio-library app (Screenshot: App Store / Gronau)

There are many podcast apps: Castro, Overcast or Pocket Casts. Now, the ARD audio library app is one of the mandatory downloads.

This week the program got a big update again. From now on, all ARD radio stations and Deutschlandradio can be streamed live from the app. This eliminates the need to switch to individual apps or applications such as TuneIn or Receiver, if you want to listen to German-language radio stations.

The core business of the ARD audio library, however, is the audible documentation, programs, comedy shows or knowledge magazines that have already been run on one of the ARD channels. Thus, the audio library is a media library for radio listeners who are looking for a one-stop shop for live broadcasts and replays.

And while I’m at it, there are still two special pearls from the ARD audio library. I can especially recommend u.a. “The nice week” with Volker Wieprecht or the contributions of the science talk “The pros” with Stephan Karkowsky. If you prefer live, stream “The Beautiful Week” every Friday (1pm to 5pm) or “The Pros” every Saturday (9am to 12pm), both in the RBB RadioEleine.

Price: free

Download link for Android / Download link for iOS

Music Harbor

Music Harbor
MusicHarbor is available on iPhone and iPad. There is not an Android version yet (Photo: MusicHarbor)

From the most widely spoken word in the ARD audio library to music: Nothing is more annoying than finding music fans that one of your favorite interpreters or bands has released a new song or even a fresh album – and you only get it by chance months later ,

So that does not happen anymore, there is also an app for it. Hardly anyone knows so far, but it’s a cool thing: MusicHarbor. The port for new releases, concert announcements and other news of your musical favorites.

In the actual feed MusicHarbor lists the new releases, also based on an Apple Music integration. The library is scanned for this. To receive news from individual artists, they can be marked under “News”. Concerts, in turn, are listed by date (the latest first), depending on the location.

When the app is reopened, MusicHarbor will load tracks and albums in the background since the app was last launched.

The app is even localized German. The only drawback: Still missing an Android version.

Price: free

Download link for iOS


Old Frequencies
Welcome to the mysterious radio show: Alt-Frequencies goes on air in the app stores (Photo: App Store)

You’ve already noticed: Today, the best apps of the week are all about podcasts, music and radio. And that does not change with the third app tip: Alt-Frequencies is a mysterious and interactive new game in which you manipulate radio waves. The audio-based game requires escaping a time warp – with the help of the radio.

You record and re-record radio broadcasts to get closer to the solution. So it’s important to listen carefully. This also makes mood, because the app was set to music by some 20 well-known speakers. And she is German isolated.

I renounce the spoiler alarm. It’s best to try the app itself. Only this: current political references are not excluded. That, too, is what makes the appeal of Old Frequencies.

Price: 5.49 euros for Android and iOS

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

Google Maps

Google Maps cinema times
This is how the new cinema view in Google Maps now looks like (screenshot: Gronau)

If you prefer to go to the movies rather than listen to music, you can look forward to the fact that the Google developers have a hard work week behind them.

On the one hand, Google’s mobile search page has been subtly modernized. On the other hand, there is a welcome innovation on Google Maps for eager moviegoers. After entering a cinema name, the screening times and currently running movies are now displayed directly in the overview.

Previously, this information was found in the tab “Cinema program”. The click on this tab has now done. In addition to the seasons Google Maps provides the opening hours and reviews to the movies so now faster. With a click on a demonstration time you can book tickets.

Nice side aspect on iOS: The number of filters in explore mode has also been expanded.

Price: free – you pay with your data 😉

Download link for Android / Download link for iOS

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